Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 407

Chapter 407

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“Haha,looks like your divine beast bloodline awakened!” Ye Yuan saw through Yuan Fei’s transformation and said with a laugh.

“Young Master has good eyes! After breaking through to Tier 4, I’ve awakened another part of inherited memories. Furthermore, I feel an extremely powerful bloodline strength hidden inside my body!” Yuan Fei said with joy.

Ye Yuan nodded with a smile and said, “Indeed worthy of being the Equals Heaven Sage Ape’s progeny. As long as you can draw out this bloodline strength, you’ll surely be an extremely formidable existence in the future!”

After a moment, Yuan Fei calmed down from basking in his joy and suddenly realized something not quite right.

“En?”Yuan Fei gradually went from pleasantly surprised to astonishment.

“Haha,Old Yuan’s reaction is really slow, only noticing now that something was off! You only broke through one level in a month’s time. Big Brother is going to break through the fifth level very soon and advance to the late-stage Crystal Formation Realm!” White Light said in derision.

Yuan Fei was filled with shock. Breaking through five levels in a month’s time?

Ye Yuan was at the Crystal Formation Realm now, not the Essence Qi Realm or Spirit Condensation Realm back then!

Wasn’t such a breakthrough speed overly terrifying?

Actually, logically speaking, the difficulty of this level that Yuan Fei broke through was far more challenging compared to Ye Yuan’s five levels added up.

But the problem was that the time used was too short!

To some ordinary martial artists, a month’s time was just barely enough for them to use to consolidate their realm.

Even for those genius martial artists, wanting to break through a level in a month, that was something impossible!

But Ye Yuan broke through five levels in succession within a month?

“Alright. It’s late. Since Yuan Fei already broke through, you guys help to guard me. I’ll break through to the Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm right now!” Ye Yuan said indifferently.

Yuan Fei felt indescribable shock in his heart. At the rate of this speed, Ye Yuan catching up to him was just something soon!

Although Yuan Fei had long known that Ye Yuan’s cultivation had virtually no bottlenecks, but to breakthrough five realms in a month, such a speed was too unbelievable.

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan swallowed large quantities of Jade Spirit Pills again and started to break through to the Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm in full force!

Even if Ye Yuan did not comprehend so many realms in this lifetime, directly breaking through five realms was not a big deal.

And his current realm comprehension already greatly exceeded the current standards.

It was just that since he reincarnated, he had practically been on the run constantly all along. There had been completely no chance to rest properly and cultivate essence energy, resulting in his realm being too low.

Now, him breaking through five realms was actually just water flowing unhindered when the conditions were right.

When the medicinal pills entered the abdomen, an essence energy tempest gradually formed, plunging the entire hidden room into a violent storm!

Yuan Fei was incomparably shocked when he saw this scene. “Did Young Master break through realms like this during this one month?”

“Of course! Big Brother breaking through realms has this tiger grandpa’s, my, style; both of us eating medicinal pills like candy!Haha!”White Light said with a loud laugh.

Thinking about these two freaks, Yuan Fei was speechless for a long time.

The Stone-ape clan indeed had powerful physiques. But even he did not dare to consume medicinal pills like this. He would be stuffed to death!

The joy from previously breaking through to Tier 4 was already struck down at this time and badly mangled.

He was deeply aware that before long, he would be thoroughly surpassed by these two freaks!

Moreover, Yuan Fei knew that even if he broke through to Tier 4 now and awakened divine beast bloodline strength, in a genuine life and death battle, he might not be Ye Yuan’s match either.

After half a day, the essence energy inside the hidden room returned to serenity. Ye Yuan finally broke through to the Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm!

Currently, the aura from Ye Yuan’s body was much stronger compared to while being at the Second Level Crystal Formation Realm!

“Hehe,how do you feel right now, Big Brother?” White Light asked with a flattering face.

Ye Yuan smiled faintly and said, “If I meet Zhao Chenggan again, even if I can’t kill him, giving him a violent thrashing should still be achievable!”

White Light shook his head strongly and said unhappily, “Big Brother, you broke through five realms. Could it be that you still can’t take care of that fellow?”

“Hur hur,I know that you’re pissed with him. But his strength is indeed very mighty! To be able to comprehend true intent at his age, this is not what ordinary people can accomplish. Even if I already broke through to the Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm now, I’m still a major realm lower than him. To be able to defeat him is already pretty good,” Ye Yuan said with a laugh.

“Humph, humph!Anyway, I’m just very upset! I don’t care; Big Brother, you quickly refine candy for me. I want to break through to Tier 4 as soon as possible, then viciously trample that fellow to death and let him know that this tiger grandpa isn’t nice to provoke!” White Light said irately.

“Haha,there are plenty of chances! My soul force has already reached Alchemy Grandmaster Perfection Realm now. Refining Demon Crystal Pill is but lifting a finger. I’ll find a time to refine medicinal pills for you! But I’ve already been in seclusion for a month. Star Abyss’s side should have some news too. We have to quickly exit seclusion. After all, we entered the Fierce Gale World in order to rescue Senior Apprentice Brother Yuntian and the rest,” Ye Yuan said,

Although White Light was playful, he still knew how to prioritize what was important and what was less urgent. He had already followed Ye Yuan for a very long time and knew Ye Yuan’s personality. So he stopped talking.

Ye Yuan put Yuan Fei away in the spatial spirit artifact and exited the hidden room with White Light, but he saw that Shi Haoran was already waiting outside.

When Shi Haoran saw Ye Yuan walk out, he came forward to greet with a smile.

But when he saw Ye Yuan, his smile immediately froze on his face.

“Little Junior Brother, you . . . you . . . Seventh Level! My god!” An Alchemy King expert like Shi Haoran was also somewhat incoherent in speech currently.

“Haha,Little Brother was lucky to break through several realms. Elder Senior Brother doesn’t need to be so shocked,” Ye Yuan said with a chuckle.

He had long known that exiting seclusion would incur his seniors’ shock. But he could not be bothered with so much either.

He could not not breakthrough in order not to let Shi Haoran and the rest get shocked, right?

Furthermore, in the Fierce Gale World, it was riddled with dangers everywhere. If Ye Yuan still did not raise his realm, he would not even have the capital to protect himself.

“Lucky . . . How . . . How can I not be shocked?! Little Junior Brother, I thought that you were in retreat to refine pills this one month. To think that you actually broke through five realms consecutively in one breath!” Shi Haoran said with a bitter smile.

“Haha,refining pills is naturally for breaking through too,” Ye Yuan said with a chortle.

Shi Haoran’s expression because peculiar again. He said in surprise, “Those medicinal herbs, you can’t have . . . you can’t have . . .”

Seeing Ye Yuan nod his head with a smile, Shi Haoran nearly bit his own tongue off.

You’ve got to be kidding?

One month’s time. Refining so many medicinal herbs into medicinal pills and even breaking through five realms? Was this making a joke?

Facing Shi Haoran, Ye Yuan knew that he could not conceal it, so he might as well not hide it from him.

“Little Junior Brother, you’re really a freak!” Shi Haoran heaved a long sigh and said, “I previously warned you not to be in a rush to break through realms, but you just wouldn’t listen. You breaking through like this will affect your future cultivation!”

Although breaking through five realms in succession was very monstrous, but it would inevitably cause the foundation to be unstable. This point, Shi Haoran was very clear.

Honestly speaking, when he saw Ye Yuan standing here perfectly well, he already felt that it was a miracle.

But Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Eldest Senior Brother don’t need to worry. I won’t treat my own future as a joke. It was because I was scared that my foundation would be unstable that I only just broke through five realms.”

“. . . . . .” Shi Haoran was speechless.

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