Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 451

Chapter 451 Power Of The Sect Protecting Grand Array

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On a wide plain, human figures moved about.

Here was the Purple Mansion Sect’s forward position, specialized in being responsible for attacking the Tranquil Cloud Sect and two other sects.

Ma Yi was the commander of this team of martial artists. He was a First Level Soul Sea Realm powerhouse and also the Purple Mansion Sect’s grand elder.

At this time, the other two sects’ reports of success already came over. Only the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s side had no news.

Ma Yi’s brows were locked tightly at this time. Evidently, his mood was very bad.

The other two sects’ strength was much stronger than the Tranquil Cloud Sect. They were all fine. Only the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s side with the weakest strength seemed to have a problem.

The Purple Mansion Sect sent out three commanders in order to exterminate the six great sects and unit the Southern Domain under the Purple Mansion Sect’s rule.

The upper echelons of the six great sects were basically already under control. Attacking completely did not expend any effort.

The three commanders all had a rivaling relationship and were also seizing every minute and second to strive to take down three sects first.

But who knew that his side here just had to have a problem.

“Du Yushan that moron wouldn’t really be unable to even take care of a Tranquil Cloud Sect, right?” Ma Yu gnashed his teeth hatefully.

Right at this time, a disciple entered the tent and bowed to Ma Yi, and then he said, “Reporting to Grand Elder, news came from the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s side. Elder Du’s party were completely annihilated. The Tranquil Cloud Sect re-activated the sect protecting grand array and sealed off the sect!”

Ma Yi stood up at once. Grabbing that disciple’s collar, he said with a ferocious look. “What did you say? Du Yushan’s army was completely wiped out? Could it be that the Tranquil Cloud Sect still has Peak Sea Transformation or Soul Sea Realm experts?”

Du Yushan was a Seventh Level Sea Transformation powerhouse. Unless the Tranquil Cloud Sect still had Eighth Level Sea Transformation and above existences, how could they possibly have wiped out Du Yushan’s army completely?

But that lousy place like the Tranquil Cloud Sect did not have many Sea Transformation Realm experts in total either. Now, they were basically all captured by the Purple Mansion Sect. How could the sect still have such a powerhouse existing inside?

That disciple was taken aback with fright and spluttered, “D-Disciple isn’t clear either. Two days ago, Disciple brought the scout team and went to the Tranquil Cloud Sect to investigate the news. The result was that we discovered that Elder Du they . . . they were all decapitated and then being hung outside the sect gates! O-Over ten Sea Transformation Realm elders were all decapitated, and their corpses were displayed in public view!”


A blast of force flew by that disciple’s ear, pulverizing a stone table behind him into pieces.

“What. Did. You. Say?!” Ma Yi said word by word.

That disciple nearly peed himself and said with a tremble, “G-Grand Elder calm your anger.”

“Calm your *ss anger! Tranquil Cloud Sect!Hehe,excellent! Excellent! Decapitating as a public warning. Their guts are really plenty fat!” Ma Yi suddenly looked at that disciple and asked, “What other news is there?”

As he said, Ma Yi let go of that disciple’s collar and threw him out.

That disciple hurriedly crawled up and said, “The Tranquil Cloud Sect even erected a stone plaque in front of the sect gates. Written on it . . . Trespassers, kill without amnesty!”

“Heh heh,kill without amnesty? This Seat wants to see how you all kill with amnesty! Send the orders! The whole army is to decamp and set off for the Tranquil Cloud Sect!” Ma Yi said coldly.

The disciple felt as if being relieved of immense pressure and scurried off.

. . . . . .

In front of the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s mountain gates, Ma Yi looked at Du Yushan’s and the others’ heads grimly, as well as that stone plaque written using brush-pen in red ink.

“Come men. Go and retrieve their heads!” Ma Yi ordered.

A small team dashed out very quickly, wanting to collect back Du Yushan’s head.

Yet, when they had just crossed that stone plaque, several streaks of pale-yellow flowing light suddenly danced about.



. . . . . .

Wretched screams echoed together.

These streams of light were very formidable, willfully harvesting the lives of that small team of martial artists.

In virtually a blink of an eye, the small team was completely wiped out.

Ma Yi’s face was incomparably somber. He knew that this was the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s sect protecting grand array activated.

With the power of the sect protecting grand array, killing these martial artists were too easy.

But Ma Yi had a faint feeling that the power of this grand array seemed to be extraordinary!

“Zhu Mingyu, you bring a few people to test out the power of that grand array. Remember, take care not to cross that stone plaque. Just feel out its power will do,” Ma Yi reminded him.

Zhu Mingyu was a general under him, a Peak Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse. Sending him to probe out the power of the grand array was perfect.

If the Tranquil Cloud Sect still had Sea Transformation Realm experts there, at the very most, it could also just maintain the grand array at the standard of Peak Sea Transformation Realm. Zhu Mingyu adding in a few other Sea Transformation Realm martial artists were sufficient to shake the grand array.

Zhu Mingyu obeyed the orders and marched out, bringing quite a few Sea Transformation Realm experts in front of the grand array.

“Everybody, don’t hold back! All execute your strongest attack! We’ll join hands to crack this grand array!” Zhu Mingyu said.


Everyone cried out in unison and started to muster heaven and earth essence energy in full force.

In a moment, a terrifying aura creeped out in the air. The attack of a Peak Sea Transformation Realm martial artist was already extremely powerful, let alone multiple Late-Stage Sea Transformation Realm martial artists.

The power of the combined attacks of these people was simply not what the average martial artist could withstand.

“Everybody listen to my command! Focus the attacks on one point of the grand array! Go!” Zhu Mingyu hollered.

Only to see that under his command, seven to eight immensely powerful attacks rumbled towards the grand array!

The coordination of these people was clearly highly tacit. The place that they attacked was not the slightest bit off, and the timing was also grasped very well; practically arriving at the same time!


A huge sound!

But the grand array did not budge an inch while Zhu Mingyu and the rest flew out backward!


Several people vomited a mouthful of blood at the same time. They were actually wounded by the grand array’s backlash power!

“This . . . How can this grand array be so strong? It actually didn’t budge an inch under the combined attacks of Elder Zhu they all!”

“I heard that the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s grand array is called the Yin-Yang Turbid Heaven Grand Array. But this set of array formation is just a low-rank Tier 4 array formation. The Tranquil Cloud Sect doesn’t even have a Sea Transformation Realm martial artist right now. Why is the power of this sect protecting grand array so powerful?”

“Could it be that it must need Grand Elder to personally take action to be able to crack this grand array?”

Ma Yi’s expression was very ugly currently. Could it be that there was actually still a Soul Sea Realm expert hidden within the Tranquil Cloud Sect?

If that was really the case, then it was going to be troublesome!

But the Tranquil Cloud Sect only had Skymaple at the Soul Sea Realm all along. Luo Qingfeng just broke through not long ago. Apart from them, who else in the Tranquil Cloud Sect could be Soul Sea Realm?

Ma Yi racked his brains and could not figure it out either.

“Humph!Who cares what the hell you are. My Purple Mansion Sect’s grand momentum is already formed. Is it possible for a puny little Tranquil Cloud Sect to still flip the heaven? I’ll give a try today, just what kind of power this lousy array formation has!”

Ma Yi leaped high into the air and arrived before the grand array!

Only to see him face his palm towards the sky, muttering verses from his mouth. Horrifying essence energy instantly converged around him!

This was the formidable aspect of Soul Sea Realm martial artists. Maneuvering heaven and earth essence energy with the might of the divine soul cooperating with the essence energy sea was simply effortless!

“Extreme Essence Heaven Axis Palm! Break for me!”

Ma Yi mustered 80% essence energy in one breath. An extremely dreadful attack flew towards the grand array!

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