Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 458

Chapter 458 Who Is It

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“S-Such a shame! At the last moment, it actually fell a step short of success!” In the formation’s center, Tian Yu said with a look of pity.

Tian Yu hated the Purple Mansion Sect people to the bone. If not for his strength being lacking, he would have long slaughtered up to the Heavenly Sky Sect.

Now, seeing that Liao Wenguang was actually rescued by people, he immediately lamented endlessly.

“Sigh! Just a bit more and we could have killed that Middle-Stage Soul Sea Realm expert! Just a little bit more!” A disciple hammered his chest and stomped his feet.

The group of Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples all nodded their heads secretly. Evidently, they completely felt the same way.

Previously, they were all still very nervous, fearful that the grand array would not be able to sustain, and wished that they could transfer all the essence energy in their bodies to Ye Yuan.

But, after suffering several attacks, they discovered that the ever-triumphant Middle-Stage Soul Sea Realm powerhouse in their impression did not seem to be that scary either.

Although the tremors that the grand array sustained was much greater than the previous time, the essence energy that Ye Yuan extracted from their bodies reduced a great deal instead.

This aspect was because that their collective strength rose a huge step. The other aspect was because Ye Yuan intentionally preserved strength.

But Ye Yuan turned around and said with a smile, “Haha. Don’t be anxious. The good show is just starting!”

Tian Yu’s eyebrows shot up and he said rather excitedly, “Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, could it be that . . . you intended that earlier?”

Ye Yuan nodded with a smile and said, “Kill one and the other’s alertness will become high. That array master would surely be very wary. Making him jump into the pit wouldn’t be too easy then. That’s a Tier 4 Array Master after all. He more or less still has some capabilities.”

“Haha! Like I said! Brilliant, Junior Apprentice Brother Ye! Truly brilliant!” Tian Yu was thrilled and unwittingly raised a big thumbs up to Ye Yuan.


Seeing Tian Yu’s silly look, the disciple also could not help bursting into laughter. The jumpiness previously immediately vanished without a trace.

. . . . . .

Outside the sect’s gates, Liao Wenguang’s hair was standing on its end from shock. Only now did he know that he had already toured one round around the gates of hell and back.

Recalling that scene earlier, Liao Wenguang had a bout of lingering fear and felt a swish of cold wind at the back too.

Liao Wenguang swallowed his saliva and felt rather parched. “Old He, do as you say. I’ll listen to you!”

This time, Liao Wenguang did not dare to show off his abilities and started to consult He Jun.

He Jun was a Tier 4 Array Master after all. Liao Wenguang himself could not crack the formation. Evidently, there was only relying on He Jun.

He Jun said with a smile, “Tier 4 and above grand arrays, even if it were me, cracking it is somewhat challenging too.”

Liao Wenguang saw that He Jun was deliberately keeping him in suspense and gnashed his teeth hatefully.

But, at this point, Liao Wenguang had no choice either. He could only rely on He Jun entirely.

They pledged solemnly in front of He Mingde before they departed to definitely crack the grand array and utterly eradicate the Tranquil Cloud Sect.

Yet now, he nearly lost his little life just now. A round of tongue-lashing from He Mingde could not be dispensed with when they returned.

Only by annihilating the Tranquil Cloud Sect could he look a little better in terms of face after returning.

“Old He, everyone is serving the wind emperor. Don’t hold the suspense already, alright?” Liao Wenguang said unhappily.

“Pooh! Know that you’re serving the wind emperor now? When you were snatching credit just now, where did you put the wind emperor?”

Of course, He Jun did not say out these words. He just criticized in his heart. Liao Wenguang this fellow was too shameless.

“I’ve researched all the Eight Great Sect’s sect protecting grand arrays before. The Tranquil Cloud Sect’s sect protecting grand array’s name is Yin-Yang Turbid Heaven Grand Array. This array formation was originally a Quasi-Tier 5 array formation. Its power was extraordinary. It’s just don’t know what the reason was, the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s sect protecting grand array seemed to have some imperfections. So it only had Low-Rank Tier 4 power.” He Jun said slowly.

From He Jun’s words, one could tell that the Purple Mansion Sect had wild ambitions towards the Southern Domain, and had long been making plans.

He Jun had long researched the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s sect protecting grand array before, and more or less still had some understanding of the Yin-Yang Turbid Heaven Grand Array.

Liao Wenguang said in astonishment, “Could it be that . . . this array formation in front of us already has Quasi-Tier 5 grand array power? Doesn’t that mean that . . . unless a Divine Traversing Realm powerhouse came, otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to crack this grand array no matter what?”

He Jun shook his head and said, “How can a Quasi-Tier 5 grand array be so easy to set up? At least in the Southern Domain, there’s absolutely nobody who can lay down a Quasi-Tier 5 grand array! Furthermore, according to what I know, this Yin-Yang Turbid Heaven Grand Array’s complete array formation was already lost. The Tranquil Cloud Sect themselves can’t set it up either.”

Liao Wenguang heaved a sigh and said, “Then your meaning is?”

“Although this array formation can’t possibly reach Quasi-Tier 5 grand array standards, it has evidently been renewed and perfected by somebody. It should barely manage to reach High-Rank Tier 4 standards! Moreover, the strength of the person controlling the grand array is not beneath mine! Hence . . . wanting to directly crack the formation, I can’t do it too!” He Jun said with a grave face.

“What? This grand array has someone controlling? Furthermore, strength isn’t beneath yours? In the land of the Southern Domain, other than the Heavenly Sky Sect’s Zhou Yun, who else can reach your level?” Liao Wenguang exclaimed in surprise.

Liao Wenguang was utterly clueless about grand arrays and completely could not see through this array formation’s profundities. But He Jun could perceive some inkling.

The Tier 4 Array Masters in the land of the Southern Domain only had two people. One was He Jun. The other person was a Heavenly Sky Sect grand elder called Zhou Yun.

Before this, He Jun had secluded himself from society all along and did not come out. The Tier 4 array masters in the land of the Southern Domain was actually just this Zhou Yun alone.

Hearing for the first time about this person whose formations path standards were not beneath He Jun’s controlling this grand array before their eyes, Liao Wenguang’s astoundment could be imagined.

One had to know that Zhou Yun was still being detained at Towering Peak!

Then who was inside the grand array?

He Jun nodded his head slowly and his expression had unspeakable solemnness, “I also can’t figure it out after racking my brain! Logically speaking, the Tranquil Cloud Sect is the weakest sect among the Eight Great Sects. Counting in Luo Qingfeng, there are only just two Soul Sea Realms as well. I really want to know who on earth is controlling this sect protecting grand array inside right now!”

Liao Wenguang felt rather parched. A Tier 4 Array Master whose strength was not inferior to He Ju controlling a High-Rank Tier 4 grand array. This was not something fun.

His actions earlier were seriously too foolish.

Thinking about it now, he was considered to have had a narrow escape.

No wonder He Jun said previously that even if Sect Master came personally, he might not be able to crack this formation either.

“Then . . . what should we do now? Go back first to report this matter to Sect Master?”

Liao Wenguang no longer had the haughtiness of a Soul Sea Realm right now. Instead, he became somewhat timid.

He Jun shook his head and said, “We mobilized a huge force and raised a big rumpus to come here. How can we return empty-handed? Hehe, encountering such an expert, Old He, I, am also itching to test my skills now! I really want to know who on earth is controlling the Yin-Yang Turbid Heaven Grand Array now! Although I can’t achieve directly cracking the formation, abating the power of this array formation and finding the vulnerable areas of this grand array, I can still accomplish it! Old Liao, in a while, I’ll go crack the formation. You help support me from the sides and wait for my news. When I let you attack, you launch your attack with all your might and completely break this formation!”

As he said, He Jun flipped over his hand. His hand already had an additional bunch of multi-colored small flags in it.

He took out a yellow small flag and his figure moved, arriving not far from the grand array.

Only to see him casually wave his hand. Vast quantities of heaven & earth essence energy released from the small flag and sunk into the Yin-Yang Turbid Heaven Grand Array!

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