Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 404

Chapter 404 Pledging Allegiance To The Death

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Eating medicinal pills and sleeping, raising realm unconsciously.

This was the cultivation process that so many martial artists dreamt about! But even if Ye Yuan’s cultivation did not have bottlenecks, it was also not possible to reach such a state!

Cultivation was like sailing against the current, either advance or regress.

On the matter of cultivation, no martial artists dared to slack off.

But White Light’s cultivation method, any martial artist who saw it would have an impulse to beat him up. Ye Yuan was no exemption either.

Seeing that dim gaze from Ye Yuan, all the fur on White Light’s body stood up.

Suddenly, Ye Yuan’s figure flashed, and he vanished.

White Light immediately felt that something was wrong, but it was already too late. Ye Yuan caught hold of him.

“What White Tiger Darklight Divine Art?! What can even cultivate when sleeping?! Maddening your big brother to death! How can there be such a perverse divine art in this world?”

Ye Yuan rubbed White Light’s tiger head furiously, rubbing until he was dizzy.

By the time Ye Yuan stopped, all White Light could see were stars.

“Huff, huff. . .” Ye Yuan was also panting, dog tired.

Messing around was messing around. Not that Ye Yuan was jealous of this cultivation method, it was just that he felt somewhat unfair.

The cultivation method that White Light awakened should be a divine art that was tailor-made for the same kind of divine beast. Humans were unable to cultivate it. Even if Ye Yuan asked for it, it was useless too.

“Doesn’t that mean that I’ll have to provide medicinal pills for you non-stop in the future to let you cultivate?” Ye Yuan looked at White Light from the corner of his eye.

Hearing these words from Ye Yuan, White Light gave a flattering low roar and rubbed his face against Ye Yuan’s cheek, saying,“Haha!I know that Big Brother is the best!”

“Best my *ss! Don’t kiss my *ss! Who did I provoke? To become a pill refining coolie?” Ye Yuan had a gloomy look.

“Hehe,how can you say coolie? Big Brother’s alchemy skills are unparalleled in this world! Find happiness in it . . . Furthermore, I, White Light, still have some capabilities. I’ll definitely find more treasures for Big Brother!” White Light said fawningly.

Ye Yuan said huffily, “I say, how did you know to follow me back then? Could it be that you already know that I knew alchemy back then?”

“Uh. . . I don’t know either. I just felt especially cordial when I saw Big Brother, so I followed you in a daze,” White Light said in confusion.

“Alright! I’m scared of you! I’m going to begin closed-seclusion to cultivate. This time, I’m going to break through to the Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm in one stroke!” Ye Yuan said.

White Light trembled and nearly slipped off from Ye Yuan’s shoulder.

“S-Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm?! Big Brother, are you mistaken? You’re only at the Second Level Crystal Formation Realm!” White Light was taken aback by Ye Yuan.

“Not mistaken. It’s Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm! This time, Zhao Chenggan that punk almost killed us, making me very peeved! Each one of you all bullying that my realm is low, right? I’ll break through for them to see!” Ye Yuan said annoyedly.

All along, Ye Yuan’s adversaries were all way stronger than him. This made it very disadvantageous for him every time he fought.

Even if his essence energy was much thicker than other people, the disparity in realms could not be made up for.

Although Ye Yuan defeated his opponents in the end, it had the feeling of walking on a tightrope practically every time.

A few days back, if not for Shi Haoran making a move, he would already have been killed by Zhao Chenggan.

While Zhao Chenggan’s strength was decent, it was still too far away compared to Ye Yuan. The reason why he was formidable was because of his realm!

Zhao Chenggan comprehended true intent; for Ye Yuan to want to cross a major realm to win him, it was too difficult!

Hence, Ye Yuan resolved his heart this time to enter closed-seclusion for a month and planned on breaking through five realms in succession!

This was an impossible mission to others, but to Ye Yuan, it was merely a question of time.

** . . . . . .**

Day two, the rear of the mountains where Ye Yuan was in seclusion.

Shi Haoran passed a storage ring to Ye Yuan and said, “These are the Tier 3 medicinal herbs that Little Junior Brother you requested. It’s all prepared properly.”

Ye Yuan clasped his hands and said, “Thank you very much, Eldest Senior Brother!”

“What’s there to thank? Merely just some Tier 3 medicinal herbs, not a big deal. But you made me prepare so many portions for you; you’re not planning on refining pills alone, right? Could it be that this one month, you’re planning on refining a batch of Tier 3 medicinal pills?” Shi Haoran asked curiously.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Wanting so many medicinal herbs is naturally to use to refine medicinal pills. But my closed-seclusion this time is in order to break through realms.”

Shi Haoran asked very curiously, “Even if Little Junior Brother, you, refine pills without sleep or rest, to refine so many medicinal herbs into medicinal pills, it would probably take more than a month. How will you have time to break through realms?”

“Hur hur,Little Brother naturally has a plan,” Ye Yuan said with a faint smile. Clearly, he was unwilling to say anymore.

Shi Haoran suddenly recalled Little Junior Brother’s monstrousness and thought to himself,his pill refining speed should be faster than ordinary people, right?

Or he did not even plan on refining finish these medicinal herbs, but to keep them for refining next time?

Seeing that Ye Yuan did not wish to speak, it was naturally inconvenient for Shi Haoran to ask anymore and he took his leave.

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan casually waved a hand. The Square Cauldron and Yuan Fei appeared before his eyes at the same time.

When Yuan Fei saw Ye Yuan, he bowed and greeted, “Young Master!”

He had already followed Ye Yuan for close to a year. From the initial half-belief and half-skeptical, to now, it was already prostrating on all fours.

This one year, he practically ate Demon Crystal Pills like candy. He was already Peak Tier 3 now and only a step away from Tier 4.

A year ago, he did not even dare to think about it!

Ye Yuan nodded slightly and said, “I plan to refine a batch of medicinal pills this closed-seclusion to breakthrough realms. You’re already not far away from Tier 4 at present. Back then, you promised to follow me for ten years, and I’ll refine the Demon Manor Pill for you. This promise can be fulfilled now.”

Yuan Fei’s entire body trembled, and his agitation could not be any greater. “I-Is what Young Master said true?”

“When have I teased you before? The Demon Manor Pill isn’t some impressive medicinal pill to me. I can already refine it now. It was just that I always didn’t have the time.Uh. . . after refining finish the Demon Manor Pill, our debt is also considered settled. You can choose to leave me and return to the Endless Forest. Of course, the prerequisite is that I can return to the Endless World . . .”

Evidently, Ye Yuan did not have huge confidence in returning.

With the passing of time, the war between the two worlds would get closer and closer. There were bound to be even more powerful people guarding the realm passageway. Wanting to smoke his way through it like last time was already not very likely.

Yet, when Yuan Fei heard these words, he shuddered and hastily asked, “Does Young Master not want Yuan Fei anymore?!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “You don’t overthink things. This one year, you have been following me. You should know my temperament as well. As long as I’ve acknowledged that person as one of my own, I absolutely won’t hold anything back from him. You rendered much help to me this one year. I’ve treated you as a friend in my heart. How can I not want you? It’s just that I still have to ask about your choice out of respect to you.”

Yuan Fei did not even think and directly said, “If not for following Young Master, Yuan Fei would still be in the Endless Forest right now living muddled and simple-minded days. How could I have the chance to advance to Tier 4? Following Young Master, the one who benefitted isn’t just Yuan Fei alone but the entire Long-arm Stone Ape Clan! Yuan Fei and clansmen are willing to pledge allegiance to Young Master to the death and to never forsake you!”

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