Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 415

Chapter 415 Battle All The Heroes Under The Heavens For You

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As he spoke, a maidservant supporting a lithe and graceful figure came from the backstage.

Xiao Ruyan was dressed in full red phoenix coronet and ceremonial robes, looking like a heavenly maiden descending to the world.

But sadly, a red bridal veil was on her head, and there was no way of witnessing her true appearance.

But Ye Yuan could sense that behind that red bridal veil was definitely a face beautiful until it made people unable to extradite themselves.

Whoever who could take off this red veil today would absolutely be the luckiest man in the world!

“What the hell! We want to see the real person!”

“Yeah! If we don’t see Miss Ruyan’s face, how do we know if that’s the actual person? What will we do if you get a fake one to hoodwink us?”

“Quickly take off the head veil! Quickly take off the head veil!”

Seeing that Xiao Ruyan actually covered her face and came out, everyone immediately became indignant and exploded.

Xiao Changfeng said in a solemn voice,“Harrumph!Although the Xiao Family isn’t a first-rate family, we’re a respected family clan in the capital. There are so many people present here today. How could this Xiao crack such a joke? Gentleman, anyone who doesn’t wish to take part in this spouse finding martial competition can very well leave right now!”

Seeing Xiao Changfeng fly off his handle, the martial artists present all remain silent. Offending their future father-in-law was not some wise move.

Huang Wenqiu sneered when he saw the situation and said, “Just these trashes are also worthy of witnessing Miss Ruyan’s unrivaled looks? Truly toads lusting after a swan’s flesh!”

“Heh heh,aren’t you one of the toads? What qualifications do you have to mock them?” Xue Zaihe said with a cold laugh.

“Xue Zaihe, are you provoking me here?Humph!Flaunting eloquence! You’ll get it in a while!” Huang Wenqiu similarly said with a cold laugh.

“Haha,today, I’m definitely marrying Miss Ruyan! Whoever dares to stop me, I’ll step over his corpse!’ Xue Zaihe said nonchalantly with a smile, but the words he said made people’s hair stand on its ends.

The spouse finding competition had yet to start, but the smell of gunpowder already gradually becoming intense.

“Ruyan, you go and sit properly at one side,” Xiao Changfeng said to Xiao Ruyan.

Xiao Ruyan nodded slightly and went to one side to sit down.

Her position was very eye-catching. The entire plaza could see it.

And as luck would have it, the place Ye Yuan was sitting at was the closest to her among the guests. It was also unknown if it was coincidental or Xiao Changfeng’s deliberate arrangements.

Xiao Changfeng watched Xiao Ruyan sit down, but he took a very meaningful glance at Ye Yuan as if he had already internally decided that Ye Yuan was his son-in-law without officially announcing it.

Xiao Changfeng’s eyes made Ye Yuan involuntarily feel a chill. But how could Ye Yuan not know Xiao Changfeng’s plan?

It was just that . . . today’s outcome would probably disappoint him.

“The spouse finding martial competition today doesn’t have any special rules. One just has to win on the platform in the end, and that will do! But once you step onto the platform, you’ll be responsible for your life and death. On this point, you all already signed the life and death agreement when you registered! The Xiao Family won’t force any one onto the platform. All of you can still back out now. This Xiao gives a word of advice here: young martial artists whose strength hasn’t reached Sea Transformation Realm, they better not go onto the stage. Cultivation isn’t easy. Why should a man worry about having no wife? Don’t err today!” Xiao Changfeng said.

One had to say that this speech from Xiao Changfeng was still very useful. It was akin to a tub of cold water, splashing some people awake.

Life or death on the stage was one’s own responsibility. If one died, then they died. Nobody would pity you!

And this spouse finding competition had two final malefic stars waiting there!

Snatching wives from those two malefic stars, the final outcome completely did not need much thinking. Those two people would definitely deal a killing blow!

Hence, one had to properly deliberate on whether to get on stage or not.

But . . . Xiao Ruyan’s reputation in the capital was seriously too great!

Before this, there were already all sorts of editions of Xiao Ruyan’s portrait secretly leaking out. Although those drawings all differed from one another, they all had one distinguishing feature: she was overwhelmingly stunning!

Adding the Xiao Family’s position in the capital, the vast majority of these martial artists was still like being on stimulants.

Especially those martial artists below the age of thirty and had reached Sea Transformation Realm cultivation. How could they be willing to yield without giving it a shot?

“Now, the spouse finding martial competition official begins!” Xiao Changfeng shouted in a clear voice.

Right at this time, Xiao Ruyan suddenly heard a voice transmission coming from Ye Yuan. “Good Disciple, you’re the first disciple that master took in! Today, Master will battle all the heroes under the heavens for you! Treat it as a first-meeting gift for you, Disciple!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan left, gliding on air, and landed on the platform!

With her face covered, nobody could see Xiao Ruyan’s expression. But her body started quivering lightly.

“En?What’s happening? Who is that?”

“You don’t even recognize him? Did you forget that His Highness, the Seventh Prince, previously kneeled down before him to admit his fault a month ago?!”

“What?! He’s Ji Qing? What’s he doing here?”

“Are you a pig?! Him coming out like this, of course he’s taking part in the spouse finding martial competition!”

“Bullshit. Of course I know that he’s participating in the spouse finding martial competition. But, he’s only at the Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm. Isn’t this courting death?”

“Heh heh,I heard that this Ji Qing’s alchemy skills have already reached the realm of perfection, utterly destroying Tong Wenchang in the two Xiao and Tong family’s Grand Pill Assembly! But who knew that he even has such confidence in his Martial Path!”

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan’s sudden appearance caused a huge commotion!

Xiao Changfeng had yet to withdraw. When he saw this move from Ye Yuan, his complexion could not help turning livid.

This spouse finding martial competition today had no rules at all. One just had to defeat their opponent, and that would do!

And the youths present here today that satisfied the conditions. There were also 8 thousand, if not 10 thousand youths! Furthermore, those who dared to register, which one of them wasn’t an expert?

The first martial artist that came onto the stage was at the greatest disadvantage!

What he had to face was the non-stop battle against all the martial artists present!

One person against 10 thousand people?

You got to be kidding!

Xiao Changfeng wished that he could let loose a torrent of abuse:If you don’t want to marry my daughter, you don’t need to use such a method to reject either!

What the hell was this?

Forget that Ye Yuan was only at the Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm, even Shangguan Lingyun and Zhao Chenggan who were hailed as the number one among the capital’s younger generation probably did not dare to be the first on stage in such a situation, right?

So many martial artists, by dawdling, it would exhaust them to death!

The first one on stage clearly did not wish to marry Xiao Ruyan!

Daughter must be very furious right now, yeah?

Xiao Changfeng looked over in Xiao Ruyan direction. Indeed, he saw that his daughter’s body was trembling lightly, hatred seething in his heart!

Xiao Ruyan marrying Ji Qing was undoubtedly the best choice. But this fellow actually stood Ruyan up!

“Hahaha!Turns out that this boy is a moron! To actually be the first one to rush up to the stage! Who does he think he is? His Majesty, the Wind Emperor? Can it be that he wants to sweep away 10 thousand martial artists alone?”

Seeing this scene, Zhao Chenggan really could not hold back and started mocking loudly.

“Your Highness, since this punk is seeking death himself, then let’s not be courteous!Haha!Wait until he’s completely worn out, I’ll go up on your behalf to take care of him properly!” Huang Wenqiu said with a laugh.

Huang Wenqiu’s words incurred a wave of contempt. This flattery was also too lacking standards!

But Zhao Chenggan did not laugh anymore after he heard it; his eyes flickering instead. No one knew what he was thinking about.

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