Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 417

Chapter 417 Nobody Dares To Go Up

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Zhao Chenggan’s face became as black as the bottom of a pot. But he had no choice but to admit that what Shangguan Lingyun said was completely correct.

In comparison to himself, apart from Ye Yuan’s realm being far lacking, he was simply powerful until he had no weakness to exploit!

Zhao Chenggan could not quite dare to imagine if Ye Yuan and his realm were on par, what would the result of their battle be?

If he let Ye Yuan continue maturing like this, that day might arrive very soon!

Zhao Chenggan started to consider the idea and involuntarily looked towards Ye Yuan on the stage.

. . . . . .

“Who else?” Ye Yuan looked steadily ahead as he said nonchalantly.

Ye Yuan’s move against Wang Jie already suppressed many people. At the very least, Crystal Formation Realm martial artists would not dare to easily enter the stage.

Without even moving and instantly defeating Wang Jie this Ninth Level Crystal Formation Realm. Wasn’t going up there looking for a thrashing?

“I’ll go!”

Right at this time, a well-built burly man dashed onto the platform.

“Please!” Ye Yuan still did an inviting hand gesture.

“Heh heh,your divine soul attack might perhaps be of some use against Crystal Formation Realm martial artists. But under my countermeasure in advance, it’s already useless!” said the burly man with a cold laugh.

Ye Yuan smiled faintly, and he said, “Is that so?”

When the burly man saw Ye Yuan’s nonchalant look, he could not help becoming enraged!

“Courting death!” The burly man dashed in front of Ye Yuan with a sudden huge stride.

Despite his stature being extremely tall and strong; very cumbersome, this move was exceptionally vigorous!

His speed was much faster compared to Wang Jie.

An enormous fist smashed down towards Ye Yuan’s head!

However . . . only to hear abang.The burly man collapsed with a loud bang, crashing downward until the stage quaked.

Ye Yuan still did not move!

“This . . . This was a divine soul attack again? This burly man is a Sea Transformation Realm martial artist! Furthermore . . . he even said that he took precautions . . .”

“Too scary! This Ji Qing’s divine soul attack is too scary! Even a Sea Transformation Realm martial artist can’t force him to make a move?”

“Make a move? Make a move for what? This divine soul attack of this completely doesn’t need to make a move, alright?”

“What kind of divine soul attack did Ji Qing use? To actually be able to leap ranks and defeat a Sea Transformation Realm expert! This is too inconceivable!”

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan did not use some profound divine soul mystic art. It was still the God Stunning Spike.

Using divine soul attacks to cross ranks and battle might perhaps be beset with difficulties for others, but to him, it was as simple as drinking water.

Ye Yuan’s present divine soul realm already reached the Alchemy Grandmaster Perfection Realm!

Same as Alchemy Master, his present perfection was completely different from his previous life’s perfection.

In truth, his current divine soul was already not much weaker than Sea Transformation Realm.

Using divine soul mystic arts to deal with Sea Transformation Realm martial artists was not some impressive matter.

With Ye Yuan’s attainments in the divine soul, under the circumstances where the divine soul realm was roughly the same, even if the other party took precautions, so what?

The Xiao Family’s judge still stood there looking left and right, uncertain if this burly man would stand up again.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Stop looking. He’s not getting up. Drag him away.”

“Ah? Oh, oh.Come men, drag this person down!” said the judge absentmindedly.

Seeing that burly man fall to the ground, Zhao Chenggan and Shangguan Lingyun all revealed astonished looks.

Especially Zhao Chenggan who already did not know what to say.

He had just said that Ye Yuan could not do anything to Sea Transformation Realms. The result was that the well-built burly man collapsed with a crash.

Shangguan Lingyun smiled wryly when he saw the situation and said, “Looks like we still underestimated Brother Ji. His divine soul attack already has the capital to clash head-on with Sea Transformation Realm martial artists!”

The Sea Transformation Realm that Shangguan Lingyun was talking about was naturally not that sort of rookie like the burly man.

Although martial artists did not cultivate the divine soul, they should have methods to protect the divine soul.

This burly man said verbally that he took precautions, but in truth, his precautions completely could not withstand a single blow. If it were Shangguan Lingyun, his defense would absolutely not be that easy to break through.

Rather, Shangguan Lingxue suddenly became mischievous and said to Zhao Chenggan with a smile, “Your Highness, the Seventh Prince, why don’t you make a guess whether or not the next Sea Transformation Realm that enters the stage will be defeated by Ji Qing in a single blow?”

Zhao Chenggan gave a cold snort and said, “I don’t believe that he can keep winning all the way by relying on this one move!”

. . . . . .

Cleaning things ups, Ye Yuan said indifferently again, “Is there anyone else coming up?”

One had to acknowledge that this spouse finding martial competition gathered many young geniuses. There were a great number of Sea Transformation Realm martial artists present. That burly man was only one of the weakest.

To be able to advance to Sea Transformation Realm before 30, this was already an extremely proud achievement.

Therefore, these martial artists were all very confident in themselves. Even if that burly man collapsed instantaneously, they did not believe that Ye Yuan could take them down either!

But the result was that the next few Sea Transformation Realms that went up were all brought down by Ye Yuan in one move without a single exception!

From beginning to end, Ye Yuan did not move a single finger!

And the strongest among these martial artists were already Third Level Sea Transformation Realm!

After they collapsed, nobody dared to go up the stage again.

For some time, the audience below the stage all exchanged glances with each other. There was actually nobody who dared to go up the stage!

Even a Third Level Sea Transformation Realm could not survive one move under Ye Yuan’s hands. How to fight?

“This Ji Qing is simply too monstrous; he is eating his fill with one specialty! A method like this, if there isn’t a powerful divine soul mystic art to protect the divine soul, who dares to go and fight with him?”

“That’s right. This is freaking bullying people! I feel that in front of Ji Qing, these past 30 years of cultivation were all wasted on a dog’s body! Other people don’t even need a second to make you fall!”

“So, alchemists can be powerful to this sort of extent. Truly widened my knowledge! I really want to see now, whether Huang Wenqiu and Xue Zaihe can force Ye Yuan to make a move or not!”

“Only now do I know where Ye Yuan’s confidence came from! Everybody was mocking him at the beginning. Now, it looks like we were the fools! With strength like his, so what if he is the first one on stage?”

Below the stage was widespread comments. Clearly, many people already directly gave up on going up the stage.

At least for the Early Stage Sea Transformation Realm martial artists, nobody dared to go up anymore.

Xiao Changfeng only knew that his understanding of Ye Yuan was still too little when he saw this scene!

This young man was truly unfathomable, making people pleasantly surprised unceasingly.

“Young Master Ji already defeated seven people consecutively. Is there anyone else going up the stage to challenge? If there isn’t, I’m going to announce the results!” shouted the judge in a clear voice.

The audience below the stage all looked at each other. Nobody dared to go up the stage.

“Since that’s the case, I announce . . .”

Huang Wenqiu could not sit still anymore. Although this Ji Qing was very strange, he could not possibly withdraw without fighting.

Moreover, he was different from those rookies. He was confident that he could block Ye Yuan’s divine soul attack.

Huang Wenqiu was just about to stand up when he heard a loud cry.

“Wait a minute!”

A gray figure floated up the stage, interrupting the judge’s words.

‘This one is Xu Qing. I wish to experience Young Master Ji’s divine soul attack!” said the gray shirt youth while clasping his hands together to Ye Yuan.

This Xu Qing was precisely the first one previously to perceive that Ye Yuan was attacking with divine soul attacks!

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