Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 411

Chapter 411 Take Me In As A Disciple

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Seeing Ye Yuan again, Xiao Ruyan’s tears once again flowed down with disappointment.

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “How big a matter was it? Was there a need to attempt suicide? Such a beautiful girl; so many people are fighting to have. Such a pity if you died. Putting yourself at home to be a flower vase is also pretty good!”


One sentence tickled Xiao Ruyan, turning tears into smiles. Rolling her eyes at Ye Yuan, she pouted and said, “Can’t you say something properly for once? Frivolous!”

Her eyes were filled with amorous feelings, mesmerizing people to death. Putting Ye Yuan who was looking into a trace as well.

“Haha,didn’t I see that the atmosphere was somewhat awkward and wanted to liven things up?” Ye Yuan said slightly awkwardly.

But Xiao Ruyan’s eyes dimmed and she shouted begrudgingly, “You shouldn’t have saved me!”

“Mm?Didn’t I already save you?Heh heh,you foolish girl, is it worth it to do this?” Ye Yuan said with a smile

Xiao Ruyan sighed and said, “There’s no worth it or not, only willing or not. I don’t wish to go against Father’s intention and also don’t wish for myself to become another person’s accessory. This was the best option . . .Ah!What are you doing?”

Xiao Ruyan was just bemoaning her fate vacantly when suddenly a face popped up in front of her, making her jump in fright and hastily backing away.

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “You’re lying!”

That scene earlier made Xiao Ruyan’s little heart flutter, only to see her flustered expression, her eyes dodging like she did something guilty.

“I . . . When did I?” Xiao Ruyan said softly.

“Your eyes betrayed out! The eyes of a person whose heart is dead like ashes are utterly without a lease of life. But you . . .are filled with attachment towards this world!”

“S-So what then? I have no other choice!” Having her thoughts exposed by Ye Yuan, Xiao Ruyan said with hints of embarrassment.

Of course, she was filled with attachments towards this world!

She was attached to her Alchemy Path. She was attached to her parents and her elder brother. She was attached to . . . Ye Yuan.

The Xiao Ruyan at this time was very sensitive. She felt that Ye Yuan was well-disposed towards her, but Ye Yuan completely turned a blind eye to her. He clearly knew that the spouse finding martial competition was about to begin, yet he still entered closed-seclusion to cultivate.

In her despair, she chose this sort of extreme way of doing things.

“Haha,don’t wish to die, then don’t die,” Ye Yuan said with a laugh.

Xiao Ruyan did not know where the courage came from. She suddenly yelled at Ye Yuan, “Easy talk for you! Do you know how powerful first-rate families are? Do you know the Xiao Family’s current predicament? Do you know my circumstances? Don’t want to die? What about the spouse finding martial competition? Could it be that you’re going to go defeat Huang Wenqiu and Xue Zaihe and marry me?”

Saying finish the words in one breath, Xiao Ruyan stared fixedly at Ye Yuan’s eyes, looking very furious, but in truth, her heart already leaped up to her throat.

She was worried Ye Yuan would say no, worried that Ye Yuan would turn around and leave.

The two people stared at each other. For a moment, there was only the sound of breathing in the room.

“Fine,” after a moment, Ye Yuan suddenly cracked a smile and said.

“What?” Xiao Ruyan did not react right away and instinctively blurted out.

“I’ll help you settle those two fellows. But . . . I have no way of marrying you.” Ye Yuan felt that regarding this kind of matters, it was better not to do things sloppily.

“You . . . What do you mean?”

Xiao Ruyan was pleasantly surprised earlier, but the second-half of Ye Yuan’s sentence splashed down like a basin of cold water.

“My meaning is that I’ll participate in the spouse finding martial competition and help you take care of those two punks. But . . . I have no way of marrying you . . .” Ye Yuansaid.

Although he knew that these words were rather hurtful, he had no choice but to say it.

Ye Yuan only entered the Fierce Gale World in order to save people. Whether he could return to the Endless World alive was another matter altogether.

Even if he returned to the Endless World, their two sides were also destined to be enemies.

Could enemy and enemy be together?

Ye Yuan naturally liked beauties. But he did not have the qualifications to enjoy beautiful women right now. He could only treat Xiao Ruyan as a friend.

Since he treated Xiao Ruyan as a friend, he could not bring great harm to her.

This was Ye Yuan’s principle!

He did not agree to Nanfeng Ruoqing and Nanfeng Zhirou back then also because of this reason.

“Can you tell me why?”

Not knowing why, Xiao Ruyan calmed down at this time instead.

Ye Yuan shook his head with a bitter smile and said, “I have my own difficulties. Sorry.”

Xiao Ruyan nodded and actually smiled sweetly, saying, “As long as you don’t let me marry those two fellows, that will do! Thank you, Ji Qing!”

Seeing Xiao Ruyan like so, Ye Yuan’s heart eased up slightly. Honestly speaking, dealing with matters of the heart was really not his strong suit.

Ye Yuan smiled awkwardly and said, “What’s to thank? Being of service to Miss Ruyan is something that many men in the capital dream to have! Other people can’t even beg for it, but I gained a huge advantage! H-Haha.”

Ye Yuan himself felt that this joke was not funny at all, but Xiao Ruyan giggled non-stop.

No matter how one looked at it, this laugh carried some misery and bitterness inside. But Ye Yuan did not know how to resolve it either.

“Ah!Ji Qing, you . . . you’re actually Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm already?” Xiao Ruyan suddenly noticed something and the laughter stopped.

“En.My closed-seclusion this one month was in order to break through realms,” Ye Yuan said nonchalantly.

“I . . . I really can’t see through you more and more! Your strength in the Alchemy Path is powerful until it makes people despair. You actually have such peerless talent in the Martial Path too! Just what kind of existence are you?”

In Xiao Ruyan’s viewpoint, Ye Yuan was an enigmatic man. Or perhaps it was precisely this point which attracted her deeply.

“Haha,I am me, a different colored firework.”

“Frivolous! But . . . even if you broke through to the Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm, you’re still a lot worse than them. You . . . If you can’t do it, don’t force it!” Xiao Ruyan said worriedly.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Relax. Just two middle-stage Sea Transformation Realms. I think nothing of them!”

“Really?” Xiao Ruyan said doubtfully.

“Of course it’s true!” Ye Yuan said confidently.

“Alright then. But I still have one matter to request of you. You mustn’t reject me!” Xiao Ruyan suddenly said seriously.

“You say it first. I’ll definitely agree what I can promise!” Ye Yuan did not fall for it and decided to hear the contents first before deciding.

Xiao Ruyan looked at Ye Yuan with a begrudging face and said, “You, this fellow, really don’t have the thoughts of being tender towards women!”

“H-Haha.”Ye Yuan gave a laugh.

“If you can really defeat Huang Wenqiu and Xue Zaihe, you don’t have to marry me, but . . . I want to follow you in the future!” Xiao Ruyan said.

“Ah?Follow me?” Ye Yuan had an astonished look.

“Yeah! You defeat them in front of the entire capital but refuse to marry me. How will I marry in the future? So . . . I’m going to stick to you in the future. I want to follow you! If you don’t agree, I’ll just die another round. Either way, I’m already somebody who died once!” Xiao Ruyan threatened.

Ye Yuan felt his head swell and he waved his hands, saying, “What’s the deal with you following me? I already said that I have my own difficulties!”

“That’s simple. You just take me in as a disciple, and that will do!” A hint of cunning flickered across Xiao Ruyan’s eyes.

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