Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 422

Chapter 422 Gorgeous Blossom

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Ye Yuan swept a cold glance across these Sea Transformation Realm martial artists and said coolly, “You all don’t blame me. If you want someone to blame . . . then blame Huang Wenqiu. Bon voyage.”

That apathetic attitude of Ye Yuan’s thoroughly infuriated these people.

They were all talented individuals among those of the same generation. Although they attached themselves to the Huang Family, they had their own pride.

But now, they were looked down by a Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm.

“You’re too unbridled, boy! Do you really think that you’re invincible?”

“You’re facing so many of us alone. Do you really take us to be made of paper?”

“Hehe,so rampant now. In a while, there will be the time for you to cry!”

These people were currently cursing when all of a sudden, their faces changed!

The surrounding heaven and earth essence energy underwent some minute changes. Countless pink flower petals were currently forming together in midair!

“Not good! This boy can actually mobilize heaven and earth essence energy! Quickly attack!”

These people were not rookies and discovered what was wrong very soon. Each of them unleashed their own ultimate moves.

Except, how could Ye Yuan give them the opportunity?

Breaking through to Late-Stage Crystal Formation Realm, Ye Yuan was already not far away from Sea Transformation Realm. His affinity towards heaven and earth essence energy already had a qualitative increase.

Him unleashing Thousand Flowing Petals again at this time, the power could no longer be mentioned in the same breath as before.

It was only to see the pink flower petals which covered the skies surround the entire platform. The martial artists below could not even see clearly what was happening on the stage!

“This . . . What move is this? Too terrifying!”

“Oh my God. He’s only at the Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm. His control over heaven and earth essence energy actually already reached such an outrageous degree! This move, even Late-Stage Sea Transformation Realms probably can’t execute it either, right?”

Yet, a group of female martial artists was dazzled by this scenery.

“Whoa!So gorgeous! Young Master Ji must be a very romantic person. To actually be able to execute such a resplendently beautiful move.”

When Shangguan Lingxue saw this scene, her eyes likewise roamed around. “I’m really somewhat envious of Younger Sister Ruyan now. To actually have such a phenomenal man battle all the heroes in the world for her. If there’s a man who does this for me, I’d even die happy! Getting such a husband, what else is there to seek?”

When Zhao Chenggan heard these words, his face instantly turned green.

Shangguan Lingxue was a very proud girl. He courted Shangguan Lingxue for several years and did not get such a praise from her either.

Those words earlier, Shangguan Lingxue had clearly moved on already!

However, Ji Qing that punk was still fighting for Xiao Ruyan!

Zhao Chenggan’s heart suddenly became abnormally irritable; with an impulse to go down and kill Ye Yuan.

“Thousand Flowing Petals! Slaughter!”

Four words were lightly uttered out of Ye Yuan’s mouth. The flying petals which covered the skies were initially drifting about peacefully. But at this time, it became wild, charging towards the dozen over martial artists without care.



. . . . . .

For some time, miserable cries lingered incessantly, making people’s scalp tingled.

They could not see clearly what was happening inside the sea of flower petals. But just hearing those miserable cries, they also knew that behind these dazzling flower petals, something not beautiful was currently happening.

After a dozen over breaths, the flower petals dissipated, and only a lonely silhouette was left on the platform. Who could it be but Ye Yuan?

Those dozen over martial artists, including those few Fifth Level Sea Transformation Realm martial artists were already sprawled at random on the platform.

“This . . . What kind of joke is this? A dozen over Middle-Stage Sea Transformation Realm experts were actually annihilated instantly in one move like this?”

“I can’t stand it anymore! This Ji Qing is simply like a bottomless hole. You simply don’t know where his limits lie! Ninth Level Crystal Formation Realm, he instantly defeats in one move. First Level Sea Transformation Realm, he instantly defeats in one move. Third Level Sea Transformation Realm is still insta-kill with one move! Now, a bunch of Fourth and Fifth Level Sea Transformation Realm, he actually used just one move to insta-kill!”

“But this move is really powerful until it makes people feel suffocated! Truly can’t imagine how a Crystal Formation Realm like him can actually muster up so much heaven and earth essence energy!”

Exclamations sounded out all around. The shock that this scene brought everyone was too intense.

Seeing this scene, Huang Wenqiu’s face became ghastly pale.

These martial artists were all the elites of the Huang Family’s young generation. They actually died tragically in Ye Yuan’s hands just like this!

When he returned, how should he give an account to Father?

This time, he really played big!

Originally, he thought that with a dozen over people ganging up on Ye Yuan, they would not lose too badly no matter what. He did not think that Ye Yuan instantly killed everyone with one move!

This Ye Yuan was truly too monstrous!

Huang Wenqiu looked at Ye Yuan; his eyes spewing fire.

But at this time, Ye Yuan looked over. With a grin, he said, “Don’t waste time anymore. The two of you can come up together!”

Both Huang Wenqiu and Xue Zaihe’s expressions changed, but they involuntarily exchanged glances with each other.

“You’re sure that you want to challenge the two of us?” Huang Wenqiu said with a cold smile.

“So much crap. Did I not say clearly enough?” Ye Yuan said coolly.

“Heh heh,Huang Wenqiu, looks like the two of us are being looked down by people! Why don’t . . . we go up to right our names ourselves?” Xue Zaihe said with a light laugh.

Huang Wenqiu nodded with a solemn look and said, “While I’m not quite willing to join hands with a fellow like you, but since he’s seeking death himself, we have to team up no matter what. If I don’t kill this punk today, it will be hard to sate the hatred in my heart!”

“Haha, even being rampant has to have a limit, isn’t it so? Although we’re both Fifth Level Sea Transformation Realm too, he doesn’t think that he can beat us for certain using just that one move, right?” Xue Zaihe’s smile gradually became cold.

Among the junior generation in the entire capital, he only dreaded Shangguan Lingyun and Zhao Chenggan.

Today, he was actually disparaged by a Crystal Formation Realm boy. It truly displeased him greatly.

“Fine! Then the two of us sworn enemies will cooperate well today! Ruyan’s matter, after settling this punk, we’ll fight a match properly again!” Huang Wenqiu said.

Poking such a big hole, Huang Wenqiu must kill Ye Yuan today and marry Xiao Ruyan over. Or else, when he returned today, he would have no way of giving an account to his family.

“Young Master Ji actually wants to challenge Huang Wenqiu and Xue Zaihe joining hands. This act . . . is rather rash!’

“I couldn’t agree more! These two people are known as the capital’s junior generation’s number two experts. It’s not an unearned reputation. Those people previously even if their realms were on par with theirs, their strength was also at a different league.”

“Although that move from Young Master Ji earlier was powerful, it’s only powerful in area-of-effect attacks. With Huang Wenqiu and Xue Zaihe’s strength, wanting to crack it shouldn’t be tough. Young Master Ji fighting two alone, the difficulty is somewhat high!”

Both Huang Wenqiu’s and Xue Zaihe’s strengths were already deeply entrenched in the hearts of the people. These martial artists all knew the terror of their strength.

As for the number one Shangguan Lingyun and Zhao Chenggan, they dared to imagine even less.

However, Ye Yuan was only at the Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm after all. Facing these two great experts, it was seriously at too much of a disadvantage.

The two people stood up and jumped onto the platform. Huang Wenqiu grinned hideously and said, “Ji Qing! This is you courting death yourself! I’m not to blame! Killing you on the stage, I believe that Sovereign Star Abyss has no reason to put the blame on me too!”

Ye Yuan said indifferently, “As long as you have the capabilities, there will naturally not be anybody who comes to find trouble with you.”

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