Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 438

Chapter 438 : Made You Suffer

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The Wind Emperor turned his head slightly to look at Xiao Ruyan. Ye Yuan could not help freaking out in his heart.

He had long seen through that this Wind Emperor was not some good-natured person.

To be able to kick off a war between two worlds for his own personal interests, such a person was a fierce and ambitious person no matter how one looked at him.

How could such a character take pity on a frail little girl?

“You, this baby girl, don’t know what’s good for you either! To actually help an aberrant person from another world plead for leniency! The Xiao Family received Our grace for generations, and this is how you repay Us? Alright then, since you want to die, then We will send you off!”

The Wind Emperor’s words did not carry the slightest hint of emotion, making people feel a chill in their hearts when they heard them.

“Don’t . . . !” Ye Yuan shouted.

But it was as if Zhao Tianyin did not hear it at all. Only to see him raise his hand slightly, his index finger lightly flicked. A starlight flew towards Xiao Ruyan’s heart like a comet!

Nobody had any suspicion that as long as this bit of starlight touched Xiao Ruyan, she would be dead for sure!

But at this time, who could save her?

The starlight arrived in front of Xiao Ruyan in the blink of an eye. But it was like Xiao Ruyan did not see it at all. She currently had her back turned to look at Ye Yuan, giving him a gentle smile!

Swoosh! Bang!

The starlight did not strike Xiao Ruyan, but flew towards the far-end, smashing onto the ground.

An enormous rumble sounded. Rock fragments were smashed flying all around.

Xiao Ruyan . . . disappeared!

Regarding this surprise, the Wind Emperor was calm like before. He then turned to Ye Yuan. “Spatial spirit artifact? Looks like I still underestimated you.”

Turned out that in that critical juncture just now, Ye Yuan unleashed the spatial spirit artifact and transported Xiao Ruyan inside!

This scene naturally could not escape the Wind Emperor’s eyes.

“However . . . you can’t even protect yourself right now; you actually still have the thought to bother with others. I want to see to what extent you can hold out!”

Zhao Tianyin’s voice had just faded when Ye Yuan suddenly felt the pressure around him immediately increased multiple folds!

That horrifying pressure even squeezed the space until it morphed, giving people a very unreal feeling when looked at.

And Ye Yuan’s body sunk down more than half under this kind of pressure. One knee was practically on the verge of touching the ground!


Ye Yuan spurred the essence energy in his body frenziedly, trying to straighten up his back desperately. Under the enormous pressure, Ye Yuan finally could not resist vomiting out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Not only so, under the compression of space, the skin on Ye Yuan’s entire body also cracked, oozing out blood, looking very wretched.

“Zhao Tianyin! If you have the capabilities . . . kill me! Even if I’m . . . beaten until my bones are ground to dust, I also . . . won’t kneel down!” Ye Yuan practically snarled it out.

“Kill you? Killing you is too easy! As long as I’m willing, what’s hard about grinding your bones to dust? But . . . I only want your kneel,” Zhao Tianyin said coolly.

Zhao Tianyin waved his hand once more. The pressure around Ye Yuan skyrocketed once more!

Very clearly, as long as he was willing, he could crush Ye Yuan’s body into pieces with just this move. And the pressure that he was applying right now was just a drop in the bucket of his strength. The goal was to make Ye Yuan kneel down.

Under the tremendous pressure, Ye Yuan’s consciousness gradually blurred, his body dropped bit by bit too.

Seeing Ye Yuan’s wretched appearance, Star Abyss’s fury finally ignited too!

However, he had yet to take action when he heard Zhao Tianyin say indifferently, “Star Abyss, I advise that you better not make a move. You’re aware, on the Martial Path, you’re too weak!”

As he said, Zhao Tianyin casually pointed with a finger again. Heaven and earth essence energy immediately formed a thin membrane, wrapping Star Abyss inside.

Star Abyss’s face changed and smacked out a palm at the thin membrane.


The thin membrane did not move a hint, and Star Abyss was actually bounced back!

This was the strength of a Boundless Realm martial artist!

Even the sovereign level Star Abyss was so incapable of withstanding a single blow in front of Zhao Tianyin!

“Alright, wait there obediently. After I take care of this brat, we’ll slowly chat,” Zhao Tianyin said faintly.

Star Abyss gritted his teeth and said, “Zhao Tianyin, you . . . deserve death!”

But Zhao Tianyin did not pay attention to Star Abyss anymore. He increased essence energy for Ye Yuan once more!


Suddenly, Ye Yuan’s aura rose frenziedly. His eyes were blood-red as he stared at Zhao Tianyin icily.

Zhao Tianyin said lightly, “Burning blood essencehuh. . . Burning 50% of blood essence in one go, you’ve virtually already ruined your own foundation. Doing this . . . just in order to not kneel down before me? Truly an obstinate youth. But . . . the more this is the case, the more I want to make you kneel.Haha.”

Ye Yuan was heavily injured originally. Under Zhao Tianyin’s pressure, he had reached his limits long ago already.

He could persist until now by relying entirely on a single conviction to hang in there.

Ye Yuan was self-aware that he was certain to be killed and simply burnt 50% blood essence in one shot, instantly filling the essence energy in his body to the brim!

Under such a condition, he actually slowly stood up a little!

However . . . all of this was futile. Ye Yuan compared to Boundless Realm martial artists, the gap was too great!

Just pushed back some and Zhao Tianyin slightly exerted pressure again, immediately pushing Ye Yuan down.


Ye Yuan’s feet actually trod the ground until it caved in!

And at this time, Ye Yuan’s knee was only a mere couple of inches distance away from the ground!

Burning 50% blood essence was also unable to resist even a tiny bit of time.

Ye Yuan’s consciousness became increasingly blurry. Yet, there was a voice in his heart telling him non-stop:Don’t kneel! Don’t kneel!

The current Ye Yuan was already dyed by his blood until he became a blood person, looking terrifyingly ghastly.

When everyone saw this scene, their faces could not help showing a visible change in countenance.

A Crystal Formation Realm youth actually displayed such a stubborn side in front of a Boundless Realm martial artist!

Although these people were all Zhao Tianyin’s subjects, at this very instant, they unwittingly felt pity for Ye Yuan in his hearts.

Why geniuses were called geniuses was not only because they needed to have outstanding talent, but they also needed unyielding belief and a tenacious personality even more.

Ye Yuan possessed all the qualities that a genius should have and originally should soar to the skies in one move. But today, he was cruelly humiliated by Zhao Tianyin and ultimately could not escape death.

Such a violent method rather made people hold in contempt.

Killing people was merely the head hitting the ground. But, shaming like this hurt morals and conscious.

Ye Yuan felt the strength in his body waning bit by bit. Resisting the spatial compression was progressively more abilities falling short of one’s will.

“Up to herehuh. . .”

This was Ye Yuan’s final thought. Finally, he could not endure anymore, and he fainted.

Seeing this scene, the corner of Wind Emperor Zhao Tianyin’s mouth revealed a trace of a victor’s smile.

Yet . . . Ye Yuan’s body did not collapse. A beautiful figure walked out of the void and caught the Ye Yuan who was about to kneel down.

The woman gave a melancholic sigh and said, “Apologies, Mister Ye. Li-er came a step late and made you suffer.”

This woman was precisely Li-er!

Her appearance was as if a celestial fairy descending to the mortal world. There weren’t any signs in advance at all!

Seeing Li-er, Zhao Tianyin’s expression underwent a change for the first time. A solemn expression actually appeared. With his strength, he actually did not discover that a person was hidden in the void!

“Who are you?! To actually dare barge into the capital!” Zhao Tianyin said grimly.

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