Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 403

Chapter 403 Divine Art That Made People Depressed

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“Hehe,it’s true that Master’s sanctions are formidable, but the way Little Junior Brother dealt with things magnified the battle results to the extreme! Not only did it eliminate the hidden danger of the Tong Family, it even supplemented a death-exemption medallion for yourself! Truly impressive!” Second Senior Brother Tang Zhi said with a laugh.

“Haha,Second Senior Brother is too kind. I was also just claiming some interest. I didn’t think that this Seventh Prince could actually endure such humiliation for an important goal and doing such a thing like bearing thorns to ask for punishment,” Ye Yuan said with a laugh.

“En.It was indeed contrary to all expectations! That child knows when to yield and when not to, and his martial strength is also extremely formidable. Indeed not what the other princes can compare to. Absolutely the bearing of a fierce and ambitious person. Barring no accidents, the next Wind Emperor is very likely to be him! Hence, you should still be more careful in the future, Little Junior Brother, in case this boy uses some underhanded tricks,” Shi Haoran warned him.

The incident this time also let everyone have a brand new understanding of Zhao Chenggan.

The high and mighty Wind Emperor successor actually did this sort of self-belittling thing, making entire capital drop their glasses.

But thinking about it carefully, this method of doing things was the best way to handle things at present.

Even if Ye Yuan was way less understanding of what was good or bad for him, it was also not possible to let this sanction carry on.

Otherwise, the Qixia Mountain lineage would also become unreasonable even with justification.

With Zhao Chenggan’s status, doing everything to this step was already his limits. If Ye Yuan still refused to budge, that was being unappreciative.

If the Royal Family and the Alchemist Association, these two giants, really ruptured completely, neither side could bear the consequences.

At that time, the one who would be put in an awkward situation would not be the Wind Emperor but Star Abyss himself.

It was precisely because so that Ye Yuan’s way of handling things was grasped perfectly. It could gain the greatest benefits and also reflect a magnanimous heart.

As for Zhao Chenggan’s apology, Ye Yuan simply paid no attention to it at all.

How could he possibly be deceived by this sort of superficial act? The more sincere Zhao Chenggan’s apology was, the more intense his hatred towards him.

This sort of high and lofty ambitious fierce person would never feel that they were wrong.

“Rest assured, Eldest Senior Brother. I have a score in my heart.Oh,right, Seniors, from today onwards, I’m going to enter seclusion for a month and won’t be able to expound on the Alchemy Path with Seniors anymore,” Ye Yuan said.

“En?Entering a retreat so soon?”

Hearing that Ye Yuan was going to enter seclusion, the few people felt a great sense of loss in their hearts.

These few days, they truly reaped no little benefits by exchanging knowledge together with Ye Yuan. There were even more gains compared to listening to Star Abyss preaching the Dao.

Carrying on at this speed, them having some breakthrough in alchemy were inevitable. But Ye Yuan actually entered seclusion at this time. They were naturally quite reluctant to let go.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Yes. I sense that I’m about to break through, so I’ve decided to enter a retreat to pour all my efforts into breaking through realms!”

“Like thateh?Alright then,” Shi Haoran said.

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan returned to his own residence. A streak of white silhouette suddenly assaulted towards him.

The white silhouette’s speed was exceedingly quickly. Ye Yuan was actually unable to evade with his movement technique!

“Violent Blaze Transforming Dragon!”

In a hurry, Ye Yuan execute a Violent Blaze Transforming Dragon, colliding together with the white silhouette!


The white silhouette directly flew out, while Ye Yuan also fell back two steps from the enormous collision force.

But Ye Yuan was not astonished; he became overjoyed instead and said, “White Light! You actually broke through!”

“Y-Yes . . . Big Brother . . .”

A slightly choppy and tender voice transmitted into Ye Yuan’s mind. It was universal beast language!

“En?Have you unlocked your inherited memories?” Ye Yuan was astonished again.

“Yes.” This time, White Light was clearly way smoother when talking.

“Haha!You brat, your breakthrough speed is too rapid! It’s almost catching up to this young master!” Seeing White Light open his mouth to speak, Ye Yuan was also very glad.

White Light smiled and said, “Big Brother, you’re the real freak. Your breakthrough speed is too fast, completely without bottlenecks!”

“En?Just a few year old little kid, you’re actually calling me big brother?” Ye Yuan said huffily.

“If I don’t call you big brother, what do I call you then? I don’t want to call you master. Proud divine beasts will never become a human’s lackey!” White Light raised his tiger head with a prideful look.

Ye Yuan was also tickled by his appearance and said with a smile, “I didn’t ask you to call me master. But I can be your uncle with my age, right? Come, call uncle and let me hear!”

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, White Light nearly stumbled to the ground. He said sulkily, “Knock it off! Don’t you humans all address each other using cultivation realms? Now that I broke through to Tier 3 as well, what’s wrong with calling you big brother?”

“Uh,this really does seem to be the case. Fine. Big brother then.” Ye Yuan’s heart stirred, and he enquired,“Oh,right, do you know your origins now that you unlocked your inherited memories?”

Ye Yuan was very curious about White Light’s origin. He was clearly a descendant of the Flowing Light White Tiger, yet he had treasure seeking abilities. It was too weird.

But White Light shook his head and said, “Don’t know. I only unlocked a very small portion of inherited memories. The rest are still sealed and completely can’t be opened up yet.”

Ye Yuan said disappointedly, “Like thishuh,that’s too bad. If we know your origin, we can maybe suit our methods to your situation. Who knows, you might be able to break through to Divine Beast Realm!”

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, White Light was also quite disappointed.

Ye Yuan suddenly asked again, “Then, what kind of inherited memories have you awakened? Let’s have a look.”

To divine beasts, inherited memories were something extremely precious. Under normal circumstances, they would never tell it to humans.

But ever since the death of his mother, White Light treated Ye Yuan as his only kin. Or else, he would also not have fought Zhao Chenggan to the death under the situation where he was aware he could not contend with him to protect Ye Yuan.

“Uh. . . All some random and messy stuff. Such as this kind of thing like the universal beast language. To say the most useful one, it will be a cultivation method that was awakened. But, it’s only to the third level too,” White Light said.

“En? What kind of cultivation method?” Ye Yuan asked curiously.

“White Tiger Darklight Divine Art!” White Light said.

“It’s actually a divine art!” Ye Yuan said in astonishment.

Although Ye Yuan also cultivated in a divine art, this did not mean that divine arts were common wares.

The birth of each divine art would stir up a bloody struggle in the Divine Realm.

But a little white tiger that Ye Yuan found in the Lower Realms actually had a divine art in his inherited memories! This was too inconceivable!

Although Ye Yuan had not heard of this set of divine art, its power was beyond all doubt!

“Yeah! I didn’t know it myself, but actually I’ve already started cultivating this divine art long ago. It’s actually like a part of my body,” White Light said.

Ye Yuan suddenly remembered something and could not help being greatly astonished as he said, “Could it be that . . . when you swallowed those medicinal pills, your body automatically revolved the White Tiger Darklight Divine Art?”

White Light nodded and said, “Yes.”

Ye Yuan’s expression became peculiar. “Then the third level that you awakened, it’s not that . . . you can also raise your realm by swallowing medicinal pills, right?”

White Light had an innocent face as he said with a frank nod, “Big Brother is indeed incredible! Guessing it in one try!”

“I guess . . . your head ah!” Ye Yuan forcefully stifled back a swear word.

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