Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 454

Chapter 454 Tier 4 Array Master Taking The Field

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The Heavenly Sky Sect’s main hall already became the Purple Mansion Sect’s main hall now.

Ever since the Southern Domain’s Sect Great Meet, the Purple Mansion Sect occupied another person’s land, treating here as their base camp.

But at present, the atmosphere in the main hall was rather stifling.

The death of Grand Elder Ma Yi caught everyone in the Purple Mansion Sect by surprise, including Sect Master He Mingde.

He Mingde had the appearance of a middle-aged man. Each and every action had the air of a grandmaster.

But he had a sinister and ruthless air at his glabella, which ruined his temperament.

The Southern Domain today, everyone knew that He Mingde was somebody who was highly adept at enduring hardship and ridicule. Being in the position of sect master for so many years, he only showed others the visage of First Level Soul Sea Realm.

All the way until that so-called Southern Domain Sect Great Meet, did he astound the world with a single brilliant feat, suppressing all the sect masters and grand elders.

Today’s Southern Domain could be said to be his world alone.

It was just that this present Southern Domain’s number one encountered a significant problem.

At present, the remaining six great sects, there was already five great sects thoroughly devastated. Only the weakest Tranquil Cloud Sect dealt a head-on blow to the Purple Mansion Sect instead!

“The matter of the Tranquil Cloud Sect killing Ma Yi using the sect protecting grand array, what views do all of you have?” He Mingde said calmly, unable to perceive his emotions currently.

“If I had to say, Ma Yi was definitely careless. That’s why he was ambushed successfully by those Tranquil Cloud Sect trash! The sect protecting grand array easily exterminating a Soul Sea Realm martial artist. If this spreads, wouldn’t it become a joke?” said a Soul Sea Realm grand elder.

“Yeah. The Tranquil Cloud Sect’s sect protecting grand array is a low-rank Tier 4 array formation. To say that Ma Yi could not breach it, I believe that. But to say that he was dispatched easily by the grand array, I won’t believe it even if I’m beaten to death! In-between this, something that we don’t know about must have happened!”

“Sect Master, let me bring people there. We’ll crack that formation in no time and exterminate all of those little thieves!”

A dozen over Soul Sea Realm elders all tried to get a word in. Most did not believe that the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s grand array could easily kill Ma Yi.

The prowess of Soul Sea Realm was too deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Everyone was also well aware of the Eight Great Sect’s ins and outs.

The eight sect’s sect protecting grand array could only defend the attacks of middle-stage Soul Sea at the most. But how could it be that easy to want to kill Ma Yi?

Let alone that the Tranquil Cloud Sect did not even have Soul Sea Realm martial artists holding down the fort right now.

But He Mingde was vexed hearing this and said with a wave of his hand, “All shut up for me! What impossible to kill? Could it be that Ma Yi’s corpse is molded out of clay by the disciples? Can you all use your brains to think properly? His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, is about to open up the realm passageway soon to launch the holy war. If we can’t rule the Southern Domain, as the land of foundation for His Majesty to personally descend upon the Endless World, all of us are going to be in serious trouble!”

Hearing these words, everyone immediately shut their mouths sensibly.

The wind emperor laying blame was not some laughable matter.

At this time, a blue-robed old man suddenly stood up and said with He Mingde with clasped hands, “I wonder if Sect Master has questioned Skymaple and Luo Qingfeng before whether or not the Tranquil Cloud Sect still has a third Soul Sea Realm expert?”

He Mingde said, “That’s of course! I specially told this news to the two of them. After they heard it, they looked stunned too. It was absolutely not feigned. Very clearly, they were also very surprised by this incident happening! Then I’m puzzled. Who in the world is controlling the array formation? To actually have such might?”

The blue-robed elder said with a frown, “Since the Tranquil Cloud Sect doesn’t have a third Soul Sea Realm martial artist, then could it be that . . . the Northern Domain’s Three Sects already discovered our true identities?”

He Mingde shook his head and said, “Impossible! For the sake of this day, I’ve already made perfectly sound preparations! Long before taking action, I already sent people to the Myriad Sword Sect to bow our heads in submission and acquiesce, and also promised huge benefits. They won’t intervene in the Southern Domain’s affairs!”

“Then . . . could it be that it was a wandering formation path expert who just happened to pass by the Tranquil Cloud Sect?” said the blue-robed elder with a frown.

He Mingde let out a sigh and said, “Right now, the Tranquil Cloud Sect huddled up and refuses to come out. We completely can’t get any news! But no matter what, we also can’t let those stragglers and remnant troops from the Tranquil Cloud Sect to gain a firm foothold! Elder He Jun, the matter of cracking the formation is entrusted to you!”

The blue-robed elder bowed and said, “To render service to His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, He Jun will naturally do all I can! It is just a Tier 4 grand array. This old man will make them exist in name only!”

He Mingde nodded his head and said with a faint smile, “With Elder He Jun’s strength, this He can still count on it! You’re a middle-rank Tier 4 Array Master. If even you are helpless, then nobody in the Southern Domain can crack this formation. However . . . for the sake of being conservative, let Liao Wenguang go together with you. You guys can also look after each other! Remember, as long as the grand array is broken, kill every person regardless!”

Right then, another Soul Sea Realm elder stood up and said, “As you command!”

This Soul Sea Realm elder was shockingly a Fourth Level Soul Sea Realm martial artist!

A middle-rank Tier 4 array master coupled with a Fourth Level Soul Sea Realm martial artist, this line-up could be rated as luxurious to the Southern Domain.

. . . . . .

At Towering Peak, Heavenly Sky Sect.

This was the place that imprisoned the various sect’s sect masters and grand elders.

These people’s essence energy seas all had restrictions imposed and completely could not muster up essence energy. Right now, they were no different from a cripple.

Skymaple and Luo Qingfeng were locked up together. The Purple Mansion Sect was not worried that they would do anything funny either.

“Martial Uncle, who do you think . . . came to our Tranquil Cloud Sect?” Luo Qingfeng asked with a frown.

“The sect’s upper echelons were practically caught in one fell swoop. I really can’t think of who has such capabilities in the sect still. To actually be able to obstruct the Purple Mansion Sect’s cavalry!” Skymaple was evidently unsure either.

Luo Qingfeng said, “Although He Mingde only came to probe us and didn’t say what happened. From his expression, it can still be made out that something major must have occurred!”

He Mingde only asked if the Tranquil Cloud Sect still had Soul Sea Realm experts existing and did not tell the two of them about Ma Yi’s death.

But what kind of person was Luo Qingfeng?

He already knew many things from examining the speech and behavior!

Skymaple shook his head and said, “Even if something big happened, with He Mingde this Seventh Level Soul Sea Realm here, what use is there? My Tranquil Cloud Sect’s destruction is just something inevitable.”

Luo Qingfeng suddenly thought of something and lowered his voice as he said rather excitedly, “Martial Uncle, do you think that it’s . . . Ye Yuan returning?”

Skymaple was also startled in his heart. He immediately shook his head and said, “If he wanted to come back, he would have returned long ago! Didn’t you hear during the Sect Great Meet? Not a single person who went to the mystic realm came back! Several months already passed by. The hope of Ye Yuan returning alive is too slim! Moreover, even if Ye Yuan really came back, he also can’t possibly be the Purple Mansion Sect’s match. He Mingde is a Soul Sea Realm powerhouse.”

Hearing Skymaple analyze like this, Luo Qingfeng was also very downcast.

The two people exchanged a glance, and both revealed bitter remorse.

As long as they were given a few years’ time, Ye Yuan would surely be able to grow up.

But now . . . everything became empty!

“Sigh. . . To think that the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s thousand-year foundation was actually ruined in our hands! What face do we have to go and meet our forefathers?!” Skymaple said with an emotional sigh.

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