Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 400

Chapter 400 Admitting Fault

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In a day and a night, several great commanders from the Swift Wind Guards gathered in a hall, each of them with tightly knitted eyebrows.

“Old Jin, do you think that these group of people from the Alchemist Association went nuts? They don’t want to earn glimmering high-grade essence crystals. Is this shredding all pretenses of cordiality with us?” asked a commander bitterly.

Jin Huanzhen was also green in the face and in dismal.

“Yeah. Old Jin, among us, you’re the one with the oldest qualifications. You got to come up with an idea! We’re about to set off right away. If we don’t have the guarantee of this batch of medicinal pills, what will we use to fight with the Endless World martial artists?” said another commander.

“Old Jin, do you think they detest that the essence crystals we gave are too few, and they wish to take this opportunity to viciously extort a sum from us?”

Jin Huanzhen was vexed in his heart and waved his hand, saying, “Alright, alright, stop making noise! Tomorrow morning, I’ll go and test Yang Xiu’s waters! I keep feeling that this matter isn’t that simple! Everyone, calm your horses down first. All go back and rest. Wait for my news tomorrow.”

. . . . . .

The second day, early in the morning, Jin Huanzhen directly cut Yang Xiu off at his residence.

“Elder Yang, we have worked together for so many years. You also know that this batch of medicinal pills concerns the life and death of our brothers. You can’t wash your hands off this matter!” Jin Huanzhen said with a grimace.

“Aiya.Why is it you again, Old Brother? Didn’t I tell you, I’m really too busy recently. I really don’t have time to help you guys refine medicinal pills!” Yang Xiu similarly had a grimace.

Jin Huanzhen grabbed hold of Yang Xiu’s sleeves and actually kneeled down directly!

“Old Brother, what are you doing here?” Yang Xiu said with an astonished look.

“Old Brother, I, Jin Huanzhen, am throwing out this old face today! If this batch of medicinal pill can’t be obtained and His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, investigates this, I, Old Jin, am still dead! Old Brother, you can’t stand aside and watch me die!” Jin Huanzhen was just short of sniveling in tears.

Yang Xiu gave a sigh and said, “Old Brother, it’s really not that old brother is not helping you, but can’t help you!”

Jin Huanzhen’s heart stirred. He still had a weeping face as he asked, “Old Brother, where did Younger Brother, I, offend you? You just say it out! But, you can’t wash your hands off this matter no matter what!”

Yang Xiu’s eyebrows twitched, and he let out a sigh again and said, “Old Brother Jin, our friendship doesn’t need me to say anymore. You know it in your heart. But this time, Old Brother Jin, I really can’t help you! I’ll give you an explanation. But you must make sure not to sell me out!”

Jin Huanzhen’s heart nearly jumped out. He hurriedly said, “Old Brother just say! If I sell Old Brother out, I’ll be struck by lightning and die a horrible death!”

Yang Xiu nodded and said slowly, “Actually, it’s this . . . meaning.”

Yang Xiu extended out a finger and pointed at the sky.

Jin Huanzhen’s expression change. Although Yang Xiu did not say it explicitly, the meaning was already very clear.

Who else was there above Yang Xiu?

It could only be Sovereign Star Abyss!

If it was like this, then the problem was huge!

Although Sovereign Star Abyss’s strength was not on the same level as His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, their statuses did not differ too much.

“This . . . This . . . Old Brother, just what reason is it, to actually make the lord carry out such a decision?” Jin Huanzhen asked in shock.

Yang Xiu sighed and said, “To be able to let the lord carry out such a decision, it’s naturally because somebody touched his reverse scale and offended his elderly self! Alright, I can only talk until here. I can’t say any more. Once that lord flares his temper, nobody can withstand it!”

Jin Huanzhen seemed to have recalled something terrifying, his face revealing terror.

. . . . . .

“Ah?There was such a thing? That old man looks pretty amiable. To think that he’s so scary when he flies off the handle!” Ye Yuan was quite surprised.

Third Senior Brother You Guang had an anticipating look as he said, “Isn’t that so! Back then, even Eldest Senior Brother hadn’t entered tutelage yet, not a single person in the entire capital was unaware of this matter. It was just that nobody dared to talk about it. Master was so awe-inspiring. He directly flew up to the royal palace and stood in midair, provokingly challenging His Majesty, the Wind Emperor. The third prince was forced by Lord Master to commit suicide! From start to finish, His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, did not show his face. In truth, that was already a form of yielding!”

Ye Yuan nodded his head. Such a disgraceful matter, how could the Wind Emperor possibly make an appearance?

The third prince coming out to commit suicide appeased Star Abyss’s fury and also preserved the royal family’s face. It was counted as a better ending.

Back then, Shi Haoran had not entered his tutelage yet. Star Abyss took in a disciple. The result was that he clashed with the third prince and was killed by the third prince.

Star Abyss was furious when he heard the news and directly charged up to the royal palace’s city walls and forced the third prince to commit suicide.

Ever since then, the name of Star Abyss being protective of his people became utterly resounding in the capital.

These two days, Ye Yuan had been guiding his few seniors constantly and became rather idle.

Of course, this was also not something that could be accomplished in one stroke.

Among the few seniors, the most unwilling to acquiesce was Third Senior Brother You Guang. He challenged Ye Yuan using exchange as the reason. The result was that he was utterly convinced with his loss.

Ever since then, the seniors no longer doubted Star Abyss’s words.

These two days, quite a few seniors came to Ye Yuan’s place to consult him on some problems. Ye Yuan naturally would not disappoint them either. The answers that he gave were all very exquisite.

After the seniors went back to appreciate it in detail, they actually felt that it was even more exquisite than what Master Star Abyss said, and even more profound and simpler to understand!

Although these few disciples that Star Abyss took on were different in personalities, they were all honest and frank people. Not only were they not jealous of Ye Yuan, but they also took him to be a good mentor and helpful friend instead.

Speaking of which, they inherited the same ideology and behavior as that fellow Li Daohang.

. . . . . .

Different from happy thoughts on Ye Yuan’s side, Seventh Prince’s side descended into extreme chaos!

These few days, storms raged in the capital. Everyone and everything were in a chaotic mess, investigating the matter of why Star Abyss would target the royal family.

Other people did not know why, but he was all too clear!

He initially thought that it was not something of a big deal. He did not kill Ye Yuan in the end as well; Shi Haoran would not do anything to him.

But, he forgot that there was still an even more terrifying Sovereign Star Abyss above Shi Haoran!

As a matter of fact, Zhao Chenggan had already forgotten the third prince’s matter. At that time, he wasn’t even born yet!

Although he heard some extent of it later on, he did not take it to heart.

All the way until the news of the Alchemist Association sanctioning the royal family spread over, only then Zhao Chenggan was shocked, recalling the incident of the third prince being forced to commit suicide.

These two days, he was in a constant state of anxiety.

After thinking it over and over again, Zhao Chenggan finally still decided to go and find His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, to admit his wrong!

Within the deep and serene palace, it was void of people.

Zhao Chenggan stood in the great hall but felt countless pairs of eyes staring at him.

“This child, Zhao Chenggan, requests to meet Royal Father!” Zhao Chenggan forcefully suppressed the fear in his heart and said.

“What is it?” A voice came over serenely from the depths of the palace as if it sounded out from the underworld.

“This child . . . child . . .” Zhao Chenggan kneeled onto the ground with a slam and said nervously, “This child deserves death! The matter with the Alchemist Association was caused by this child! I beg . . . beg Royal Father to mete out punishment!”

There was no reply. Only Zhao Chenggan’s breathing sound was left in the entire great hall . . .

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