Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 418

Chapter 418 Worn Out

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“Who is this young man? His age doesn’t seem to be old either. Pretty gutsy!”

“That’s right. He’s still only First Level Sea Transformation Realm. To actually dare go up and challenge Ji Qing, isn’t it overestimating his own strength a little?”

“I think not! This young man’s eyes are radiating light, and he’s full of fighting intent. He doesn’t look like a foolish person. Perhaps he really has some reliance to count on!”

Xu Qing entering the stage drew considerable attention. The people who went up the stage at the back were all stronger and stronger, such so that it reached the degree of Third Level Sea Transformation Realm.

But Xu Qing was only at the First Level Sea Transformation Realm. If he did not have some reliance, then he was only a fool.

Ye Yuan sized up Xu Qing and suddenly smiled and said, “Turns out that it’s a soul martial artist. No wonder you’re so confident.”

Xu Qing’s expression became stern when he heard that and said, “Brother Ji’s discerning eyes are like a torch. Truly incredible! That’s right, I’m indeed a soul martial artist.”

“What? He’s actually a soul martial artist? No wonder he dares to challenge Ji Qing!”

“There are exceedingly few soul martial artists in our Fierce Gale World. Only Sovereign Xishan alone reached the highest level in this area! It’s just that his elderly self has already vanished for several decades.”

“Ever since Sovereign Xishan, the name of soul martial artist has never been heard of again. To think that another one would appear today! It’s just that who knows how this young man’s strength is. And how it compares to Ji Qing.”

“But speaking of which, Ji Qing can also be considered a soul martial artist already. Except that his alchemist identity made everybody overlook this matter.”

The so-called soul martial artist was actually martial artists who primarily cultivated the divine soul.

What soul martial artists were skilled in was not martial techniques but divine soul mystic arts. Their means were highly bizarre and powerful.

Most martial artists cultivated the essence energy system. The execution of martial techniques was also mostly with essence energy as a basis, while soul martial artists’ attack methods relied completely on the divine soul.

This kind of divine soul attacks was powerful and hard to defend. Furthermore, it was incredibly dangerous.

Martial artists getting injured was a very normal thing. As long as they did not injure their divine soul, most could heal.

However, soul martial artists’ attack measures directly affected the divine soul. Once they injured the other party, it would tend to be hard to heal. On the basis that the divine soul was injured, even if they did not die, it would have a tremendous impact on the martial artist’s future cultivation too.

This was the terrifying aspect of soul martial artist!

Hence, when Xu Qing admitted that he was a soul martial artist, it stirred quite a commotion.

Sea Transformation Realm soul martial artists were already very powerful!

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “You facing off against my Alchemy Grandmaster Realm soul force with Alchemy King Realm soul force, isn’t this somewhat bullying people?”

Xu Qing’s expression froze, and he forced a laugh, saying, “Don’t joke around, Brother Ji. Just based on the means that you displayed earlier, I don’t have much confidence in winning you. How is this bullying people?”

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “Fine. I’ll witness the methods of a soul martial artist today! Come on!”

“Here I come!”

Once Xu Qing’s voice faded, Ye Yuan felt like flying needles that covered the skies pricked towards his divine soul!

“Manifestation of soul force! Fine technique!” Ye Yuan had a rare bout of amazement.

This soul force manifestation was totally different from essence energy martial techniques.

The so-called manifestation was just materializing the attack. The naked eye completely could not see it. It could only be sensed through the divine soul.

One could say that this was the faceoff between a divine soul and a divine soul!

An invisible match!

This showdown was incredibly perilous. But the outside world could not see any storm clouds surging.

Yet, when those flying needles jabbed deeply into Ye Yuan’s divine soul like this, Ye Yuan actually did not perform the slightest bit of defense!

Ye Yuan shut his eyes, his face revealing an anguished look, looking very unwell.

Xu Qing had already made the preparation of an arduous battle. But he did not think that it would actually be such an outcome.

“You were too careless! The Soul Force Flying Needles’ damage to the divine soul is permanent. Even Middle-Stage Sea Transformation Realm martial artists would also be severely wounded after receiving this attack head-on. You actually did not defend at all! Truly courting death!’ Xu Qing shook his head and was just about to walk down the platform.

Being struck full-on by this attack of his, Ye Yuan would also be the outcome of heavily injured if not death.

He only went up the stage to experience Ye Yuan’s means, and not for Xiao Ruyan.

But Ye Yuan crumbling in one hit disappointed him greatly. Recalling how Ye Yuan swept across Sea Transformation Realm martial artists previously, what he relied on was really one specialty.

“Leaving like this? You don’t think that you can win like this, right?” Xu Qing was just about to step down from the stage when Ye Yuan’s voice sounded over leisurely.

Xu Qing’s entire body trembled. Turning around to look at Ye Yuan with incredulity, he exclaimed in shock, “You . . . You’re completely fine? How is this possible?”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Trying to defeat me with Soul Force Flying Needles this sort of trifling means, isn’t your distinguished self looking down on me too much? Whatever methods you have, just execute them! Otherwise, once I make a move, you won’t have the opportunity anymore.”

Xu Qing was dazed for a very long time. He seriously could not imagine just what kind of method Ye Yuan used to resolve his Soul Force Flying Needles!

Ye Yuan’s soul force completely did not have the slightest bit of undulation. Which was also to say that Ye Yuan forcefully received his divine soul attack.

But . . . completely unscathed?

Was this a joke?

“How is this possible? I don’t believe it! Blade Light, Sword Shadows!”

Xu Qing gritted his teeth and cast a divine soul attack at Ye Yuan once again!

Yet, it was like a stone sinking into the ocean again. Ye Yuan did not have the appearance of being attacked at all and still stood there looking at him unperturbedly.

Xu Qing refused to believe in heresy and virtually displayed all of his techniques. Divine soul mystic arts followed one after the other.

Yet, despite him exhausting all the skills in his arsenal, it still did not cause a hint of damage to Ye Yuan’s divine soul!

With a crash, Xu Qing tumbled to the ground.

Xu Qing laid on the ground, his expression wan and sallow. It was clearly the indication of soul force being drained.

This Xu Qing already wore himself out!

The astoundment in everyone’s hearts could not be any greater! What was this?

Wasn’t it said that the divine soul attacks of soul martial artists were incomparably powerful? Why did this Ye Yuan seem to be immune to divine soul attacks?

“What kind of freak is this Ji Qing?! That soul martial artist used all the skills he learned in his life and actually did not cause any injuries to him at all? This is playing me, right?”

“Yeah! Back then, Sovereign Xishan was the hardest sovereign level powerhouse to deal with in the capital. The other sovereign level powerhouses were all unwilling to provoke him. It could be seen just how terrifying soul martial artists’ strength is. But this Ji Qing actually did not even move, and his opponent exhausted himself to the extent he collapsed!’

“Did you all notice that many of the divine soul mystic arts yelled out by Xu Qing were identical with Sovereign Xishan’s divine soul mystic arts back then? Could it be . . .”

“No way, right?”

Looking at the laying on the ground and already completely drained Xu Qing, Ye Yuan casually threw out a medicinal pill and said, “Take it. It can help you to recover your soul force.”

Xu Qing received the medicinal pill, hesitated for a moment, but then he still swallowed it.

Soon, it was as if a timely rain irrigated his divine soul. Xu Qing’s divine soul was in the midst of rapid recovery!

At this time, Xiao Changfeng suddenly got up and floated down to the platform. He clasped his hands towards Xu Qing and asked, “Could your distinguished self be Senior Xishan’s disciple?”

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