Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 456

Chapter 456 Cheerily Confident

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“En? What’s the meaning of junior apprentice brother’s words?” Mo Yuntian asked in confusion.

“You guess, which ‘sword’ character is he contemplating on?”

Mo Yuntian was stupefied briefly and looked at Tian Yu again, involuntarily shaking his head.

Tian Yu’s head was facing very high upwards. But as for which ‘sword’ character he was looking at in particular, Mo Yuntian could not guess it.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “If my conjectures are correct, Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu is most likely already comprehending the 37th word.”

“What?! 37th word. Doesn’t that mean . . .” Mo Yuntian said in shock.

Ye Yuan nodded and said with certainty, “That’s right. He’s already comprehending the final nine words. As long as he can comprehend fully, his own true intent should be just about able to take form!”

The words that Ye Yuan inscribed on the huge boulder, each one was a minor realm. Every nine was a major realm, advancing level by level gradually.

Tian Yu was already comprehending the 37th word, meaning that he had already reached the final phase!

Wasn’t such an improvement speed a little too fast?

“If Junior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu can really fully comprehend his own true intent, then it will truly be the Heavens not forsaking our Tranquil Cloud Sect! So long as we cross this tribulation, we’ll surely soar to the skies at once!” Mo Yuntian was not dejected, but appeared very happy instead.

“Actually, the ones who comprehended the elementary form of true intent in our Tranquil Cloud Sect isn’t just Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu alone. It’s just I wonder if they are doing okay now?” Ye Yuan suddenly lamented.

“What? There’s still somebody who comprehended the elementary form of true intent? Who is it?” Mo Yuntian was truly shocked.

“It’s precisely the Long Tang who entered the sect together with me. In the sect grand competition previously, he already comprehended the elementary form of true intent.” Ye Yuan said.

“Hiss . . . it’s actually him!” Mo Yuntian looked at Ye Yuan like he had seen a ghost.

Mo Yuntian noticed one thing. People who were close to Ye Yuan all seemed to have obtained enormous benefits.

Tian Yu was so, Long Tang was so, Nanfeng Ruoqing was so. Even he himself was similarly like so.

Mo Yuntian did not know that even Skymaple and Luo Qingfeng’s breakthroughs had close ties to Ye Yuan.

“Yes. Presumably, the sect has already discovered his talent. That’s why they would arrange for him to withdraw to the Northern Domain to preserve their strength.” Ye Yuan said.

Among these many seniors and juniors, to say who Ye Yuan was most worried about, it was naturally the Nanfeng aunt and niece, and Long Tang.

But, he enquired about. Among the secret team headed for the Northern Domain this time, there was the three of them. This also put Ye Yuan’s mind at ease considerably.

“If it’s like this, the Tranquil Cloud Sect can be said to have added a double insurance! Even if I have to risk this life, I, Mo Yuntian, will also have to ensure their safety!” Mo Yuntian said firmly.

Mo Yuntian knew that the sect’s strongest genius was actually not Tian Yu, nor was it Long Tang, but this person before him.

It was just that him being together with Ye Yuan, not only could he not be of any assistance, he would instead become a burden.

Right now, it was Ye Yuan protecting the Tranquil Cloud Sect with his own strength, and not him, Mo Yuntian.

Without Ye Yuan, the Tranquil Cloud Sect would practically be utterly annihilated at this time, whence the resurgence?

The small and weak Ye Yuan back then already grew into a towering tree current, sheltering the sect from the wind and rain!

. . . . . .

After several days, a shout akin to rolling thunder echoed throughout the entire sect.

“Tranquil Cloud Sect’s trash listen up. Give you all two days to come out and surrender! Otherwise, when the formation is broken, nothing will be left intact!”

The Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples were already in position long ago in the grand array’s center. They could clearly sense two extremely powerful auras outside the grand array.

Very clearly, these two people were the Soul Sea Realm powerhouses, Liao Wenguang and He Jun.

Many Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples showed a nervous expression on their faces. Even though they were confident enough in Ye Yuan, facing Middle-Stage Soul Sea Realm powerhouses, they still not could avoid feeling fear.

Soul Sea Realm martial artist. Each minor realm had a tremendous difference.

The strength of Middle-Stage Soul Sea Realm was completely not what that Ma Yi could compare to.

“Want to come, then come! So much crap! If you have the capabilities, break this grand array before talking!” Ye Yuan’s voice also transmitted out through the grand array.

Liao Wenguang’s brows furrowed and said, “Humph! I want to see if this grand array of yours is really as powerful as rumored!”

With Ma Yi’s failure serving as a warning, Liao Wenguang did not dare to be negligent. He directly took out his weapon — a blood-colored long saber.

“There’s a show to watch now. Grand Elder Liao’s Blood Drinking Saber is a 128 restrictions spirit artifact. Couple with his Tier 4 martial technique, Blood Drinking Soul Severing Blade, it can be said to be unstoppable!”

“Yeah. I heard that when Grand Elder Liao was still at the Sea Transformation Realm, he once relied on this saber to cut down five experts of the same realm! Now that so many years have passed, this martial technique of his has probably attained perfection, right?”

“Tranquil Cloud Sect this pack of morons. To actually dare kill Grand Elder Ma. Truly causing their own ruin! Provoking Grand Elder Liao to come out is the dumbest thing that they have done!”

Liao Wenguang had already not come out of retirement for many years. These few years, he had been very low-profile as well, only appearing before people with First Level Soul Sea Realm cultivation.

But now, he suddenly erupted with Fourth Level Soul Sea Realm strength. Nobody dared to disparage him.

In all honesty, nobody dared to look down on Soul Sea Realm martial artists either.

Liao Wenguang stood in the air, standing firm far away. The saber momentum rose, and at the same time, a crimson essence energy storm howled in front of Tranquil Cloud Sect’s gates instantaneously!

Boundless killing intent undulated out. That level of power gave people a feeling like the mountains were crumbling and the ground splitting; incomparably indomitable!

The Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples in the center of the formation distinctly sensed this pressure!

Compared to Ma Yi, this attack was more than a level stronger!

Many Tranquil Cloud Sect disciple had cold sweat coming out of their palms in anxiety, uncertain if Ye Yuan could withstand this attack.

“Blood Drinking Soul Severing Blade!”

Liao Wenguang gave a low cry. Saber light towered to the skies, its momentum akin to rolling thunder, instantly slamming onto the grand array.

Only to hear a rumble, as if the entire Spirit Blessing Mountain trembled a little.

Everyone clearly sensed that an essence energy breach appeared on the grand array, but automatically recovered very soon.

Seeing this scene, Liao Wenguang was not alarmed, but became excited instead. Saying with a cold laugh, “I was wondering how powerful this grand array was. Turns out that it’s merely on par with Middle-Stage Soul Sea Realm! Another few more times and this grand array would most likely be collapsing, right?”

“Grand Elder Liao is almighty!”

“Grand Elder Liao is almighty!”

. . . . . .

When the Purple Mansion Sect disciples saw this scene, they were all highly excited.

Many among them followed Ma Yi over here the previous time, including that Zhu Mingyu.

On that day, they could be said to have experienced the most painful defeat in the history of the Purple Mansion Sect, and felt like the entire world was falling apart.

A Soul Sea Realm martial artist was slain in front of the formation. This impact force was too intense.

And today, they had a feeling of walking about with their chins held high, and finally felt like they regained a set.

Hence, each and every one of them was like on stimulants, praising Liao Wenguang.

Liao Wenguang also felt very comfortable regarding this stuff. The feeling of being worshiped by everyone was very wonderful.

“Heh heh, I’m going to go one more time to see how many of my attacks this grand array of yours can withstand! You all prepare well for me. After I blast this grand array open, you all charge inside in one breath and leave nothing behind!” Liao Wenguang said with a loud laugh.

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