Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 413

Chapter 413 Mounting The Stage In Full Regalia

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“The Heavenly Luo Soul Refining Art is just an ordinary Tier 9 cultivation method. It can at most support your cultivation to the Alchemy Emperor Realm, not much of a big deal. But with your present realm, it’s more than plenty.”

To Ye Yuan, Tier 9 cultivation methods were really no big deal.

In Ye Yuan’s brain, there were as many as over a dozen Tier 9 cultivation methods. The Heavenly Luo Soul Refining Art was just an inconspicuous one.

Similarly, a Tier 9 cultivation method, the Heavenly Luo Soul Refining Art was way lousier than the Thousand Augmenting Soul Incantation

One had to know that the Thousand Augmenting Soul Incantation was the cultivation method that supported Ji Zhengyang and Ji Qingyun to the peak Alchemy Emperor Realm; it was an absolutely a top-grade among top grades.

In his previous life and this life, Ye Yuan only imparted this cultivation method to his father, Ye Hang. Even Li Daohang this half a disciple, Ye Yuan did not easily impart it too.

“T-Thank you for Senior’s great grace!” Star Abyss was overwhelmed by emotions and gave thanks.

Ye Yuan waved his hands and said, “Disregarding that you’ve rendered such a great help to me, just the fact that you’re Li Daohang that boy’s disciple, imparting you a soul formula isn’t something of a big deal either. It’s just that this life . . . I also don’t know if I’ll have the opportunity to make up for it.”

Towards this sort of topic, Star Abyss felt unable to interject a single word in. He could only remain silent by the side.

Ye Yuan imparted the Heavenly Luo Soul Refining Technique to Star Abyss; he no longer doubted Ye Yuan’s identity.

How could a Crystal Formation Realm boy possibly know a Tier 9 cultivation method!

This was a Tier 9 cultivation method!

To Lower Realm martial artists, Tier 9 cultivation methods were paramount existences!

Deity Realm? What did that have to do with Lower Realm martial artists?

. . . . . .

Two days later, at the largest plaza in the capital, the Wind Emperor Plaza.

Perhaps the Xiao Family was not some peak major family clan, but as one of the capital’s two absolute beauties, Xiao Ruyan was practically a household name!

Her spouse finding martial competition was naturally also the focus of everyone!

At this moment, the Wind Emperor Plaza was swarming with people. It was virtually the situation of watertight.

The Xiao Family completely did not anticipate such a spectacle.

The spouse finding martial competition had already been in progress for several months now. The martial artists who met the requirement already reached the tens of thousands.

Among these people, the vast majority were actually just in order to make a name for themselves.

Because everyone in the world knew that this spouse finding martial competition match was carried out for the two Huang and Xue families,

And the Huang Family’s Huang Wenqiu and the Xue Family’s Xue Zaihe were practically the cream of the crop of the Fierce Gale World’s junior generation. Under the circumstances where the other two great experts in the capital were absent, they virtually had victory in their grasp already!

To the two Huang and Xue families, the Xiao Family was indeed not considered much. But to the tens of thousands of martial artists in the world, the Xiao Family was an exceedingly powerful existence.

To martial artists of the junior generation, to be able to bring back the beauty and enter the Xiao Family, this temptation was seriously too great!

Hence, even if everyone knew that there was no chance of success this time, the youngsters who registered were still bursting at the seams.

In the center of the Wind Emperor Plaza, a high stage was established.

The high stage was already fully occupied by eminent guests. Among them included the various large family’s upper echelons, as well as the distinguished members of the junior generation; both Huang Wenqiu and Xue Zaihe were shockingly there.

It was also uncertain whether it was deliberate or unintentional that these two leaders of the young generation sat together.

The arena match had yet to begin, and the smell of gunpowder between the two became heavy!

“Xue Zaihe, I urge you to better find a reason to withdraw now. After today, the capital won’t have whatever juxtaposed number two experts anymore.” Huang Wenqiu’s words were filled with the smell of gunpowder.

But when Xue Zaihe heard that, he just smiled faintly and said,“Haha,I think so too! Two number two experts, don’t you feel that it’s too many?”

Huang Wenqiu’s face darkened, and he said, “Looks like you refuse to give up until all hope is lost! Fine! Today, I’ll let you have a taste of defeat and know what is called heaven beyond heaven, and people beyond people!”

Xiao Changfeng sat not far away from the two. Towards the dispute between these two people, he was deeply aware. He immediately smiled and said, “Two honorable nephews don’t need to be like this. You two are the capital’s top people and are bound to surpass us old fellows in the future. Today is just a martial competition to find a spouse, not some family clan’s desperate fight. Both of you mustn’t hurt your friendly relations because of this.”

These words sounded like mediating between fights, but recalling it carefully, it was always somewhat wrong.

The two people’s shrewdness were still shallow after all. Seeing that Xiao Changfeng spoke, Huang Wenqiu took the lead to express his attitude, saying, “Father-in-law, have a seat for a moment. After Wenqiu sweeps away these stinky salted fish, I’ll come and marry Ruyan tomorrow!”

Xue Zaihe sneered and said, “With the likes of you? Pass through my hurdle first before talking!”

The two people chimed in one after another. Not only did Xiao Changfeng’s words not placid the two people, but it also intensified the situation instead.

Right at this time, only to hear Tong Suan shout in a clear voice, “Shangguan Family Head, Shangguan Yi has arrived . . . His Highness, Seventh Prince, has arrived . . .”

When his voice landed, the plaza instantly became much quieter.

Shangguan Family Head, Shangguan Yi, slowly entered the high stage. Xiao Changfeng hastily got up to welcome.

Behind Shangguan Yi, Shangguan Lingyun and Shangguan Lingxue followed closely behind.

“Brother Shangguan and Your Highness, the Seventh Prince, personally made an appearance. It really graces the Xiao Family with your presence!” Xiao Changfeng hurriedly said.

Shangguan Yi said coolly,“Haha,Family Head Xiao is too courteous. Family Head Xiao gave birth to a fine daughter. But today, she’s going to be a fish leaping over the dragon’s gate!”

Xiao Changfeng took a look at Seventh Prince behind Shangguan Lingxue and said smilingly, “Not at all. To talk about fish leaping over the dragon’s gate, it should be Brother Shangguan! Has Your Highness, Seventh Prince, been well?”

Xiao Changfeng greeted Zhao Chenggan again.

Zhao Chenggan’s expression was cold but was clearly very sensitive to Xiao Changfeng’s words. He said with a smile, “These words from Family Head Xiao leaves Chenggan abashed!”

Xiao Changfeng had an awkward look as he said,“Haha,Your Highness, Seventh Prince, is a man bestowed with great responsibility. Past matters, I can only impel Your Highness to scale new heights and not mention them!”

Zhao Chenggan nodded slightly and said,“Haha,grateful for Family Head Xiao’s auspicious words.”

“Haha,everyone, please take your seats!” Xiao Changfeng said with a laugh.

These few words sounded simple, but they crossed swords multiple times in secret.

The Xiao Family could not shake off relations with Ye Yuan after all. The seventh prince becoming such a huge joke, Xiao Changfeng was naturally quite awkward.

Zhao Chenggan’s words had a concealed blade too. But it was also skated over by a few sentences of Xiao Changfeng’s flattery; it was also considered to have passed the round.

Regarding Zhao Chenggan, nobody dared to overlook him.

Zhao Chenggan’s heart was poured on Shangguan Lingxue. Xiao Changfeng was naturally well aware. Those words earlier were also considered to have smoothed things over.

Right at this moment, Tong Suan suddenly raised his voice and shouted, “Under Sovereign Star Abyss, Shi Haoran has turned up with his seven fellow apprentices!”

The excitement in Tong Suan’s words could not be concealed no matter what.

And when his word left his mouth, the tens of thousands of people present were all taken aback with shock!

Sovereign Star Abyss’s eight great disciples all attended at the same time. What kind of face was this?!

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