Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 445

Chapter 445 Allow Me

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When Ye Yuan’s words came out, everyone was filled with shock!

Ye Yuan’s perception towards heaven and earth essence energy already reached such a level?

Even Mei Zhen could not sense essence energy undulations coming from the top of the mountain too!

But they did not have time to be astonished anymore. Since they returned at such an opportune moment, they naturally had to join the battle and protect the sect!

“Go! Kill this pack of bastards and avenge these dead disciples!” Mei Zhen flashed his longsword and roared.

“How can my Tranquil Cloud Sect’s thousands of years of inheritance be eradicated willy-nilly! Those who violate my sect, kill without pardon!” Tian Yu yelled.

Ye Yuan did not speak and just quietly followed the group of seniors up the mountain.

“Miss Yue, this matter, leave it to this Ye and my seniors to resolve ourselves. In the future, unless there are no other alternatives, Miss must not draw on soul force! If this continues, even immortals will find it hard to save as well,” Ye Yuan transmitted his words.

“Li-er knows. Many thanks for Mister Ye’s concern,” Yue Mengli replied.

Further up the mountain, there were increasingly more corpses. But among them also had enemy forces dead bodies mixed inside.

Looking closely, everyone was even more taken aback with shock. On the bodies of these enemy forces’ disciples were actually wearing the Purple Mansion Sect’s attire!

“This . . . What’s going on here? Could it be that the ones who invaded our Tranquil Cloud Sect are actually the Purple Mansion Sect?” Mei Zhen said in surprise.

“If one were to say who has the greatest likelihood of invading our Tranquil Cloud Sect, it’s none other than the Heavenly Sky Sect! While the Purple Mansion Sect is strong, they actually dare to invade other sects under the Heavenly Sky Sect’s eyelids?” Mo Yuntian was also unbelievably shocked.

The Heavenly Sky Sect’s might was indisputable. Only by combining the other seven sect’s strength could they maintain a delicate balance with the Heavenly Sky Sect.

If the other seven sects had infighting, how could the Heavenly Sky Sect let go of such a good opportunity?

Could the brains of the Purple Mansion Sect’s upper echelons all be damaged?

“Did you all forget about Lin Feng?” Ye Yuan suddenly said.

Everyone was abruptly startled. How could they possibly forget Lin Feng?

It was precisely Lin Feng’s masterpiece that threw them behind bars and even becoming slaves.

“The Purple Mansion Sect endured patiently for many years. Their strength is most likely far from as simple as the surface! That Lin Feng’s age isn’t considered old and he actually has Fourth Level Sea Transformation Realm cultivation. Not saying that they have large numbers of experts, but concealing a couple of Soul Sea Realm martial artists, it probably isn’t that easy for the Heavenly Sky Sect to want to discover,” Ye Yuan said.

With Ye Yuan saying this, everyone’s heart plummeted to rock bottom.

The Purple Mansion Sect was a chess piece buried in the Endless World by the wind emperor. After so many years of secret development, their strength was most likely already unfathomable.

Everyone had a feeling in their hearts that the Southern Domain’s situation right now most likely already underwent an earth-shaking change!

But these were all for later. Mei Zhen and the others did not dare to dawdle and sped along the way and arrived at the mountain peak very soon.

Within sight, the entire Tranquil Cloud Sect was already in an upheaval!

There were fighting, and battle cries all around. Everywhere were dead bodies!

The originally quiet and serene Spirit Blessing Mountain was already in an abyss of suffering right now.

“Purple Mansion Sect bastards! You will all die a horrible death!Argh!”cried a Crystal Formation Realm disciple, giving a miserable cry and perished together with a Purple Mansion Sect disciple.

Yet, this was just a minority situation. Regardless whether it was in numbers or strength, the Purple Mansion Sect disciples far surpassed the Tranquil Cloud Sect.

Just the Purple Mansion Sect’s Sea Transformation Realm martial artists were as many as over a dozen. Although they were only low-stage Sea Transformation Realm, to deal with some Crystal Formation Realm disciples, it was ample.

While on the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s side, they actually did not see a single Sea Transformation Realm elder!

The battle was simply a one-sided situation!

Many Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples were facing many people from the other side alone. How could they be these Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples’ match?

When Mei Zhen and the others saw such a tragic state, how could they hold back? They wielded their swords and were about to charge forward.

But before his figure had yet to move, he was held back by someone from behind.

Turning around to take a look, it was actually Ye Yuan.

Only to hear Ye Yuan lightly leave behind two words as he walked past Mei Zhen, “Allow me.”

Ye Yuan’s figure drifted and arrived at the center of the battlefront.

Immediately, there was a Purple Mansion Sect disciple who charged up without fear of death!

An azure sword light instantly appeared. That Purple Mansion Sect disciple had yet to even react, and his head and body were separated.

“Looks like this Purple Mansion Sect’s attack has already thoroughly infuriated Mister Ye!” Yue Mengli said calmly.

“Truly a bunch of fellows who don’t know life from death! They probably don’t even know how terrifying Mister Ye will be once he becomes enraged!” Yan-er also had a cold smile at the corners of her mouth.

Towards the Purple Mansion Sect’s sect annihilating conduct, Yan-er was very disdainful in her heart.

“This . . . What’s Junior Apprentice Brother Ye going to do?” Tian Yu asked puzzledly.

Mo Yuntian seemed to have guessed a little and said in shock, “He didn’t let us attack; could it be that he wants to deal with all of the Purple Mansion Sect disciples alone?”

“W-What kind of joke is this?! There are several hundred Purple Mansion Sect disciples here. Furthermore, the vast majority of them are Crystal Formation Realm martial artists. Among them, there are even over a dozen Sea Transformation Realm martial artists. Junior Apprentice Brother Ye he . . . wants to deal with it alone?” Tian Yu almost jumped up.

But Xiao Ruyan’s curled her mouth and said with a proud look, “You guys watch well. Master alone is enough!”

The group of seniors all exchanged glances and looked at Ye Yuan with disbelief.

And at this time, Ye Yuan pointed Canghua Sword at the sky. Countless flower petals started condensing in the air!

“This . . . is this Junior Apprentice Brother Ye’s Thousand Flowing Petals? Is there a mistake? How could he condense so much flower petals?”

Tian Yu had seen Ye Yuan’s Thousand Flowing Petals once. But back then, Ye Yuan was still just a Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist. At that time, although the power of this move was great, it was not formidable to this sort of extent!

There were increasingly more and more flower petals condensing in the air. It finally alarmed all of the martial artists present!

“What’s going on here? Why would it rain flower petals from the sky?”

“You dumb*ss. This is formed from heaven and earth essence energy. Somebody is casting a skill!”

“W-Who actually has such formidable strength? Even First Elder probably can’t mobilize such horrifying heaven and earth essence energy either, right?”

“Quick, look! It’s that boy casting it!”

At this time, there were finally several Sea Transformation Realm martial artists who felt that something was wrong. Somebody shouted out, “Quickly! The few of you go together and finish off that punk! This move of that punk is somewhat sinister!”

When these words were finished saying, over a dozen late-stage Crystal Formation Realm martial artists and several Sea Transformation Realm martial artists abandoned their original opponents and all converged towards Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan looked at this scene coldly, and from his mouth, he said coolly, “All of you dregs can go and die already.”

The flower petals which covered the entire sky seemed to have spirituality at this moment, churning towards the Purple Mansion Sect martial artists in clusters!

The hundreds of Purple Mansion Sect experts present all suffered the assault of the flower petals. And those Sea Transformation Realm martial artists were heavily focused targets.

The flower petals gathered on their side were multiple times of Crystal Formation Realm martial artists!

After two breaths, there were Purple Mansion Sect disciples starting to give off miserable cries.

After five breaths, more and more Purple Mansion Sect disciple were giving off miserable cries.

For a moment, innumerable tragic cries linked up, reverberating through the skies.

Those Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples who stopped could not resist shuddering when they heard their opponents’ wretched screams.

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