Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 387

Chapter 387 Legendary Realm Reappears

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When he came back again, Tong Wenchang’s emotion was much more stable.

Looking at Ye Yuan who was still closing his eyes and resting, he sneered coldly and returned back to his operating platform.

“The third match, begin!”

Tong Wenchang did not start right away but took a deep breath to calm his mind before he started to portion the medicine.

The medicinal herbs were already prepared. The alchemist just needed to dispense it according to the pill formula, then refined it into a medicinal embryo, and that would do. This was naturally not something difficult for Tong Wenchang.

Soon enough, Tong Wenchang finished dispensing the medicinal herbs but then he took a look at Ye Yuan on some devilish impulse.

With this glance, he involuntarily had an impulse to spew blood again.

Ye Yuan this fellow was actually closing his eyes to rest again!

He had been bustling about for a long time, and Ye Yuan actually had not started work yet!

My God, dp you really have to posture like that?

The first time was like this, the second time like this, and the third time was still like this!

“Ignore him! Ignore him! I just have to do things according to my own rhythm! He’s only a middle-rank Alchemy Grandmaster, it’s impossible to refine the Explosive Rising Dragon Pill!” Tong Wenchang repeatedly exhorted himself.

After reciting it silently for ten times, Tong Wenchang’s emotions finally stabilized somewhat.

This time, he swore to never look at Ye Yuan again!

. . . . . .

Roughly an hour later, Tong Wenchang’s refinement of the medicine embryo was already drawing to an end.

Right at this moment, Ye Yuan finally moved!

He came before the operating platform and directly crushed and mixed the spirit medicines together. Then he started refining the medicinal embryo straight away!

“T-There’s such dispensement of medicine? He . . . He doesn’t even weigh it out?”

“F*ck me! Today, I’ve really broadened my horizons! If this Ji Qing can refine out the Explosive Rising Dragon Pill like this, then us, these Quasi-Alchemy Kings, really need to go jump into the river and kill ourselves!”

“You should hold your words back a little. This Ji Qing has already consecutively created two miracles in a row. You’re certain that he can’t create another miracle?”

. . . . . .

Hand-grabbing style of medicine portioning once again astonished everyone.

But Ye Yuan already fully entered a state at this time, and was utterly unconcerned with everything in the outside world.

Next was refining the medicinal embryo. It was only to see Ye Yuan’s fingers moved like phantoms, completing the refinement of the medicinal embryo with extreme speed!

Everyone was taken aback from shock. Ye Yuan actually completed refining the medicinal embryo at the same time as Tong Wenchang!

This . . . What skill level was this?!

“I’ve really increased my knowledge today! Turns out that prepping the medicine and refining the medicinal embryo can actually be done like this!”

“Heh heh,previously, I was still worried that Ji Qing’s skill in actual practice would be lacking. Now, looks like this worry was totally undue.”

“Yeah. If preparing the materials and refining the medicinal embryo are both fine, then Ji Qing is really too heaven-defying!”

“Whether there’s an issue or not, we’ll know in a while! If the portioning ratio is wrong, even if Ji Qing is the reincarnation of a divine Buddha, it’s also not possible to refine out a finished medicinal pill.En?He’s starting!”

Everyone held their breaths, wanting to see if any shocking actions would appear once again when Ye Yuan was refining the pill.

Ye Yuan naturally would not disappoint them!

“Tri-Origins Samsara Art! Activate!”

The furnace fire rose sharply. Ye Yuan’s figure vanished from the original spot!

At the same time, Sovereign Star Abyss who had his eyes shut all along snapped open his eyes abruptly and stared fixedly in Ye Yuan’s direction!

“What refining method is this? So formidable!”

“Simply unheard of! How is this refining pills? This is simply performing movement technique!”

“No, wait; I feel that Ji Qing’s refining method is very extraordinary! Did you guys see clearly? In the process of Ji Qing revolving his skill, he’s actually hitting out one seal after another constantly!”

“Of course I saw that! But does firing out seals like this has any benefits in forming the pill?”

“Don’t know. But have you noticed? When he circles one round around the medicinal cauldron, he only fires out seals at three fixed points!”

“It really is true!”

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan already had a middle-rank Alchemy Grandmaster soul force at this time. Executing the Tri-Origins Samsara Art again was way easier compared to at the Spirit Condensation Realm.

His current movement technique was faster compared to before. The seals were already grasped more soundly and accurately!

Gradually, a peculiar atmosphere undulated out in the hall.

Under everyone’s eyes, Ye Yuan’s figure became increasingly slower and progressively clearer, just like the scene was playing in slow motion.

Of course, even if it was in slow motion, Ye Yuan’s figure was still very swift. Because his movements were too quick.

Everyone felt like it was pleasing to the eyes and mind. Ye Yuan’s refining process was as if a form of art in their perspective!

They were rapt in the ecstasy of it; it was like they were drunk or dreaming.

Under such a condition, time flew by swiftly.

An hour went by in a flash. Then Ye Yuan cried out lightly, “Condense!”

At this instant, the medicinal cauldron was actually enveloped by a multi-colored light; it was persisting for a long time without dissipating!

The entire place was deathly quiet as if time had stopped. Only Tong Wenchang’s actions with sweat pouring down his face made people feel like time was still flowing.

Except that compared to Ye Yuan’s refinement process, Tong Wenchang’s refinement was just like a clown act. It was without any aesthetic sense to speak of.

For a good long while, no idea who said the word ‘legendary,’ which shattered this death-like silence.

“Legendary Realm! This is the Legendary Realm! My God, I didn’t think that I could actually see the Legendary Realm in my remaining years!”

“Too marvelous! Refining pills, this sort of dry and dull thing was actually given such a wonderful sense of beauty by Ji Qing! Truly too unbelievable!”

. . . . . .

After the silence, sounds of exclamations sounded out all around.

The few Alchemy King elders at the top seats all exchanged glances. They saw from the other party’s eyes amazement and . . . envy!

Yes. As an alchemist, this was the realm that they chased after all their life!

They never would have expected that such a realm would actually appear on a 16-year-old youth!

“I’m done,” Ye Yuan nonchalantly said a sentence. He then returned back to his seat to close his eyes and rest.

While on the other side, Tong Wenchang was still risking his life to refine the pill.

He had also entered his own state and was completely oblivious to Ye Yuan’s performance. He naturally did not know either that everyone was all using sympathetic eyes to look at him.

After another hour, Tong Wenchang completed the pill refinement.

“Hahaha!My Explosive Rising Dragon Pill is at the very least middle-grade! Maybe even possibly high-grade! Ji Qing, you’ll lose this match for sure!”

Tong Wenchang clearly had yet to detect his own situation, laughing wildly after forming the pill.

But he soon discovered that the atmosphere was not quite right.

“En?What’s going on? Why are you all looking at me with those eyes? What I refined is a middle-grade, maybe even high-grade Explosive Rising Dragon Pill! Even among low-rank Quasi-Alchemy Kings, only a few can refine it, right?” Tong Wenchang was rather baffled.

“Present Ji Qing’s and Tong Wenchang’s medicinal pills. I think this match doesn’t have any suspense anymore. No, wait, I should say that the suspense is even greater! I think that everyone would want to know just what grade of Explosive Rising Dragon Pill Ji Qing refined, right?” Yang Xiu said with some slight agitation.

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