Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 457

Chapter 457 Wretched Plight

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Another huge tremor.

After a moment, the grand array recovered to normal once more.

Liao Wenguang was very excited. He seemed to have seen the moment the grand array shattered.

While by the side, He Jun was not as optimistic as Liao Wenguang.

He stared at the grand array with heated eyes. It was also uncertain what he was thinking about.

He brandished the Blood Drinking Saber and was just about to attack again when he heard He Jun said, “Forget it, Old Liao. You can’t break this grand array.”

Liao Wenguang’s expression changed and he said unhappily, “What are you talking about? Old He, you aren’t afraid that I’d snatch credit from you, right?”

He Jun shot him an indifferent glance and said, “Since you’re talking like this, just take it like I didn’t say anything. Go ahead and carry on trying.”

Liao Wenguang’s expression was not very good, and was somewhat caught in a dilemma for a moment.

To talk about martial strength, he obviously flung He Jun several streets behind. But, to talk about understanding towards array formations, He Jun threw him more than ten streets behind.

Looking at the realm passageway on the verge of opening up, these Purple Mansion Sect Soul Sea Realm experts all wished to render contributions in front of the wind emperor.

If Liao Wenguang could crack the formation independently, the merit this time would be his alone. He was obviously not willing to give this credit to He Jun.

But, he knew He Jun’s formations path attainments. If he was not exaggerating just to alarm people, then wouldn’t he be wasting his energy?

Ruminating briefly for a moment, Liao Wenguang said with a cold snort, “Humph! Try it out then!”

Liao Wenguang felt that his attack just now already caused considerable damage to the grand array. Redouble his effort and he could definitely crack this formation.

He Jun smiled coldly at the corners of his mouth, but did not stop Liao Wenguang too much.

There was not much nonsense. Liao Wenguang sent out another blade. This time, he even increased his strength a little.

Another intense tremor. The grand array seemed to be tottering on the verge of collapse already.

Liao Wenguang shot He Jun a glare like putting on a show of force and increased his strength even more again.

Liao Wenguang was highly excited, chopping out blade after blade.

The Purple Mansion Sect disciples only heard the rumbling sounds lingering incessantly in their ears, as if the entire Spirit Blessing Mountain was crumbling.

Yet, in a twinkle, Liao Wenguang slashed out over a dozen blades. The commotion caused was greater each time, and the grand array also quaked more intensely each time. But it just was not breached.

Liao Wenguang was panting from exhaustion and finally became aware that something was not right.

Unleashing over a dozen blades consecutively. Moreover, each blade was more powerful than the last, as if every blade reached the limits that the grand array could withstand.

That was also to say that this sect protecting grand array’s limits was rising along with his attacks!

Motherf*cker! Wasn’t this messing with Your Father?!

Liao Wenguang gnashed his teeth hatefully, his gaze involuntarily glancing over at He Jun. But he discovered that He Jun was looking at him composedly, seemingly watching a good show.

“To hell with it! A person has to have a backbone! I want to see just where this grand array’s limits lie!”

Liao Wenguang was fairly stimulated by He Jun’s expression and his stubborn temper flared up all at once.

In front of thousands of Purple Mansion Sect disciples, if Liao Wenguang yielded at this time, where would he put his face in the sect hereafter?

Liao Wenguang at this time had already ridden on a tiger and found it hard to dismount. He could only toughen his scalp and continue attacking wildly.

He could not care about saving whatever trump cards at this time too. Flinging caution to the wind, he used his strongest attacks all together.

Yet, it did not have any freaking use.

Apart from huge tremors, the grand array still did not have any signs of the slightest trace of damage.

Liao Wenguang was already dog-tired until he was about to collapse. Such powerful attacks, even if he was a Middle-Stage Soul Sea Realm powerhouse, he was also unable to sustain for too long.

“This . . . what the hell is this grand array? Why is it so strong?”

“Earlier when I saw Elder Liao’s attacks, I even thought that this grand array nothing more than this. But, Elder Liao slashed out dozens of blades and it actually still did not crack the formation!”

“Wasn’t it said that the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s sect protecting grand array was only a Low-Rank Tier 4 grand array? How can it possibly withstand Elder Liao’s attacks?”

“You guys, look. Elder Liao is already tired until like this. To be able to exhaust a Middle-Stage Soul Sea Realm powerhouse to this extent, this grand array is really . . .”

“Up until now, it was all Elder Liao attacking. I was present on that day. This grand array clearly has people controlling and can even taking the initiative to attack, releasing an extremely terrifying light stream which instantly killed Elder Ma!”

Over on the Purple Mansion Sect’s side, discussions were running rampant. Especially those martial artists who experienced Ma Yi’s death. Currently, their dread towards the grand array was at the peak.

Up until this moment, this sect protecting grand array had been taking on a defensive stance. That extraordinarily powerful light stream had yet to appear until now!

What if . . .

Truly whatever one feared would come. After sustaining one of Liao Wenguang’s attack, several streams of flowing light creeped out, chasing after Liao Wenguang!

Liao Wenguang was practically at the extent of a nearly spent force already. The timing that these few streams of flowing light appeared was grasped very well too. It was precisely when Liao Wenguang’s old force was spent and new strength had yet to be produced!

Liao Wenguang’s face changed drastically and hastily wanted to evade. But, his essence energy was depleted right now. How could he still have the strength to run?

The speed of the light streams was much faster than him. It caught up to his figure instantaneously.


A huge air blast pushed Liao Wenguang far out, slamming heavily onto the ground.

Liao Wenguang rolled a long way out on the ground and struggled to crawl to his feet. Eating a mouthful of dust and in a very wretched state.

The grand array restored its tranquillity once more, as if nothing happened earlier.

But, Lian Wenguang had lingering fear. That life and death juncture just now, if not for He Jun taking action to disperse those few streams of flowing light, he would most likely be following in Ma Yi’s footsteps right now.

“He Jun! You know that this grand array is formidable, why didn’t you make a move earlier?!” Liao Wenguang came in before He Jun and said crossly.

Liao Wenguang could not remember how long had it been since he was so miserable anymore. Today’s encounter made him depressed to the max and he very much needed to find a channel to vent.

But He Jun said calmly, “I warned you long ago. It was you who didn’t listen to my advice and had to forcefully crack the formation! I made a move to save you earlier, it was fine if you didn’t thank me, but you actually have the face to turn around and question me?”

“You!” Liao Wenguang actually had no words to retort with.

“This grand array is incredibly abstruse. It’s completely not a Low-Rank Tier 4 grand array. It’s very different from the news that we understood before!” He Jun said in a grave voice.

Liao Wenguang’s expression changed and he said, “What? Not Low-Rank Tier 4? Then, what grade?”

He Jun said, “If my conjectures are right, this grand array is at least High-Rank Tier 4 level! Even if Sect Master came personally, he might not be able to forcefully crack the formation!”

Liao Wenguang’s shock this time was extraordinary. He actually forgot the embarrassment earlier for a moment and said in astonishment, “Even Sect Master can’t crack this grand array? Are you kidding?! My attacks earlier clearly almost breached it already. It was just slightly lacking some firepower.”

He Jun had a disdainful face as he said with a cold smile, “Drop it, you! Your attacks just now only scratched their itch for them! The person controlling the grand array had the grand array controlled at Middle-Stage Soul Sea Realm level just for the sake of saving essence energy. That’s why your attacks can have that sort of effect. If not out of trepidation that the two of us were here, you would long be a dead body right now!”

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