Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 385

Chapter 385 Im Done Again

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Three medicinal pills were presented before Ye Yuan and Tong Wenchang respectively.

That Quasi-Alchemy King was just about to announce the commencement when he was interrupted by Tong Wenchang.

“Wait a minute!”

The Quasi-Alchemy King frowned and asked, “What is it?”

Tong Wenchang clasped his hands at Yang Xiu and said, “Elder Yang, I request to deconstruct ten medicinal pills! Furthermore, include three Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills among them!”

When Yang Xiu heard that, his eyes narrowed. Clearly, he was weighing Tong Wenchang’s suggestion.

Undoubtedly, this request of Tong Wenchang greatly increased the difficulty of deconstructing the medicinal pills.

To Alchemy Grandmasters, they were the most familiar with Tier 3 medicinal pills.

Before breaking through to Quasi-Alchemy King, them researching Tier 4 medicinal pills was simply meaningless; it was completely an action reaching for something beyond their grasp.

And Tong Wenchang himself actually just broke through to Quasi-Alchemy King not long ago too. His proficiency level in Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills was not high.

This request undoubtedly increased the difficulty for both sides.

After musing for a moment, Yang Xiu slowly said, “I don’t have any objections. But this request of yours still has to get the Xiao Family’s approval. After all, this is the competition between your two families.”

“I disagree! The tradition of the Grand Pill Assembly has always been competing three Tier 3 medicinal pills. What qualifications does a junior like Tong Wenchang have to alter the rules?” Xiao Changfeng immediately rejected.

Tong Wenchang sneered and said,“Humph!The Xiao Family are all a bunch of cowards! Don’t even dare to fight a fair and aboveboard competition and only know how to use some small tricks! Since this punk can write out so many correct answers, I reckon that deconstructing ten medicinal pills can’t stump him either, right? Why don’t you ask his opinion?”

Finished talking, Tong Wenchang looked at Ye Yuan with a ridiculing face and said, “Boy, you’re not the same as the Xiao Family members; all cowards, right?”

Ye Yuan looked at Tong Wenchang with a smile that was not a smile and answered with a question, “Do you really want to compete?”

Not knowing why, when he saw Ye Yuan’s smile, Tong Wenchang suddenly had a bad feeling.

But his words were already said. He naturally had no reason to withdraw them and smack his own face.

Moreover, even if this punk was more powerful, it was also not possible to deconstruct Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills, right?

“Of course. Words that I, Tong Wenchang, said, how can there be the logic of taking them back? You just say whether you dare or not!”

“Since that’s the case, then let’s play a little bigger. Change the ten medicinal pills all to Quasi-Tier 4, how about that?”

Ye Yuan was still very indifferent. The words said were light as a feather, like Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills were the same as candy to him.

Tong Wenchang’s face darkened, looking at Ye Yuan somewhat disbelievingly.

“This punk isn’t deliberately forcing me, right? Ten Quasi-Tier 4 pills . . .”

Ye Yuan’s words threw everyone into an uproar.

A middle-rank Alchemy Grandmaster actually wanted to deconstruct Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills. Furthermore, it was ten pills!

Although Ye Yuan’s performance previously was very monstrous, everyone just thought that he was already familiar with Tier 3 medicinal pills to a heaven-defying degree.

It could not go so far as to even Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills . . .

One had to know that Ye Yuan was only 16-years-old!

Without repeated tempering, how could one possibly be familiar with medicinal pills to such a degree?

Tong Wenchang gritted his teeth and said viciously, “Ten pills then! How can I, an exalted Quasi-Alchemy King, be afraid of you, a middle-rank Alchemy Grandmaster?”

Yang Xiu also showed a slightly excited look. He wanted to see just where Ji Qing this brat’s limits lied!

“Fine. Since both of you parties agree, then compete in deconstructing Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills!” Yang Xiu said.

. . . . . .

When the ten Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills were placed in front of Tong Wenchang, his expression became very ugly.

In deconstructing medicinal pills, the core materials were relatively easier to deconstruct. But the supplementary materials were not so easy to deconstruct.

He could not resist taking a look at Ye Yuan, and he could not help being stunned once more.

Ye Yuan closed his eyes to rest again!

Tong Wenchang was virtually about to break down! Where did this punk’s confidence come from?

These were Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills!

Could it be that he could also instantly answer these Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills?

“This punk is definitely kicking up a cloud of dust to mess with my mind! Don’t look at him anymore. I just have to do my part well, and that will do!” Tong Wenchang forcefully dragged his gaze back.

But when he had just started to deconstruct the first medicinal pill, before even determining a single type of the main ingredient, Ye Yuan’s nightmare like voice sounded out.

“I’m done again,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

This time, the time that he used was even shorter than the previous time!

Tong Wenchang opened and closed his mouth, feeling like his throat was somewhat dry.

When he watched Ye Yuan hand the jade slip to the Quasi-Alchemy King, Tong Wenchang was practically about to crumble.

But he had to control his impatience to finish deconstructing the ten medicinal pills!

“What if . . . What if Ji Qing is deliberately messing me up? Yes, it’s definitely like this!”

Tong Wenchang secretly encouraged himself and forcefully dragged back his perturbed state of mind.

Outside, everyone was exchanging glances. They already did not know what kind of words to use to describe their astoundment.

These medicinal pills were Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills, and they were all medicinal pills owned solely by the Alchemist Association. Not one of them was a mass-produced stuff in the outside world.

Ye Yuan did not even look at them and deconstructed all of the medicinal pills?

“Hey, do you think that Ji Qing’s answer will be all correct again?”

“This . . . Maybe? Deconstructing ten Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills so quickly, forget about Quasi-Alchemy Kings, even Alchemy Kings most likely can’t do it as well! Unless . . .”

“Unless they know the pill formula beforehand! But . . . these ten medicinal pills are all the Alchemist Association’s exclusive pill formulas!”

“This Grand Pill Assembly today is truly too surprising.”

. . . . . .

Another long wait.

Tong Wenchang finally finished deconstructing all of the medicinal pills.

But at present, he was already covered in sweat.

Putting aside the mental pressure, deconstructing ten Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills in such a short time was also an enormous challenge to him.

When the Quasi-Alchemy King presented the two person’s jade slips before Yang Xiu, Yang Xiu practically snatched from him the two jade slips.

But this time, Yang Xiu did not look at Tong Wenchang’s jade slips. He plunged his divine sense into Ye Yuan’s jade slip at the first moment.

After several breaths, amazement was written all over Yang Xiu’s face!

“Elder Yang, can it be that Ji Qing’s answer . . .”

Yang Xiu smiled bitterly and said, “You guys take a look yourselves.”

As he said, Yang Xiu passed Ye Yuan’s jade slip to that Alchemy King elder.

After the Alchemy King elder finished looking at it, he murmured to himself, “This . . . How is this possible?”

After the seven elders finished looking at it, the expression on their faces was practically identical.

Everyone knew that Tong Wenchang’s jade slip completely did not need to be looked at anymore.

But out of a responsible attitude, after being shocked for a long time, the seven elders still endured looking over Tong Wenchang’s jade slip.

However, their expressions when they were looking at Tong Wenchang’s jade slip was with complete nonchalance.

Evidently, after finish reading Ye Yuan’s jade slip, they already found it tasteless.

“The second match, deconstructing medicinal pills, Ji Qing fully deconstructed the components of all ten medicinal pills, and he answered all the questions correctly! This match, Xiao Family’s Ji Qing, victorious!” Yang Xiu finally announced the results.

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