Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 467

Chapter 467 Unable To Distinguish Real From Fake

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Logically speaking, with Ye Yuan being obliterated, his move would also dissipate right away.

Yet, those flying petals that covered the sky actually did not have the slightest trace of dissipating. Instead, it sped up and churned over towards Lin Chao!

When Lin Chao saw the situation, his expression could not help changing drastically.

He Mingde did not expect such an outcome either and could not help turning pale with fright.

His figure swayed, and vanished from its original spot!

Yet, it was already late!

Even though the speed of a late-stage Soul Sea Realm was fast, him only moving at this time was clearly a beat slower already.

Clusters of flower petals quickly encased Lin Chao!

Agh!Sect Master, save me!”

He already sensed the power of this move just now. But he only realised how terrifying this move was when confronting it head-on right now!

No matter how he unleashed his moves, it had no way of obstructing the flower petals’ encroachment!

Swish! Swish! Swish!

In the blink of an eye, the flower petals broke through his protective essence energy and sliced his flesh body!

“Lin Chao!”

By the time He Mingde reached, Lin Chao already sprawled feebly onto the ground, his life and death unknown.

He Mingde’s face was livid with rage as he looked at this scene in disbelief.

A First Level Sea Transformation Realm actually succeeded in ambushing Lin Chao right under He Mingde’s eyes!

That move of his earlier had clearly struck Ye Yuan already. Putting aside that Ye Yuan was just a First Level Sea Transformation Realm, even a First Level Soul Sea Realm should be deader than dead too.

But why did Ye Yuan’s move not dissipate?

He Mingde quickly raised his head, looking all around, trying to find Ye Yuan’s profile.

However, where was Ye Yuan’s silhouette?

It was as if he just blasted onto the air just now!

This kind of feeling was extremely surreal. He Mingde had never encountered such a situation before.

Suddenly, He Mingde’s expression changed.

A figure gradually took form in front of him. It was precisely Ye Yuan that he obliterated previously!

Ye Yuan shot an indifferent glance at Lin Chao collapsed on the ground and said with a sigh, “A pity. I expended too much essence energy in the end. Killing you now is a kind of ability falling short of my will. Consider it you’re having another life then.”

Looking at Ye Yuan not far away, He Mingde was very perplexed. Just how did Ye Yuan dodge his attack earlier?

That sort of feeling earlier was absolutely unmistakable. He had indeed struck Ye Yuan.

A First Level Sea Transformation Realm received an attack of his fully and actually stood before him without a scratch. What kind of situation was this?

He Mingde was scheming and calculating by nature. Seeing Ye Yuan appear again, he did not immediately take action.

He surveyed the surroundings but did not discover anything out of the ordinary.

Just where did the problem occur?

“Boy, how did you do it?” He Mingde suddenly opened his mouth to ask.

Ye Yuan lifted his head slightly, looked at He Mingde, and he said, “Wanted to do it, so did it. Didn’t you take into account every conceivable possibility? Make a guess then what means I used to do it.”

He Mingde’s brows furrowed. Ye Yuan had a look as if he had nothing to fear. Very clearly, he did not fear He Mingde taking action.

“Humph!Pretending to be mysterious! Go to hell!”

He Mingde struck out a palm and obliterated Ye Yuan again!

The feeling was exactly the same as before. The Ye Yuan before his eyes was deader than dead.

This time, he should be really dead, right?

Looking around again, he totally did not sense Ye Yuan’s aura. Just a dead person in front of him.

Not knowing why, He Mingde actually had a feeling of liberated from a heavy load.

“Were you looking for me?” A cool voice was heard. It actually startled He Mingde until he broke into a cold sweat.

Raising his head to look, Ye Yuan was standing there perfectly unscathed again, like nothing happened at all just now!

“You . . . How are you still alive?!” He Mingde said as his expression changed.

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “You should feel lucky, lucky that my present realm is still low. Or else, you attacking the Tranquil Cloud Sect this time would be your time of death! Now, bring your men and quickly scram!”

He Mingde was livid with rage. He finally confirmed that he had already fallen into an illusion!

But . . . just when did he fall into an illusion?

Could it be that there was an even more powerful existence behind this young man?

He Mingde discovered to his shock that this illusion was too lifelike.

If not for Ye Yuan this irrational existence, he wouldn’t even know that he had succumbed to an illusion!

“Just how did you do it? You’re only at the First Level Sea Transformation Realm. How can you possibly set up such a formidable illusionary formation?” He Mingde asked grimly.

Wanting to deceive a powerhouse whose realm was so much higher than his with an illusionary formation, this was simply impossible!

Furthermore, this was not a small-scale illusionary formation. An extremely massive illusionary formation was needed to deceive everyone from the Purple Mansion Sect. The demand for energy and effort for an array master reached an even more terrifying extent.

Ye Yuan flashed a smile and said, “Still remember Grand Yan True Sect?”

This time, He Mingde was truly astounded. “You . . . You’re the Grand Yan True Sect’s successor?”

“It’s also not wrong for you to think that way. Back then, in order to stop your Fierce Gale World from invading, the Grand Yan True Sect mustered the entire sect’s power to seal the realm passageway. Yet, you all destroyed that seal. Now, using this grand array to deal with you also counts as retribution!” Ye Yuan said nonchalantly.

“Impossible! Although the Grand Yan True Sect’s array formation was incredible, there was no such illusionary array either!”

He Mingde was clearly very clear about the Grand Yan True Sect and did not believe at all.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “If the Grand Yan True Sect’s Sect Master had grasped this set of array formation back then, then there wouldn’t have anything to do with the Wind Emperor. If he dared to come, he would also have no chance to return alive!”

The astonishment in He Mingde’s heart could not be any greater. He knew that what Ye Yuan said was not false.

This set of array formation was too powerful. It actually made him, a late-stage Soul Sea Realm powerhouse, sink into it imperceptibly.

If the Grand Yan True Sect’s Sect Master had fully comprehended this set of array formation back then, crossing realms to trap His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, might not be impossible either!

What made He Mingde even more shocked was that an array formation that even the Grand Yan True Sect’s Sect Master was unable to comprehend, this young man before his eyes actually comprehended it!

He Mingde was very clear about the Grand Yan True Sect and was deeply aware of what kind of genius the Grand Yan True Sect’s Sect Master was.

Just how monstrous was this youth before his eyes?!

“Alright. Not much time left. Thank you very much for sending Sect Master Luo they all back over a long distance. Now, you all can get lost.”

Ye Yuan finished talking, and his profile vanished hazily where he stood.

He Mingde’s hairs stood on its ends from feeling alarmed. Could it be that the array formation already vanished?

But compared to just now, there didn’t seem to be anything different!

No, wait!

He Mingde’s face changed and was just about to check on the Tranquil Cloud Sect prisoners, but heard the Purple Mansion Sect disciples over there crying out already!

“Ah! Where’s Skymaple?”

“Luo Qingfeng disappeared too!”

“Also Xiao Jian and Ling Potian!”

“This . . . What’s going on here? I was still grabbing them earlier. Where are they?”

All . . . All disappeared? Hang on, Xiao Jian? Ling Potian? Weren’t those two people dead already?He Mingde just now clearly saw Lin Chao give the orders to kill them!

His gaze became intense and involuntarily looked over where those two people were beheaded earlier. But how was there any corpses there? There wasn’t even a drop of bloodstain!

He Mingde was completely thrown off his bearings. His mind was in somewhat of a trance right now. Just what was real and what was fake?

He suddenly took a look at the Lin Chao on the ground. Seemed like only this was real . . .

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