Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 389

Chapter 389 First Rate Family

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Before today, Tong Wenchang was in high and vigorous spirits; his limelight covered everyone in the capital’s junior generation, tramping the Xiao Family’s junior, Xiao Rufeng, beneath his foot.

But just as he was about to reach the summit, he was kicked down directly from the altar by Ye Yuan!

There was no battle at the summit, not even evenly matched. Ye Yuan, this alchemist who was younger,and had even lower cultivation realm than him, had used absolute strength to crush Tong Wenchang!

No glint and flash of cold steel but such a wound was even harder to heal compared to knife and sword injuries.

Tong Fangshuo knew that after today, Tong Wenchang would probably fade away into the masses!

But what he was worried about right now was not this. It was how the Tong Family should receive the wrath of the Alchemist Association as well as the suppression after the Xiao Family took their place.

Once he thought of this, Tong Fangshuo could not help feeling incredibly vexed.

Right at this moment, Sovereign Star Abyss opened his mouth and said, “Ji Qing.”

The hall quietened down straight away. Everyone guessed what this peak figure in the capital’s alchemy world was about to do next!

Everyone’s eyes when looking toward Ye Yuan was filled with envy and congratulating intent.

Yes! Nobody was jealous!

Ye Yuan already used his strength to conquer everyone!

They knew that they did not have the qualifications to be jealous!

Ye Yuan bowed slightly and said, “Lord Star Abyss!”

Star Abyss nodded his head slightly and said, “Are you willing to acknowledge this old man as your master?”

If it were somebody else, they would likely be so agitated that they would jump up.

But to Ye Yuan, this was rather laughable.

After musing for a brief moment, Ye Yuan said coolly, “Junior is willing.”

Star Abyss naturally had no qualifications to be his master. Ye Yuan obviously did not wish to acknowledge him as master either. But Ye Yuan’s current situation was very special.

Within this capital, one might say that he had enemies everywhere.

Once someone discovered his identity, he would face certain death.

In the capital, forget about Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses, Soul Sea Realm experts were simply as many as oxen fur. Any one of them randomly pops out, and he could die without a burial ground.

Although he could use a divine soul mystic art to cover up his divine soul, his appearance could not be changed at all. If he was recognized by the Lan Family Tribe members, he would be dead for sure.

Finding a backer such as Star Abyss, his safety would increase dramatically. Wanting to rescue people would also be way more convenient.

Star Abyss nodded with a smile, clearly very pleased with this disciple.

And at this time, Ye Yuan’s weight in everyone’s eyes naturally became different.

People from factions all around hurriedly encircled around.

“Congratulations to Little Brother Ji for acknowledging a famed master! Your future prospects are limitless!”

“Congratulations to Little Brother Ji Qing. I’m the boss of the Dehua Hall. In future, if Little Brother Ji has any needs, you just have to instruct. What my Dehua Hall can take out, I’ll absolutely do it without demur.”

. . . . . .

For a moment, Ye Yuan was totally swarmed.

This process lasted roughly an hour before everyone gradually dispersed.

At this time, the people in the hall were already pretty much all gone. Even the seven great Alchemy King elders and Sovereign Star Abyss had already left.

Only now did Xiao Changfeng come forward and bowed deeply to Ye Yuan. “I represent the Xiao Family to give thanks to Little Brother Ji’s great kindness! This grace is the same as giving my Xiao Family a new lease on life! Originally, this Xiao was planning on giving Little Brother the position of Xiao Family’s guest retainer elder. Little Brother could demand the Xiao Family’s resources limitlessly. But since Little Brother became Sovereign Star Abyss’s brilliant pupil, I’m afraid you will turn your nose up in contempt at this tiny bit of reward. If Little Brother has any areas where you have use of this Xiao for, feel free to speak. This Xiao will not shrink from death to accomplish it!”

Ye Yuan said nonchalantly, “Family Head don’t need to be courteous. I have no request for the Xiao Family. If Family Head really wants to thank, help me thank Miss Ruyan then. If not for her, this Ji would probably have flicked my sleeves and left already.”

But these words sounded rather ambiguous. Xiao Ruyan who was behind Xiao Changfeng flushed red.

Xiao Changfeng felt anguished in his heart. His actions previously indeed still infuriated this little ancestor.

But he was also secretly rejoicing that this little ancestor seemed to have taken a fancy to his own daughter.

Except that . . . the Xiao Family was going to hold the spouse finding martial competition very soon. The Xue and Huang two families were already glaring like a tiger with covetous eyes. Now, there was an additional Ji Qing. How should this be done?

Xiao Changfeng felt a headache.

He fished out a token from his body and passed it to Ye Yuan, saying, “Little Brother Ji, this is my Xiao Family’s highest level token. If you have any needs, you just have to bring this token to any business under the Xiao Family’s name, and they will collaborate with you.”

Ye Yuan nodded and was not courteous this time. This was what he deserved.

In truth, if not because he was afraid that this old fox would become suspicious, Ye Yuan even wanted to directly open his mouth to ask for that two slaves from him.

But Ye Yuan also knew that his origin was unknown. Even if he kept things as vague as possible, it would also be hard to prevent Xiao Changfeng becoming suspicious.

How to approach those two people without leaving a trace would probably still have to be set about through Xiao Ruyan. That was why he deliberately mentioned Xiao Ruyan and not to show Xiao Changfeng any attitude.

“Since that’s the case, then this Ji thanks Family Head.” Ye Yuan extended his hand to receive the token.

Seeing Ye Yuan accept the token, Xiao Changfeng also heaved a long sigh in relief.

After today, Ye Yuan’s status would be extraordinary.

Sovereign Star Abyss’s brilliant pupil and his own strength stood head and shoulders above all others too. Such a figure did not need long before he would be known to all in the capital.

To be on friendly terms with him was absolutely beneficial to the Xiao Family.

Xiao Changfeng chuckled and said, “Little Brother is too polite! That . . . You youngsters have common topics. I, this old fellow, won’t mingle together. This Xiao takes my leave first. Ruyan, you and Little Brother Ji interact together more. If Little Brother Ji has any requests, you do your best to agree to it. Rufeng’s old injuries relapsed and still needs to return to have a good rest to recuperate. He’ll be going back together with me.”

After Xiao Changfeng left, Xiao Ruyan finally loosened up a little. She said with a slightly flushed face, “Ji Qing, this time . . . it’s really all thanks to you!”

But at this time, Ji Qing suddenly put on a teasing smile and said, “I thought that you would say something like ‘unable to repay the kindness and can only offer myself in marriage.’ That way, I can just conveniently accept it.”

At this, Xiao Ruyan’s face blushed scarlet red, and she could not help saying disdainfully, “You! Why are you always not serious?”

“Haha,a fair maiden is a gentleman’s good match! How is it not serious? I’m very serious right now!” While he verbally said serious, his face was not serious at all.

If it were before, Xiao Ruyan would definitely have stomped off already.

But this was not her first day coming into contact with Ye Yuan anymore. She knew that he was joking. Although it was quite unbearably embarrassing, she also forcefully endured it and did not cover her face and run.

But Ye Yuan did not expect that Xiao Ruyan’s expression suddenly became downcast and she said, “A fair maiden is a gentleman’s good match? But I don’t have command over myself!”

Ye Yuan asked curiously, “Now that the Xiao Family’s crisis is averted, this matter of martial competition to find a spouse still has to continue?”

Xiao Ruyan shook her head dejectedly and said, “Martial reigns supreme in the Fierce Gale World. Apart from the Alchemist Association being able to isolate and safeguard themselves, alchemy families are all vassal existences. If not, with the Xiao Family and Tong Family’s financial power, we would have long ranked among first-rate families. In the capital, the truly powerful ones are still the first-rate families like the Huang Family, Xue Family, as well as the Shangguan Family!”

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