Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 416

Chapter 416 Shocking All Present

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Disregarding Zhao Chenggan and the rest, even Shi Haoran and the other seniors were also at a loss on what to do after being caught by Ye Yuan’s sudden ambush.

“No way, right? What is Little Junior Brother trying to do here? Isn’t the first one on the stage too risky?” You Guang said with a frown.

“That’s right! Isn’t this messing around? Can it be that he wants to challenge 10 thousand martial artists with his own strength?” Tang Zhi also felt mindblown as he spoke.

But Shi Haoran sighed and said, “Little Junior Brother tends to exceed all expectations when doing things; his behavior is not what we can guess. Him doing so should have a deep meaning. We should just watch.”

For a moment, the sounds of ridicule linked together; all saying that Ye Yuan overrated his own strength.

Indeed, not long after, a Ninth Level Crystal Formation Realm martial artist jumped into the platform, cupping his fists as he said, “I’m Wang Jie. I specially came to challenge Young Master Ji!”

Ye Yuan smiled faintly and said, “Please!”

The other party was courteous. Ye Yuan naturally would not put on a scowl.

But he would not be courteous when making a move.

Wang Jie knew that since this Ji Qing dared to be the first one on the stage, he definitely had some skill. But by relying on him being two minor realms higher than Ye Yuan, he was not too worried either.

His hand suddenly had an spirit artifact longsword. He then cried out, “Shadowless Sword Art!”

Wang Jie’s figure charged abruptly, stabbing towards Ye Yuan with extreme speed!

This Shadowless Sword Art had lived up to its reputation.

It was just that . . . who he encountered was Ye Yuan!


The audience was just planning on watching an intense battle when a miserable cry suddenly sounded out. Wang Jie directly tumbled heavily onto the ground!

Wang Jie’s speed was seriously too fast. Initially, some martial artists with slightly weaker strength already could not catch Wang Jie’s form.

At this instant, it was like they saw Wang Jie fall down out of thin air; it was very bizarre.

“This . . . What happened?”

“I don’t know either! Ji Qing is clearly standing there motionlessly! Could it be that this Wang Jie was being funny and fell down himself?”

“Being funny? You’re the one being funny, right? Showing the lower limits of his intelligence in front of so many people? Not unless this Wang Jie’s brain is damaged!”

“But . . . Ji Qing clearly didn’t move! Could it be that his movements were too fast and we all didn’t see clearly?”

“No! He really didn’t move!” All of a sudden, a gray-robed youth suddenly spoke.

Those two people thought nothing of it either and asked curiously, “What’s going on?”

“It’s divine soul attack! This Ji Qing’s soul art is so powerful!” the youth said solemnly.

Marveling sighs suddenly sounded out all around!

It was actually an extremely rare divine soul attack. This kind of method to Fierce Gale World martial artists was seriously too abnormal!

The Fierce Gale World martial artists’ martial era was extremely flourishing. They all pursued the extremities of essence energy and concepts. Yet, very few people would use divine soul mystic arts to execute divine soul attacks.

This aspect was the shortcoming of virtually all the Fierce Gale World martial artists!

Right at this time, that Wang Jie slowly struggled to his feet on the platform and clasped his hands towards Ye Yuan, saying, “Many thanks to Brother Ji for showing mercy! Wang Jie is utterly convinced with my loss!”

Wang Jie speed was indeed very quick. Even if Ye Yuan used a divine soul attack, wanting to accurately hit him was not something easy too.

But during the process that Wang Jie was in motion, he suddenly felt a stabbing pain in his brain, and then he fell down. It could be seen how powerful Ye Yuan’s divine soul attack was!

Furthermore, Wang Jie deeply sensed that Ye Yuan’s blow just now completely did not use full strength. Otherwise, he might already be an idiot now!

If he did not know what was good for himself and made a move against Ye Yuan again, it would probably not be as simple as a sharp pain anymore.

Hence, he conceded very straightforwardly.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Your speed is pretty good. But what Sword Dao pursues isn’t the extremities of speed. You . . . took a wrong turn.”

Wang Jie’s entire body shuddered as if he understood something. He bowed towards Ye Yuan and said, “Thank you very much for Brother Ji’s guidance! This Wang will never forget it!”

Ye Yuan nodded slightly and accepted it coolly.

In Sword Dao, it was not over the top for Ye Yuan to say that he was the number one in the Lower Realms. His pointers, Wang Jie naturally received endless benefit.

Ye Yuan saw through the drawbacks of this Shadowless Sword Art that Wang Jie cultivated at a glance and pointed it out.

Training the sword, pursuing speed was correct. But speed was not the only thing.

The sword was the gentleman among weapons. It strived for agile and grace, power and magnificence.

Pursuing speed blindly would forfeit the fundamentals of the sword. Ultimately, one’s accomplishments would be limited.

One sentence from Ye Yuan let Wang Jie walked countless lesser detours. Receiving a bow from him was naturally nothing inappropriate.

In truth, Wang Jie only came out to travel the world after reaching a bottleneck state in his cultivation in concepts, seeking a chance to break through.

Encountering the Xiao Family’s spouse finding martial competition this time, he did not come here for Xiao Ruyan but wanted to find opportunities to compete with young experts.

He did not have any qualms, so he was the first enter the stage and was very polite to Ye Yuan.

It was just that he did not expect Ye Yuan to see through the problem with his sword art in one glance and pointing it out.

His gratitude towards Ye Yuan naturally could not be any greater!

“Humph!Unorthodox paths ultimately can’t ascend to the higher levels!” Zhao Chenggan said with a cold smile.

But Shangguan Lingyun had a rare laugh as he said, “My view differs from Brother Zhao. That attack from Ji Qing earlier was no trifling thing. It could be seen that his attainments in the divine soul are extremely profound. The divine soul cultivated to an exceedingly high realm can similarly compete with martial artists!”

“He also has to cultivate to an exceedingly high realm for it to work! He merely encountered a Crystal Formation Realm martial artist this time. When he meets Sea Transformation Realm martial artists, I’ll see how he executes his divine soul attacks!” Zhao Chenggan said in annoyance.

This time, Shangguan Lingyun did not refute. He knew that what Zhao Chenggan said was right.

While divine soul attacks were bizarre and powerful, once one guarded to some extent, it was very hard to succeed.

Moreover, for divine soul attacks to want to leap ranks to battle, the difficulty was even greater compared to martial artists!

While the divine soul for Sea Transformation Realms did not produce qualitative changes, it was still much stronger compared to Crystal Formation Realm martial artists.

Ye Yuan’s advantage could at most just reflect among Crystal Formation Realm martial artists.

This spouse finding martial competition ultimately needed to rely on genuine martial strength to determine victory.

If what this Ji Qing relied on was just divine soul attacks, he could not last for very long.

“Big Brother, if it were you, can you block his divine soul attack?” Shangguan Lingxue asked curiously.

“This . . . If I went up earlier, I might also suffer a huge loss. But now, the one who’s at a disadvantage should be him.” Shangguan Lingyun mused for a moment and replied.

Shangguan Lingxue said in astonishment, “His divine soul attack is actually so powerful?”

When Zhao Chenggan saw Shangguan Lingxue praise Ye Yuan, he was very displeased in his heart as he said, “What’s powerful about it? It’s just a cheap ambushing trick! This kind of methods are extremely few, so everybody was unprepared. Once they are on guard, it’s practically equivalent to being useless. I want to see how he plans on coping at the back!”

Shangguan Lingxue giggled as she said, “Last time, although Ji Qing was nearly killed by you, he was only at the Second Level Crystal Formation Realm at that time. It could be seen that he’s also extremely formidable in martial strength! Now that he’s already Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm, his combat strength most likely already approaches Sea Transformation Realm martial artists. It probably isn’t so easy for the average person to want to win him, right?”

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