Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 465

Chapter 465 Tian Yus Resolve

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The vast and mighty army gathered before the gates once more with He Mingde taking the lead. The air of an overlord was displayed fully beyond all doubt.

Lin Chao came forward from the army. He yelled out in the direction of the Tranquil Cloud Sect, “Ye Yuan, an old friend came here to see you, and you don’t even come out to say hi. This isn’t the way to treat guests!”

Finished talking, Lin Chao was not in a rush either, quietly waiting for Ye Yuan’s reply.

Hearing Lin Chao’s yell, Mo Yuntian said in surprise, “We came back so secretively. How did the Purple Mansion Sect know that you’re directing the grand array?”

Ye Yuan was also rather surprised. But he reacted to it very quickly and said with a smile,“Hur hur,this person, Senior Apprentice Brother Mo knows as well. It’s really an old friend!”

“I know too?Ah!You’re saying . . . Lin Chao?” Mo Yuntian reacted to it too.

Ye Yuan smiled as he nodded and said, “This person is full of schemes and has already witnessed my performance in the mystic realm. Him guessing that I had returned isn’t strange.”

Mo Yuntian’s brows knitted tightly. Evidently, his impression of this Lin Chao was very deep.

One could say that the situation formed in the Southern Domain right now, the root all lay with this Lin Chao!

“Looking at it, the idea of using Grand Elder they all to threaten us was surely came up by him. Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, you mustn’t fall for it!” Mo Yuntian said solemnly.

Ye Yuan said with a smile,“Haha.I’ll go and meet with this Lin Chao!”

“No way!”

“Out of the question!”

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan was just about to leave the grand array when all of the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples actually blocked his exit without any prior consultation and refused to let him leave.

“Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, you’re the sect’s last hope. If anything were to happen to you, the Tranquil Cloud Sect would be thoroughly finished!”

“Yeah, Senior Apprentice Brother Ye. They are clearly trying to force you out in the open. You mustn’t fall for it!”

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ye, we can’t let you deliver yourself to death!”

. . . . . .

The Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples were all clamoring to speak. All in all, the meaning that they were trying to bring across was to not let Ye Yuan go through dangers easily.

Right then, Lin Chao’s voice came over once more.

“Ye Yuan, are you not even going to honor an old friend’s invitation? I brought immense sincerity over here this time. You take a look. Grand Elder Skymaple, Sect Master Luo, Hall Head Xiao, Hall Head Ling, I brought all of them here for you!”

When these words came out, everyone’s faces all changed.

Ye Yuan said,“Haha,looks like whether I go out or not isn’t up to me!”

The faces of those Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples were all very conflicted but not a single one moved their foot away. Evidently, they were still unwilling to let Ye Yuan go out in their hearts.

Yet, Skymaple, Luo Qingfeng, and the rest, their lives were in danger. The disciples truly did not know what they should do.

Right at that moment, Tian Yu suddenly came forward.

Only to see his eyes crimson red throughout, his entire person like he was possessed.

When Ye Yuan saw Tian Yu like this, he could not help being stunned too. “Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu?”

Tian Yu suddenly shut his eyes, took in a deep breath, and snapped open his eyes and said, “Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, don’t go out! Grandpa they . . . they all will understand!”

This sentence, ten over words, Tian Yu seemed to have used all of his strength.

Especially the latter half of the sentence. He practically choked it out through sobs.

When he finished talking, his face was already covered in tears.

Such a decision was too cruel to him.

Tian Yu was practically brought up by Skymaple hand-in-hand. Their relationship, everyone in the Tranquil Cloud Sect knew.

Yet now, Tian Yu actually said to give up on Grand Elder!

Everyone’s gazes focused on Tian Yu, and their eyes actually turned red.

Everybody fell silent. This decision was an extremely arduous decision for everyone.

Yet, Lin Chao seemed to know what was happening here. His voice rang out untimely again. “Ye Yuan, I know that you can hear me! Look, I invited you out to meet up and have a chat properly, but you just have to make me resort to force. How about this? From now onwards, every 15 minutes, I’ll kill a Tranquil Cloud Sect prisoner all the way until you come out!”

When the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples heard this, they wished that they could go out and tear Lin Chao into shreds.

But one had to acknowledge that Lin Chao’s words seemed to clamp down on their throats, making it extremely uncomfortable for them.

Ye Yuan said helplessly, “You all heard as well. We can’t very well look on passively as Grand Elder they all die in front of us, right? Everybody relax. I’ll be right back. Nothing will happen.”

Ye Yuan’s figure moved and passed the group of Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples.

Yet, right at this time, a figure blocked in front of him. It was precisely Tian Yu.

“Ye Yuan, not that I fear death, but seeking death like this is really not worth it! Any one of us can go and die, only you alone can’t! Without you, the Tranquil Cloud Sect will thoroughly lose any hope for taking revenge!” Tian Yu said resolutely.

Ye Yuan was touched in his heart, but he said with a smile, “Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu, rest assured. I’m not going to court death.”

Tian Yu was very clear about Ye Yuan’s character. Except, the sect protecting grand array was Ye Yuan’s final measure. How could he be willing to believe Ye Yuan’s words?

Even if Ye Yuan broke through to the Sea Transformation Realm, it was also not possible to be He Mingde’s match!

Going out like this, what was it but seeking death?

“Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, if you must go out, then kill me first! If you insist on leaving, I know that I can’t stop you, but I can kill myself!”

As he said, Tian Yu raised his sword and put it against his neck.

Ye Yuan did not think that Tian Yu would actually be so decisive. He said helplessly, “Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu, I’m really not deceiving you. Time is of the essence. Explain to you again later. Going to have to offend!”

As he said, Ye Yuan’s figure flashed, arriving in front of Tian Yu the next instant.

Tian Yu did not even get to react and was brought down by Ye Yuan.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Mo, help me take care of Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu. I’ll be right back,” Ye Yuan said.

Finished talking, Ye Yuan flew away.

. . . . . .

“Ye Yuan, looks like you don’t care about these Tranquil Cloud Sect people’s lives anymore. Then I’ll make a move! Remember to find somebody to help collect their corpses in a while! Do it!” Lin Chao’s voice resounded throughout the entire Tranquil Cloud Sect.


A voice came over. Ye Yuan’s figure slowly appeared out from the grand array.

When Lin Chao saw Ye Yuan, he could not help it but to show a smile because his scheme had succeeded.

“Ye Yuan, it’s really been a long time we haven’t see each other!” Lin Chao said with a smile.

Ye Yuan snorted coldly and said,“Humph!Lin Chao, it’s really you!”

“Huhu,these words should be said by me instead! I really didn’t think that you could actually escape from the Fierce Gale World! Truly inconceivable!’ Lin Chao said.

“Zhao Tianyin is a fool. What’s so strange about escaping from his hands?” Ye Yuan said indifferently.

Lin Chao was stupefied when he heard that and said, “Who’s Zhao Tianyin?”

“You don’t even know the Wind Emperor’s exalted name and actually work yourself to the bone for him. I really feel sad for you!” Ye Yuan said with a look of pity.

“H-His Majesty, the Wind Emperor’s name! You . . . You have met the Wind Emperor, His Excellency?”

Lin Chao no longer had the composure from before. What replaced it was astonishment.

He thought that Ye Yuan was being hunted down the entire time and that being able to escape was simply by luck.

But now, Ye Yuan said that he met the Wind Emperor and even escaped from the Wind Emperor’s hands!

How was this possible?

Then he heard Ye Yuan nonchalantly said,“Haha,not only have I met him, his elderly self . . . even kowtowed before me to admit his fault!”

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