Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 424

Chapter 424 Too Naive

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Two great experts fighting two on one and were actually unable to takedown Ye Yuan. They both felt a loss of prestige.

These first-rate family’s top disciples naturally all had their own powerful trump cards.

It was just that there were a scant few people who could force out their trump cards.

Huang Wenqiu and Xue Zaihe’s trump cards were saved for each other. But now, they had no choice but to use them at the same time to deal with Ye Yuan.

Because from them observing the matches until now, ordinary measures completely could not do anything to Ye Yuan!

Although Ye Yuan was only at the Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm, his true combat power was already on the same level as the two of them!

No, even so far as to say that it surpassed theirs!

Because the two of them combining strength earlier only just barely fought to a draw with Ye Yuan too

A heaven-defying genius like this, how could they possibly defeat without going all out?

Huang Wenqiu used a saber. He raised long saber in his hand and said solemnly, “To be able to die under my Wind Rebelling Three Blades, it’s also considered your fortune!”

But what Xue Zaihe relied on was a pair of naked palms. It was only to see him put his palms together. His aura increased explosively!

His realm was actually rising continuously!

Very soon, Xue Zaihe broke through to the Sixth Level Sea Transformation Realm. But it did not end. His aura was still rising unceasingly!

Before long, Xue Zaihe broke through to the Seventh Level Sea Transformation Realm in one stroke!

Everyone’s faces changed!

“Origin Spirit Nine Transformations! Xue Zaihe actually learned the Origin Spirit Nine Transformations!” Shi Haoran’s complexion turned pale from fear.

“Origin Spirit Nine Transformations is a martial technique that uses the essence fire within the martial artist’s body as the foundation to stimulate the martial artist’s potential to let the martial artist temporarily break through realms! It’s the Xue Family’s ultimate martial technique. To think that Xue Zaihe actually already successfully planted an essence fire inside his body and even successfully cultivated this martial technique. Truly surprising!” Shangguan Lingyun gasped with admiration.

“Looking at Xue Zaihe breaking through to the Seventh Level Sea Transformation Realm, the essense fire in his body should be a Quasi-Tier 4 origin fire. Pretty decent already!Hehe,I really want to see how Ji Qing plans on dealing with these two people’s ultimate martial techniques,” Shangguan Lingxue said with a giggle.

The effects of this Origin Spirit Nine Transformations was actually similar to the Five Elements Spirit Link Pill that Ye Yuan took in the past. It could raise the martial artist’s realm briefly!

At this time, Xiao Ruyan finally could not sit still anymore.

She could not resist uncovering her head veil slightly and taking the scene on the stage all in.

When she saw Xue Zaihe breaking through to the Seventh Level Sea Transformation Realm, she could not help worrying for Ye Yuan.

“Ji Qing, nothing must happen to you! Or else, I won’t be able to forgive myself for life either!” Xiao Ruyan said with tears in her eyes.

“Heh heh,to think that you really held a move in reserve! If you suddenly used this move when fighting me, I would really not know how to deal with it!” Huang Wenqiu said with a snicker.

He and Xue Zaihe had always been well-matched. Their strength was almost on par.

Once Xue Zaihe directly broke through to the Seventh Level Sea Transformation Realm and reached late-stage Sea Transformation Realm, even if Huang Wenqiu were more powerful, he would also not be his match!

Xue Zaihe grinned and said, “So what even if you know? I don’t believe that you can leap across two minor realms to defeat me!”

There was already an exceedingly huge disparity between the Sixth Level Sea Transformation Realm and Seventh Level Sea Transformation Realm, let alone Huang Wenqiu was only at the Fifth Level Sea Transformation Realm.

Hence, Xue Zaihe was brimming with confidence!

But Huang Wenqiu was very composed as he said,“Hur hur,I’m afraid that I’ll have to disappoint you! Even you had such a huge improvement, how can I dare to ease up?”

Finished talking, Huang Wenqiu’s aura suddenly skyrocketed!

But what he skyrocketed was not his realm; it was the sort of pressure pressing forward with indomitable will aura!

Xue Zaihe’s expression changed. “Wind Rebelling Frenzied Blade! You actually mastered the third move, Wind Rebelling Frenzied Blade!”

Huang Wenqiu grinned and said, “I wonder how the outcome will be if I use this to deal with you?”

At this time, although Huang Wenqiu’s realm was still at the Fifth Level Sea Transformation Realm, in terms of aura, he surpassed even Xue Zaihe’s!

“Wind Rebelling Frenzied Blade!Hahaha!This boy still has some capabilities! To actually mastered the Wind Rebelling Frenzied Blade! This time, I want to see how Ji Qing deals with the Wind Rebelling Frenzied Blade plus Origin Spirit Nine Transformations!” Zhao Chenggan burst into laughter.

Below the stage were also exclamations of shock!

The reason why the two Huang and Xue families were called first-rate families was because apart from their family’s foundation, these two martial techniques claimed enormous credit!

“These two people are indeed worthy of being experts tied at number two. Such talent, how many people among the younger generation could measure up?”

“Late-stage Sea Transformation Realm versus Late-stage Crystal Formation Realm. This difference is a bit too large. Let alone there’s still a Huang Wenqiu who mastered the third move of the Wind Rebelling Three Blades!”

“Reaching the realm of Wind Rebelling Frenzied Blade. This martial technique is already considered attaining a higher level of mastery! The power of the Wind Rebelling Frenzied Blade is enough to let Huang Wenqiu rival the Xue Zaihe after raising his realm! This . . . How should Young Master Ji respond?”

Wind Rebelling Three Blades. This martial technique only had a total of three stances. However, with the mastery of each move, the power would show exponential increase!

The reason why Huang Wenqiu could be hailed as the number two expert was by relying on him mastering the second move and far in the lead among those of the same generation.

And now, he actually even mastered the third move. This indicated that he already cast those in the Huang Family’s same generation far behind!

Of course, each move of the Wind Rebelling Three Blades had three levels. Huang Wenqiu had not even reached Large Success in the first level.

Even so, he was already sufficiently powerful!

Everyone all knew that these two had very formidable cards up their sleeves, but did not think that these two trump cards were actually so powerful!

“Ji Qing, to be able to force us to unleash our trump cards, you can already be sufficiently proud. But after today, the capital won’t have Ji Qing this person existing anymore!” Huang Wenqiu said with a cold laugh.

Ye Yuan watched the two of them perform as a bystander the entire time. But, he himself did not make the slightest movement.

Hearing Huang Wenqiu’s cold laughter, Ye Yuan suddenly smiled. “Looks like the two of you still have some capabilities to be hailed together as the number two experts in the capital.”

“Haha,pretending to be calm? However . . . it’s futile!” Xue Zaihe said with a light laugh.

The two of them used their trump cards. Their confidence naturally shot through the roof!

Now, even if they were asked to go and challenge Zhao Chenggan, they would also not be the slightest bit fearful!

But Ye Yuan said with a smile, “No need to pretend. If you guys think that you can win me like this, I can only say . . . too nave!”

As he spoke, Ye Yuan gently released the Canghua Sword in his hand. Canghua Sword plunged into the clouds and vanished from sight!

“In the past, my realm was insufficient and my essence energy was lacking, so I was incapable of unleashing the Thousand Flowing Petals’ greatest power. But now, my essence energy can already support the full-powered execution of this move. Thus . . . you guys enjoy it to your heart’s content!”

It was like Ye Yuan’s voice came from the netherworld, striking Huang Wenqiu and Xue Zaihe’s hearts word for word.

Such a large display earlier, killing over a dozen Middle-Stage Sea Transformation Realm experts in one move, was actually not going all-out yet?

Then . . . how horrifying would the full-powered release of this move be?

Very soon, they came to know how harrowing it was. Because flower petals which filled the entire sky already wafted up . . .

This time, it was not just the entire platform!

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