Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 436

Chapter 436 Wind Emperor Appears

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A faint divine soul aura rippled out. Everyone only felt the pressure on their bodies ease up. That sort of stifling feeling previously instantly vanished with a trace.

“Master!” Shi Haoran and the others called out in one voice.

A figure stood in the air, facing Ding Liang across a distance. Who could it be but Star Abyss?

“L-Lord Star Abyss!”

Seeing Star Abyss, Ding Liang also involuntarily lowered his proud head.

Regardless where, the status of alchemists was exceptionally venerated. Even in the Fierce Gale World where alchemy skills had declined, an Alchemy Sovereign powerhouse like Star Abyss still had a lofty status.

The reason was none other than because the medicinal pills required by Divine Traversing Realm experts, only Star Abyss could refine them!

This was the reason behind the pride of Shi Haoran and the others!

What kind of existence Alchemy Sovereign powerhouses were, one just had to look at the medicinal theory class Ye Yuan studied back then at the Dan Wu Academy to understand this point.

A theory foundation left behind by an Alchemy Sovereign became the holy scripture that the entire continent pursued.

This was a character that could leave behind a legend on a plane!

An era might have many, many Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses. But the number of Alchemy Sovereign powerhouses were scanty few!

Star Abyss’s status in the entire Fierce Gale World could be seen at a glance.

“Ding Liang, you beat up all of my eight disciples until heavy injuries today. This account, do I find you to settle it, or should I go and claim from Zhao Tianyin?” Star Abyss said coolly.

Ding Liang sweated heavily. He did not think that Star Abyss would actually arrive so quickly. This time, it was not easy to wind this matter up.

“This . . . Ding Liang was a little too rash. But Lord Star Abyss, this new disciple of yours is the Endless World’s spy! Lord Wind Emperor gave a death order to definitely bring him back to interrogate!” Ding Liang was helpless and could only bring out Wind Emperor.

Star Abyss waved his hand and said, “Ye Yuan’s matter, I’ll go explain to Zhao Tianyin myself. Now, you can leave.”

“This . . . I’m afraid that this is . . . inappropriate, right?” Ding Liang did not think that Star Abyss was actually so unyielding. For a spy from another world, he actually did not even give face to the Wind Emperor.

Star Abyss shot him an indifferent glance and said, “Then, are you prepared to take care of me together too?”

Ding Liang was shocked and hurriedly said, “Dare not, dare not. Even if Ding Liang’s guts were any greater, I wouldn’t dare to make a move against Lord Star Abyss either!”

But Star Abyss no longer bothered with him and said to his disciples directly, “Support your little junior brother and follow me.”

Ding Liang’s heart was gloomy!

Indeed, like master, like disciple! This master and disciples’ way of handling things was simply carved from the same mold; they were directly treating him like air!

But Ding Liang daring to make a move against Shi Haoran and the rest did not mean that he dared to attack Star Abyss.

Making a move against Shi Haoran and the rest still had room for maneuver. But making a move against Star Abyss’s actual person was equivalent to the Royal Family and the Alchemist Association breaking away completely!

With the Alchemist Association’s rallying power, forget about them, these Divine Traversing Realm experts, having to chance to have any medicinal pill to use in the future. Most likely, in the entire Fierce Gale World, no martial artists could get medicinal pills.

Even the Xiao Family and Tong Family, these alchemy families who depended on the royal family, they would probably close down their stores very soon as well.

Ye Yuan did not think that Star Abyss would actually shield him so domineeringly, making him feel a warmth in his heart.

Although the current Ye Yuan was just a small character in the war between two worlds, his monstrous talent had already been revealed. The Wind Emperor would not let him leave easily.

Star Abyss saying this was tantamount to falling out with the Wind Emperor.

Such resolve, how could Ye Yuan not appreciate the kindness?

“You caused an uproar in the capital actually just to take in a disciple?” Star Abyss transmitted his voice.

Thick displeasure was revealed in his words. Very clearly, stirring up this situation was not what he wished to see.

To be able to send Ye Yuan away noiselessly, that was the best outcome. Yet, Ye Yuan was simply not a law-abiding person and actually caused storms to rage throughout the entire capital for a girl.

Even more damnable was that Ye Yuan defeated everyone, but the final outcome was not to hug a beauty back but just to accept a disciple.

This sort of powerful and unconstrained style of doing things also made Star Abyss this titan thunderstruck until he was tender on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Ye Yuan said nonchalantly, “For real men, some things are necessary, while other things absolutely mustn’t be done. Since we’re friends, how can I watch her jump into a fire pit helplessly? It’s just that I never thought that thorough considerations would have an oversight. There was actually still somebody who recognizes me in the capital . . .”

“Forget it, forget it! Don’t know what kind of fortune this little girl garnered in her previous life, to actually be able to encounter a person like you! Follow me back first. This matter still needs to be discussed at length. You actually wasted Zhao Chenggan. The Wind Emperor most likely won’t leave the matter at that!” Star Abyss heaved a sigh.

“Great grace can’t be thanked with words. Today’s matter, I, Ye Yuan, remembered it.” Ye Yuan said coolly.

“What’s there to thank? If you were really a spy, I wouldn’t care less about you! It’s just . . . who asked you to be somebody that Master, his elderly self, holds in high esteem?” Star Abyss said with a sigh.

“Haha.Didn’t think that one day, I, Ye Yuan, would actually receive Li Daohang’s grace,” Ye Yuan said with a self-ridiculing laugh.

Star Abyss had just brought everyone and walked not far out when he discovered a silhouette blocking their path!

This scene happened too unreal, making everyone unwittingly feel their eyes blurring.

Because just earlier, there was clearly nobody there. But the next instant, a person suddenly popped up there, as if he appeared out of thin air.

Such a bizarre thing involuntarily made people feel a chill down their spine.

Looking at the arrival, Star Abyss’s expression had an indescribable graveness.

Ye Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly and already had some guesses about this person’s identity.

“Star Abyss, although your Alchemist Association isn’t under my rule, harboring people from another world like this truly make Us bitterly disappointed,” the person opened his mouth and said apathetically.

This person that showed up bizarrely was actually the absolute sovereign of the Fierce Gale World: the Wind Emperor Zhao Tianyin!

And he was also the Fierce Gale World’s one and only Boundless Realm martial artist! An existence that looked down upon myriad worlds!

Zhao Tianyin’s age did not look old, still maintaining the appearance of a middle-age person. Seemed like in his younger days, he was already an extremely powerful existence.

Of course, if he was not a peerlessly talented person, how could he possibly break through to the Boundless Realm in the Lower Realms and attain the position of the Wind Emperor?

Zhao Tianyin wore a casual dragon robe. Apart from this, there were not too many ornaments, seemingly no different from an ordinary person. It actually gave people a feeling of returning to one’s original simplicity!

Star Abyss sucked in a deep breath and said in a slightly low voice, “Since you know that the Alchemist Association isn’t under your jurisdiction, why did you dare to touch my disciples?”

Even an existence like Star Abyss, when facing a Boundless Realm powerhouse, felt immense pressure too.

One had to know that under such an environment like the Lower Realms, Boundless Realm represented invincibility!

Even Peak Divine Traversing Realm martial artists were only just slightly stronger ants in front of the Boundless Realm Wind Emperor.

If not for this, why would the Grand Yan True Sect need to sacrifice countless Divine Traversing Realm martial artists to cast the Six Extreme Seals Grand Array back then?

Zhao Tianyin ruminated for a moment and said coolly, “Looks like . . . you knew his identity long ago!”

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