Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 427

Chapter 427 How Unfortunate I Know It Too

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Zhao Chenggan’s breakthrough did not last for too long. Very soon, the essence energy tempest dissipated. But Zhao Chenggan’s aura soared tremendously, stopping firmly at the Seventh Level Sea Transformation Realm!

He looked at Ye Yuan with a cold smile and said, “Now, do you feel regret for your foolishness? But it’s already too late. Provoking this prince is your greatest sorrow in this lifetime!”

Crossing ranks to battle were as simple as eating and drinking to Zhao Chenggan. Ordinary late-stage Sea Transformation Realm martial artists completely did not have the strength to retaliate in front of him.

Even peak Sea Transformation Realm martial artists, Zhao Chenggan could easily kill too.

And today, this was his first time being crossed ranks to battle by somebody.

Moreover, it was not one or two minor realms, but a full major realm!

This was an immense humiliation to Zhao Chenggan.

But Zhao Chenggan had to admit that Ye Yuan being able to beat Huang Wenqiu and Xue Zaihe’s team up showed that Ye Yuan absolutely had the qualifications to make him genuinely attach importance to him!

Hence, he chose to break through without any hesitation!

The Ye Yuan after breaking through five realms in succession was no longer the rookie that he could freely bully and humiliate on that day!

Shangguan Lingyun was able to guess that Ye Yuan had a card up his sleeves; Zhao Chenggan could naturally guess that too.

Ye Yuan still dared to issue a challenge to him under such a condition; it was impossiblefor him to be without preparations at all.

Except that he was the same as Shangguan Lingyun, being unaware of what Ye Yuan’s card was.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said with a sigh, “Really don’t know where your confidence comes from. Is breaking through to the Seventh Level Sea Transformation Realm very impressive?”

“Haha.The Seventh Level Sea Transformation Realm is naturally nothing impressive. But to deal with you, it’s sufficient!” Zhao Chenggan said with a laugh.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Looks like you’re full of confidence. I really can’t bear to smash your confidence. But it’s such a shame; this sort of thing like breaking through realms, I’ve always been more adept. One realm is too little!”

Zhao Chenggan’s face changed, and he asked, “What do you mean? You just broke through five realms. Could it be that you can still continue breaking through now? Stop joking!”

Cultivating essence energy was a process that requires accumulation, especially after Crystal Formation Realm. For each breakthrough in a minor realm, the required essence energy was exceedingly horrifying.

Ye Yuan entered seclusion for a month, consumed so many Jade Spirit Pills, and only broke through five realms.

Making a last-ditch attempt at this juncture wanting to break through, that was virtually something impossible.

The reason why Zhao Chenggan could break through was because he had already arrived at the bottleneck of the Seventh Level Sea Transformation Realm before and did not go and break through all along. It was why the breakthrough went so smoothly.

But Ye Yuan’s present condition? He just had a breakthrough all the way to the Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm. Breaking through again was easier said than done.

Ye Yuan said indifferently, “I’m not in the mood for joking. Didn’t that Xue Zaihe use an Origin Spirit Nine Transformations just now? How unfortunate; I know it too.”

Zhao Chenggan was stunned and had yet to react to what was going on, when Ye Yuan’s aura erupted abruptly, unwittingly making people feel asphyxiated.

Then, Ye Yuan’s aura rose rapidly under everyone’s perception, directly breaking through the bottleneck for the Eighth Level Crystal Formation Realm!

Shangguan Lingyun stood up abruptly and looked at Ye Yuan in disbelief, muttering to himself, “How is this possible?”

“This . . . Isn’t this Origin Spirits Nine Transformation? Why does Ji Qing know this move too? This is the Xue Family’s highly-guarded secret! He . . . Where did he learn it from?”

“Why do I feel like Ye Yuan’s attainments in this move are even above Xue Zaihe? Look! He has already broken through passed the Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm! This speed . . .”

“Today’s surprises are really round after round, making it too much for the eyes to take in! This time, there’s another good show to watch!”

Although Ye Yuan’s realm could not compare to Xue Zaihe, the upheaval from the breakthrough right now was only more and not less than his.

Ye Yuan’s Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame was a top tier among Tier 4 essence fires. Letting Ye Yuan use Origin Spirit Nine Transformation was overly putting fine timber to petty use.

Soon enough, Ye Yuan’s realm broke through to peak Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm!

However, this was not over yet. Ye Yuan’s aura was still rising!

Half-Step Sea Transformation!

Ye Yuan’s realm finally stopped at the level of half-step Sea Transformation!

Sadly, Ye Yuan did not have an essence energy sea within his body. Otherwise, his realm could still rise more.

Half-step Sea Transformation was already the limits of his advancement.

At this moment, how did Ye Yuan still had the appearance of essence energy being exhausted at all? Only to see him full of vigor and energy. He actually recovered to his peak condition again!

“Hiss . . .”

Everybody sucked in a cold breath!

“Origin Spirit Nine Transformations is clearly the Xue Family’s ultimate trump card. But why do I feel that at this moment, the one Ye Yuan executed is the orthodox one! Could it be a misconception?” Shangguan Lingxue said with a frown.

“Not a misconception! Ji Qing’s Origin Spirit Nine Transformation is indeed much stronger than Xue Zaihe’s! If not that his dantian is already unable to contain even more essence energy, he might really be able to rise a few more realms!” Shangguan Lingyun’s face had a never before solemnness.

He previously even casually made the remark to go down and defeat Ye Yuan, then he would deliberately concede.

Looking at it now, he was still too nave!

Half-step Sea Transformation Ye Yuan and the current him, who was weak and who was strong was really hard to say.

Zhao Chenggan’s expression was ugly to the max. He rose one realm, and Ye Yuan rose three realms. So freaking exasperating.

However, Zhao Chenggan did not think that Ye Yuan could beat him like this. After all, he was still a major realm higher than him!

Between half-step Sea Transformation and Sea Transformation Realm lied a heaven and earth difference.

“Humph!Only a temporary increase in realm. I want to see how long you can last! Eat a spear from me first!”

A black-colored long spear in Zhao Chenggan’s hands was extremely fierce. It was actually a 128 restrictions spirit artifact!

In the past, when Ye Yuan fought with his opponents, he always held the advantage in weapons. But today, this was his first time losing out in weapons.

However, this was not strange either. Zhao Chenggan was the son of the Wind Emperor. Forget about spirit artifacts, even profound artifacts would not be lacking.

It was just that Zhao Chenggan’s present strength was still unable to unleash the might of profound artifacts. That was why he would use a spirit artifact rank weapon.

Zhao Chenggan’s long spear danced. The tip of the spear actually swung out a crescent of light!

The next instant, Zhao Chenggan’s figure vanished from sight without the slightest sign!


When it appeared again, a spear already passed through Ye Yuan’s chest.

Ye Yuan stood on the spot and actually did not react at all.

“This . . . It’s over like this? Isn’t it too quick?”

“Yeah. Ji Qing is so strong. Can’t be that he can’t even block one attack, right?”

“No, wait . . . That was just an afterimage!”

“What? Afterimage . . . why would it exist for such a long time?”

“Too fast . . . Because it was too fast, so in our eyes, he simply did not move at all!”

“But . . . the platform is only this big; where did he go?”

Zhao Chenggan’s brow furrowed, and he turned around suddenly, swinging the long spear around!

Only to hear a clank. The long spear directly smashed the ambushing sword light into dust.

Ye Yuan’s figure finally appeared before everyone’s sight again.

In an instant, everyone felt a very oppressive atmosphere undulating out.

Although it was only a probing exchange, the two people’s might already made everyone have a clear understanding!

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