Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 461

Chapter 461 Sea Expanding Pill

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The group of upper echelons was exchanging glances. Clearly, this was their first time receiving information like this.

And the shock that this news gave everyone was too overwhelming.

According to what Lin Chao said, Ye Yuan only had a Seventh Level Spirit Condensation Realm cultivation when he entered the mystic realm.

He could actually traverse as easily as flat ground within Tier 4 and Tier 5 grand arrays at such a realm. Was this a joke?

Yet, when placing this kind of unimaginable things on the present Tranquil Cloud Sect, it was also the most logical explanation!

From Ye Yuan’s performance at that time, one could tell that his attainments in the formations path most likely surpassed the level of Tier 4 long ago.

Without such strength, how could he control the sect protecting grand array and cut down three Soul Sea Realm powerhouses too?

But, from then until now, merely a few short months had passed. This Ye Yuan could not go so far as to reach the level of Soul Sea Realm, right?

This news was layered with contradictions within. There were many unexplainable issues. But looking at the outcome, it was also the most reasonable explanation.

“The Tranquil Cloud Sect actually took in such a monstrous disciple? This is quite troublesome!” He Mingde said with a frown.

He Mingde believed that Lin Chao would not joke around with this matter.

Now, the Tranquil Cloud Sect was defending this grand array to the bitter end. I there were no Divine Traversing Realm powerhouse who came forth, the sect would be like a porcupine being covered in spikes everywhere. They would be completely helpless against the sect.

This war really struck He Mingde until his flesh hurt. With the lesson this time, he no longer dared to storm the Tranquil Cloud Sect.

Moreover, what kind of visual prowess did He Mingde had? He had long seen through that Zhu Mingyu who was already started dreading from the bottom of his heart.

Even a peak Ninth Level Sea Transformation Realm expert was frightened until like this, let alone ordinary disciples.

Two middle-stage Soul Sea Realm grand elders perished under the grand array just like that. Most likely, there was nobody who dared to deliver themselves to death anymore either.

Lin Chao’s eyes glimmered and said, “This boy’s talent can no longer be described using monstrous. But he has a huge Achilles heel. Maybe we can move in from this point!”

He Mingde’s eyes narrowed and seemed to already know what Lin Chao was talking about. “You’re saying . . . Those prisoners on the Towering Peak?”

Lin Chao nodded and said, “That’s right! This boy is somebody who values ties enormously! He originally had the chance to leave the mystic realm individually but infiltrated the Fierce Gale World without any hesitation. I’m thinking that since he has this weakness, why don’t we make use of it? As long as we force him out of the grand array, why would we need to worry about being unable to deal with him?”

“What if he doesn’t come out?” asked a Soul Sea Realm elder.

“Then we’ll kill one by one. Kill all the way until he comes out!”

These words were said by Lin Chao with a smile. Except, his smile looked so cruel.

. . . . . .

These few days, the entire Tranquil Cloud Sect was in jubilation.

This was a merry and hearty huge victory. The Tranquil Cloud Sect relied on the sect protecting grand array to cut down two middle-stage Soul Sea Realm powerhouses!

This was absolutely a one of a kind victory in the history of the Southern Domain!

In the hearts of the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples, Ye Yuan was already an existence that approached godlike.

They knew fully well that even if Grand Elder Skymaple and Sect Master Luo were here, they completely could not do it to Ye Yuan’s extent either.

Ye Yuan was simply sent by the heaven to save the Tranquil Cloud Sect!

With these two huge victories, the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples’ fear towards the Purple Mansion Sect were long tossed to the back of their minds.

Now, even if He Mingde came forth personally, they would also stand behind Ye Yuan without any signs of fear to transfer essence energy to him unceasingly.

But Ye Yuan suddenly announced closed-seclusion ever since the great battle previously, leaving all of the sect’s matters to Mo Yuntian to manage.

Everyone’s enthusiasm had nowhere to release, so they might as well busy with their own matters.

Of course, even more disciples continued comprehending the inscribed characters that Ye Yuan left on Victory Peak, hoping to raise their mastery of concepts as soon as possible.

The greatest improvement was naturally still Tian Yu. Now, there was already nobody who could approach the area of 200 feet around him!

Apart from Tian Yu, Mo Yuntian’s improvement was also rather swift.

Through a period of contemplating, Mo Yuntian already understood the profundities of the 30th sword character and was currently comprehending the 31st character.

This period of time, Ye Yuan made use of the Square Cauldron to refine a large batch of Jade Spirit Pills too.

Since returning from the Fierce Gale World, Ye Yuan had basically ceased comprehending concepts. As long as he had spare time, Ye Yuan would basically be cultivating essence energy.

Before the great battle, Ye Yuan was only a step away from the Ninth Level Crystal Formation Realm.

After that fight, Ye Yuan reckoned that the Purple Mansion Sect would most likely have to properly plan for a period of time. Hence, he announced closed-seclusion at the first instance he had.

After three days, Ye Yuan directly burst past the Ninth Level Crystal Formation Realm barrier!

“Tsk tsk.Big Brother can indeed fight it out with me. His cultivation completely has no bottlenecks at all!” White Light was clicking his tongue as he said with a sigh.

“Young Master’s concepts are much higher than his realm. Give him another one or two years, him breaking through to the Divine Traversing Realm directly isn’t anything much either,” Yuan Fei said with a nod.

“I really don’t know how he cultivates. He isn’t much older than me either. His comprehension of concepts is actually so high! Big Brother said that he was going to directly break through to the Sea Transformation Realm this closed-seclusion. When he exits, the expressions on those Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples’ faces must be very fascinating.”

White Light was very excited, in a manner like desiring for the world to plunge into chaos.

But Yuan Fei did not refute it. He also knew that what White Light said was correct.

The medicinal pills that Ye Yuan refined, the medicinal efficacy was multiple, even over ten times of others. Plus his extremely heaven-defying cultivation method, he was totally unafraid of absorbing too much medicinal strength and could not withstand it. His cultivation speed was practically dozens of times of other ordinary people!

Such a cultivation speed, these Lower-Realm martial artists could not be not astonished even if they wanted to.

After entering seclusion, Ye Yuan was basically refining essence energy all the time. His realm was also rising extremely rapidly.

Another eight days passed. Ye Yuan finally reached Peak Ninth Level Crystal Formation Realm in one stroke!

At this time, the insides of Ye Yuan’s dantian already swelled up. The fist-sized essence energy crystalline body practically filled up his dantian.

Afterward, Ye Yuan spent another two days to consolidate his realm and started to break through to the Sea Transformation Realm directly!

Sea Transformation Realm was just a transitionary realm but was an undeniably important realm.

Shattering core, transforming sea. The size of the essence energy sea formed as well as the quality determined the heights that one would attain in the future to a very large degree.

After shattering the core, the entire dantian would crumble. The original dantian would vanish. Within the martial artist’s body, a space will naturally form which was used to accommodate the essence energy sea.

When ordinary four or five spirit liquid drops martial artists cultivated to the Sea Transformation Realm, they could basically only condense a fist-sized essence energy sea.

In theory, the more spirit liquid the martial artist had, the larger the essence energy sea condensed.

Furthermore, the size of the essence energy sea condensed for the first time also determined the limits of the martial artist in the future.

That was why it was said that this realm that was not a major realm was of utmost importance!

Ye Yuan condensed the perfect nine spirit liquid drops at that time. The essence energy crystalline body within his body at this time was much stronger compared to normal martial artists.

Regarding how large an essence energy sea he could condense, Ye Yuan was very curious too.

“Heh heh,I wonder how large an essence energy sea I can condense with my present state coupled with the Sea Expanding Pill. I’m really quite looking forward to this!” Ye Yuan said with a chuckle.

As he said those words, Ye Yuan swallowed a dark medicinal pill. The essence energy within his body begun to seethe. His dantian area started collapsing!

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