Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 453

Chapter 453 Inscribing sword Characters

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In a flash, two days passed. The residual heat from slaying a Soul Sea Realm powerhouse not only did not pass, but it also gradually firmly established itself within the Tranquil Cloud Sect.

Receiving the stimulation from this incident, everyone cultivated frenziedly.

In the past, many people would drift along. But now, not a single person slacked off!

These two days, Ye Yuan did not idle either. Under the assistance of medicinal pills, his essence energy previously already reached peak Seventh Level Crystal Formation.

Making use of these two days, Ye Yuan successfully broke through to the Eighth Level Crystal Formation Realm!

When Ye Yuan exited seclusion, Mo Yuntian was already standing guard outside the door.

Seeing Ye Yuan, Mo Yuntian’s eyebrows raised up. Heaving a sigh, he said, “Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, recalling back then when I received and welcomed you into the sect, you were only at the Second Level Spirit Condensation. But at present, you’ve already caught up to me. So much so that in terms of combat strength, you can already have a showdown with late-stage Sea Transformation Realms!”

Although Mo Yuntian was a broad-minded person, seeing his little junior brother in the past surpass him in such a short time, he could not avoid being somewhat dejected still after being happy for Ye Yuan.

Regarding such a situation, Ye Yuan knew that it was unavoidable as well.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Mo’s talent is not poor. Breaking through to the Soul Sea Realm in the future is already set in stone,” Ye Yuan did not know how he should console either and could only say it as it was.

Mo Yuntian gave a sigh and said, “The sect’s records are lost. Wanting to break through to Soul Sea Realm is easier said than done! Even Sect Master Luo was also stuck at peak Ninth Level Sea Transformation for many years, only barely managing to break through to Soul Sea after obtaining Grand Elder’s Soul Luring Pill. But at present, Grand Elder Skymaple has fallen behind bars . . .”

Hearing Mo Yuntian’s words, Ye Yuan’s eyes flickered, and he said to Mo Yuntian, “Senior Apprentice Brother, come with me!”

Mo Yuntian was somewhat bewildered, but still followed after.

Before long, the two people arrived at Victory Peak.

Ye Yuan sized up all around for a bit and arrived before a thousand-foot wide huge boulder.

“Right here!” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Mo Yuntian did not know what Ye Yuan had up his sleeves and could not resist asking, “Junior Brother, what are you trying to do?”

“Hur hur,Senior Brother must watch well in a while!” Ye Yuan said with a laugh.

With a clink, Canghua Sword was drawn!

Swish! Swash! Swoosh!

Ye Yuan’s longsword danced, sparks flying in all directions, and stone rubble falling profusely!

After a moment, a ‘sword’ character gradually took form!

Mo Yuntian looked at that plain and unremarkable ‘sword’ character but remained very baffled still.

This sword did not seem to have many extraordinary aspects, right?

Swapping Mo Yuntian to carve himself, he could similarly do it. It was at the very most the standards of Spirit Condensation Realm.

Ye Yuan tiptoed and bounded up lightly. In an area ten feet above, he inscribed the next ‘sword’ character once more!

He did not pause, leaping up another ten foot, engraving another ‘sword’ character again.

Mo Yuntian still did not make out what remarkable aspects this character had. At most, it was slightly harder than before.

Ye Yuan jumped higher and higher. The ‘sword’ character on the huge boulder became increasingly more as well, while Mo Yuntian’s face gradually became solemn!

By the time Ye Yuan carved the sixth ‘sword’ character, Mo Yuntian finally knew what Ye Yuan wanted to do!

Could it be that Ye Yuan wanted to use the method of inscribing characters to engrave his comprehension of the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art all onto this huge boulder?

With a thought up to here, Mo Yuntian no longer dared to slight it, gluing his eyes on the sword in Ye Yuan’s hand!

Although Mo Yuntian charged out of the Nine Heavens Road, his comprehension towards the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art was not considered too profound. It was even inferior to Tian Yu’s to some extent.

With such an opportunity to view and emulate, how could he possibly let it slip by?

The ‘sword’ character on the huge boulder became increasingly more, and also progressively more deep and profound. Mo Yuntian actually had a feeling of being unable to keep up!

Ye Yuan was using the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art to inscribe the characters. The concept within the characters, Mo Yuntian understood fully. But he suddenly discovered that in his understanding towards sword intent previously, many areas were actually wrong!

By the time Ye Yuan carved the 21st ‘sword’ character, Mo Yuntian’s head felt as if it had exploded, and he actually had a feeling of suddenly seeing it in a whole new light!

Ye Yuan started engraving from Spirit Condensation Realm sword intent. By the time it reached the 21st word, it was already the Third Level Sea Transformation sword intent.

And Mo Yuntian’s present sword intent comprehension was already stuck here for very long!

When Ye Yuan’s 21st ‘sword’ character’s final stroke was completed, Mo Yuntian actually felt his mind clear up, his chest incomparably free from inhibitions!

The dense fog which was stuck there for a long time was like being dispelled and seeing the sun. It was as if suddenly seeing the light!

At this time, Mo Yuntian’s eye did not even dare to blink, fearful of missing any one of Ye Yuan’s actions!

But starting from the 22nd character, Mo Yuntian began to have a feeling of having difficulty comprehending. He gradually started to fall behind Ye Yuan’s rhythm.

By the time Ye Yuan inscribed until the 24th character, Mo Yuntian already could not make head or tail of it.

He only felt that each ‘sword’ character had sword qi crisscrossing, giving people a very sharp feeling.

By the time Ye Yuan carved the 28th character, Mo Yuntian suddenly vomited a mouthful of blood with a puff.

This was a sword intent belonging to the Soul Sea Realm. It had already completely exceeded Mo Yuntian’s limits.

Because Mo Yuntian had been moving up Ye Yuan’s sword intent the entire time, Soul Sea Realm’s sword intent was already fully not what he could endure.

At this time, Mo Yuntian moved his eyes away quite reluctantly.

He did not dare to look on. If he continued looking, he would be killed by Ye Yuan’s sword intent.

Ye Yuan’s current realm was already about the same as his. If Ye Yuan really attacked him, he would not even need to draw his sword.

This was the disparity between Ye Yuan and him!

Even so, Mo Yuntian’s gains today was undoubtedly enormous!


When the 45th ‘sword’ character finished being inscribed, Ye Yuan floated down, landing in front of Mo Yuntian.

Mo Yuntian took a look at Ye Yuan and could not resist sighing as he said, “To think that Junior Apprentice Brother Ye’s sword intent has actually reached such a terrifying extent already!”

Towards Ye Yuan, Mo Yuntian felt admiration from the heart.

He knew that he and Ye Yuan were people from entirely different worlds. Comparing simply did not hold meaning at all.

Thinking this way, Mo Yuntian became open-minded instead.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “I only have Eighth Level Crystal Formation strength at present. Sword intent after Crystal Formation Realm completely can’t reach a corresponding degree. But in the short run, it’s enough to let my fellow apprentices comprehend the concept.”

Actually, Ye Yuan’s comprehension towards sword intent was far from this. But with these ‘sword’ characters, he only used the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art to inscribe them.

If Ye Yuan used the Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword Intent to inscribe, Mo Yuntian would most likely not be able to understand even at the Spirit Condensation Realm level.

The concept of supreme true intents was simply not what Lower Realm martial artists could comprehend.

Mo Yuntian’s gaze could not help looking towards those 45 ‘sword’ characters again, only to see that each ‘sword’ character was entirely different. It could be said to each have literary excellence.

Mo Yuntian knew that this was caused by the concept contained in each character being different!

Seemed like he was still a long way off on this road of comprehending true intent!

“If my conjectures are correct, there are probably still two months before the realm passageway will link up together. During this period of time, you’ll let the seniors and juniors to come here to comprehend sword intent then,” Ye Yuan said.

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