Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 446

Chapter 446 Southern Domains Change

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Under the soaring flowers, it was akin to a meat grinder, wantonly reaping the lives of these Purple Mansion Sect disciples.

After a hundred breaths, the entire mountain peak was already deathly silent.

Apart from Yue Mengli and a small minority, everyone was struck dumb with amazement by this scene.

All the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples were staring fixedly at that young man’s figure in the center of the battlefield, speechless from shock.

At this very moment, Ye Yuan was akin to a fiend god. Even the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples were not able to easily recognize him.

“I-Is it Ye Yuan?”

After a long time, someone suddenly asked weakly, finally breaking the battlefield’s serenity.

Ye Yuan turned around to look. It was actually someone familiar!

“Senior Apprentice Brother Zhang Jing!” Ye Yuan also said with a faint smile.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, Zhang Jing’s entire body trembled. “Y-Ye Yuan! It’s really you! So you’re alright! That’s really great!”

As he was talking, Zhang Jing’s eyes actually welled up a little with hot tears.

Zhang Jing was the person who led Ye Yuan in the sect. Although the two people did not have any deep friendship afterward, time passed and circumstances have changed. Everyone’s feelings were seemingly sublimated.

Moreover, Zhang Jing had considerable comprehensions after the fight with Ye Yuan. At this time, he had long become a Crystal Formation Realm martial artist!

Hence, in his heart, Zhang Jing was still fairly grateful towards Ye Yuan.

This time, Ye Yuan and the others entered deep into the mystic realm, and not a single one actually returned. Everybody no longer held hopes towards their survival.

Now, when they met, the agitation in Zhang Jing’s heart could be imagined.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Not just me alone. You look!”

As he said, Ye Yuan pointed to Mo Yuntian and the rest. Mo Yuntian and the rest also moved closer at this time and gathered together with everyone.

When Zhang Jing saw Mei Zhen, Mo Yuntian, and the rest, tears could not resist flowing again.

“Elder Mei, Senior Apprentice Brother Mo . . . Everybody. . . Everybody came back! T-Truly excellent! We even thought . . . even thought . . .” Zhang Jing choked and did not even finish saying his words.

Seeing Zhang Jing so agitated, Mo Yuntian and the rest had a multitude of feelings surge up too. They choked and said, “The mystic realm trip this time was indeed near-certain death. It was all thanks to Junior Apprentice Brother Ye that we could return safely.”

Zhang Jing was surprised, and his gaze involuntarily looked towards Ye Yuan again, his face showing disbelief.

“Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, you . . . you’re actually already at the Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm!”

Ye Yuan’s extreme massacring move previously made everyone’s mind sustain a tremendous impact, and they forgot about his realm for a moment.

Only at this time, did Zhang Jing suddenly notice that several months of not meeting, and Ye Yuan was actually at the Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm already; increased a full major realm higher than before he left.

Such an improvement speed was seriously too outrageous.

Furthermore, that move earlier . . .

Was that really released by a Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm martial artist?

Zhang Jing’s eye was filled with doubt and felt tremendous curiosity towards Mo Yuntian and the others’ trip to the mystic realm.

Ye Yuan saw through Zhang Jing’s uncertainty and said smilingly, “This matter is hard to say in a single sentence. I’ll tell in detail again later on with seniors. Senior Apprentice Brother Zhang’s improvement these few months isn’t small either!”

Zhang Jing gave an odd expression and said could not help laughing, “Don’t ridicule me, Junior Apprentice Brother Ye. Compared to you, what does mine even count as?”

Ye Yuan chuckled, but then he enquired, “Senior Apprentice Brother Zhang, what in the world happened to the Tranquil Cloud Sect? Where are Sect Master, Hall Head Xiao, and the rest? Also, why is there not even a single Sea Transformation Realm elder in the sect?”

Zhang Jing’s expression changed, and he said hatefully, “The Southern Domain’s skies have completely changed! This Purple Mansion Sect concealed too deeply!”

Zhang Jing recounted the events that happened to the Southern Domain these few months briefly to everyone.

Turned out that after Ye Yuan and the others left, Luo Qingfeng, Xiao Jian, and Ling Potian immediately entered closed-seclusion to cultivate, and planned on breaking through to the Soul Sea Realm in one go!

Luo Qingfeng did not disappoint. A month later, under Skymaple’s assistance, he finally broke through to the Soul Sea Realm, becoming the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s second Soul Sea Realm martial artist!

Furthermore, Luo Qingfeng was a martial artist. His combat power was much stronger compared to Skymaple’s!

With Luo Qingfeng this Soul Sea Realm powerhouse, the Tranquil Cloud Sect could be said to stand firmly on this title of Eight Great Sects.

Xiao Jian and Ling Potian also both broke through and left seclusion not long after. The two of them broke through to half-step Soul Sea Realm at the same time!

Regarding this news, Ye Yuan was not surprised.

Before he left, he knew that Skymaple was refining Soul Luring Pills and medicinal pills that could aid Sea Transformation Realm martial artists to break through. The few of them breaking through was naturally something within reason.

Under such circumstances, the Tranquil Cloud Sect could be said to be prospering with each passing day.

Yet, over a month ago, all of this underwent a change!

The Heavenly Sky Sect suddenly took the road to ruin by sending out hero invitations to the seven great sects, inviting the sect masters of the various great sects to carry out a Southern Domain Sect Great Meet.

Even though Luo Qingfeng broke through to the Soul Sea Realm, the Heavenly Sky Sect was powerful after all. The sect masters of the seven great sects still kept the appointment and went to the Heavenly Sky Sect.

Yet, after half a month, news suddenly came from the seven great sects, saying that the Heavenly Sky Sect forced the seven great sect masters, requesting the seven great sects to be merged into the Heavenly Sky Sect. The seven great sect masters refused to obey even in death and were detained by the Heavenly Sky Sect!

With this, the Southern Domain’s seven great sects completely exploded, all asking to send forces to suppress the Heavenly Sky Sect!

Right at this time, the Purple Mansion Sect came out to raise their fist and shout, asking for the seven great sects to gather together to launch a crusade against the Heavenly Sky Sect.

The Tranquil Cloud Sect naturally had no reason to reject this. Grand Elder Skymaple and Xiao Jian brought a group of elders and elite disciples, and they joined the expedition’s great army.

But Skymaple was wary before he departed, gathering twenty of the sect’s genius disciples with good prospects together, and letting a Sea Transformation Realm elder lead the team to quietly head for the Northern Domain.

Yet, with this departure, they did not return anymore!

A few days ago, only when an elder escaped back to the sect with heavy injuries, did the disciples know that turned out the entire Southern Domain was hoodwinked by the Purple Mansion Sect!

The Heavenly Sky Sect convening this Southern Domain Sect Great Meet was truly an action seeking their own doom.

The Heavenly Sky Sect’s Sect Master was very arrogant during the great meet and wanted to forcefully integrate the seven great sects into the Heavenly Sky Sect. These were all the truth.

But the final result was that the Purple Mansion Sect’s Sect Master, He Mingde, suddenly rose in revolt and took control of the other seven sect’s sect masters!

Only then did the seven great sect masters know that this normally very low-profile He Mingde was actually a late-stage Soul Sea Realm powerhouse!

In the Southern Domain, late-stage Soul Sea Realm was basically an invincible existence.

Before the Southern Domain’s Sect Great Meet, He Mingde had long set up a backup plan and took control of the Heavenly Sky Sect very quickly, sealing off the news.

The Purple Mansion Sect at this time, as the second strongest sect, lured out all of the six great sect’s elite forces under summons.

In the end, when they were launching a collective attack, the Purple Mansion Sect suddenly launch an attack, catching the six sects completely unprepared!

Only at this time did the six sects know of the Purple Mansion Sect’s terrifying strength!

In this battle, over a dozen Soul Sea Realm powerhouses appeared all at once in the Purple Mansion Sect. Even if the six great sects joined hands, how could they possibly be the Purple Mansion Sect’s match?

Let alone that the Purple Mansion Sect concealed so deeply, catching everybody completely off guard!

With Sea Transformation Realm experts managing the array formation, the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s sect protecting great formation was already practically existing in name only. Under the teaming up of over a dozen Sea Transformation Realm experts, they attacked inside very quickly.

Right at this moment, Ye Yuan and the others reached, saving a group of fellow apprentices.

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