Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 401

Chapter 401 Carrying A Rod And Asking For Punishment

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Zhao Chenggan’s heart had never pounded so fiercely before!

He felt like his own heart was about to explode!

In the silence, every second felt like a year to Zhao Chenggan.

“I already know.” That cold voice sounded out again.

Zhao Chenggan’s entire body shuddered. Cold sweat already drenched his entire body. “Please mete out punishment, Father! I didn’t think . . . didn’t think . . .”

“This was a test that this Emperor gave you. For you to be able to arrive here, you’ve already passed the test!”

When Zhao Chenggan heard these words, he felt like his divine soul was about to leave his body. No words were more pleasant to the ears than these few words.

As the Fierce Gale World’s sole Boundless Realm powerhouse, even a fool knew the Wind Emperor’s terror!

But Zhao Chenggan was even more deeply aware that the Wind Emperor’s terror was not just strength. This person himself was the most terrifying!

“Thank you, Royal Father!” Zhao Chenggan said agitatedly.

“Don’t be in a rush to give thanks. This matter was incited by you. You think of a way to resolve it. Even I don’t wish to provoke Old Man Star Abyss. You actually dare to yank his beard!”

Although he sounded calm, Zhao Chenggan could hear the Wind Emperor’s fury.

“Yes. This child knows his mistake! Ro-Royal Father, please point out the right path!” Zhao Chenggan perspired heavily.

“You . . . Go think about it yourself. This is also a test for you. Alright, take your leave.” When the voice faded, there wasn’t any sound in the great hall anymore.

Coming out from the great hall, it was like Zhao Chenggan had experienced a life and death great battle. His entire person was like he was lugged out from the waters, utterly drenched.

Returning to his residence, Zhao Chenggan secretly heaved a sigh in relief.

Fortunately, he did not harbor any hopes of chance in his heart and admitted his fault to Royal Father. Or else, his outcome would surely be very tragic!

The Wind Emperor had never had any consciousness of the saying ‘a vicious tiger would not eat its cubs’ towards his own sons. He also never had a compassionate heart.

He caused such a major problem this time, and it was even at the critical juncture of the great army moving out. If this matter could not be settled nicely, he would still die very horribly.

Thinking up to here, Zhao Chenggan could not help getting a headache.

Just what should he do to make that old fellow, Star Abyss, rescind the sanctions on the royal family?

These few days, Zhao Chenggan more or less understood Star Abyss’s personality through many inquiries.

This old man was normally still very amiable. But once you touched his reverse scale, his terror was that even the Wind Emperor could not withstand it!

Very clearly, he had already touched his reverse scale!

Zhao Chenggan’s thought involuntarily turned to Ye Yuan. Could it be that he really had to apologize to that punk?

But the moment he thought of Ye Yuan’s haughty look, Zhao Chenggan shrunk back again.

He felt that even if he went to apologize, Ye Yuan definitely would not accept it either!

Just how should this be gone about doing?

In a blink, an entire night passed.

Zhao Chenggan sat there woodenly for a night without moving a single muscle!

The skies were about to brighten when Zhao Chenggan suddenly clenched his fists and stood up all at once, seemingly like he made some sort of resolution.

. . . . . .

It was already daytime. The streams of people in the Central Capital’s streets were bustling about. It was forever that busy.

All of a sudden, everyone dropped whatever they were doing and turned to look towards a direction.

Only to see a young man baring his upper body, carrying a bundle of thorns on his back, and walking forward step by step.

This sort of thing that cut a wide swath was not frequently seen in the capital. It naturally drew the eyes of many people.

“What’s this person doing? What’s he carrying a bundle of thorns on his back for? Is he sick? Those are Sawtooth Tree branches. The branches are covered in blades. Having it wrapped around the body, sinking into the flesh, is not much worse off than getting a thousand cuts!”

“Shhh. . . Do you want to die? That is His Highness, the Seventh Prince! My God, who could make His Highness, the Seventh Prince, do such a thing to admit fault and ask for punishment? Doesn’t he wish to live anymore?”

“Heh heh,who knows about this kind thing? The Seventh Prince is the person most likely to inherit the great position of the Wind Emperor. The person able to make him do such a thing is bound to be extremely formidable! Looking at the direction he’s walking in, it should be Qixia Mountain. Only that lord has the qualifications to make His Highness, the Seventh Prince, do this sort of thing like carrying a rod and asking for punishment.”

“You’re saying . . . Sovereign Star Abyss? What did His Highness, the Seventh Prince, do? To actually provoke and enrage that lord?”

“Hehe,that isn’t what you and I can know.”

The people surrounding to watch were getting increasingly more. There was already an extremely large procession following behind Zhao Chenggan.

But they all know the Seventh Prince’s prowess. They just followed far away and did not dare to get too close.

While Zhao Chenggan himself looked steadily ahead, walking in the direction of Qixia Mountain step by step.

By the time he walked to the foot of the mountain, there was already a sea of people behind him; one would be unable to see the end with a glance.

“Ji Qing, I, Seventh Prince Zhao Chenggan, came bearing a rod today to ask you for punishment!”

Zhao Chenggan enunciated each word, and he actually directly kneeled down!

His voice, Zhao Chenggan revolved essence energy fully. The entire Qixia Mountain should be able to hear it.

Behind him, the crowd let out a huge hubbub.

The exalted Seventh Prince, His Highness, actually kneeled down!

“Who is Ji Qing? I’ve never heard that there was such a character in our Central Capital?!”

“I haven’t heard of him before as well. Doesn’t Sovereign Star Abyss only have seven disciples? There doesn’t seem to be Ji Qing this character, right?”

“Ignorant and ill-informed. A few days ago, the Xiao Family and Tong Family organized the Grand Pill Assembly. Originally, the Xiao Family’s defeat was already set. It was precisely this Ji Qing who turned the raging tides, defeating the Tong Family’s number one genius, Tong Wenchang, saving the Xiao Family! Furthermore, this Ji Qing did not win by a narrow margin, but he crushed Tong Wenchang in an overwhelming manner until he could not even lift his head! I heard that he is already locked up by the Tong Family and completely became an invalid.”

“Ah?There was such a thing? I was just saying that recently, the Tong Family’s shops increased anew again. Such a major incident actually happened! Like this, this Ji Qing is truly a character! Could it be . . .”

“That’s right. He’s already taken in by Sovereign Star Abyss under his tutelage, becoming his eighth disciple!”

“But . . . why is His Highness, the Seventh Prince, doing such a thing to apologize to this Ji Qing?”

“That I don’t know!Tsk tsk,the dignified Wind Emperor successor actually suffered such an unprecedented shame. The days to come in the capital will probably be very fun.”

. . . . . .

On top of Qixia Mountain, Shi Haoran looked at Ye Yuan with a smile and said, “Little Junior Brother, this move from Master is really ruthless. It actually forced the arrogant Seventh Prince to this state!”

Ye Yuan laughed and said, “He has nobody but himself to blame for it.”

Shi Haoran nodded, firmly agreeing.

Ye Yuan had already explained the entire course of the incident to everyone. Making a move to kill somebody due to a single word of disagreement, only a person like the Seventh Prince could do it.

Except, if he killed some people, then he killed them. But there were some people who were not those he could afford to offend.

“Hur hur,this punk deserves it! But when are you planning on going down, Little Junior Brother?” asked the plump Second Senior Brother Tang Zhi with a laugh.

Ye Yuan also laughed and said, “What’s the hurry? Let him kneel for a while first. Let’s discuss alchemy skills in depth first.”

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