Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 469

Chapter 469 Mysterious Visitor

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“Ye Yuan prevented the entire Southern Domain’s decline with his strength alone!? What a godly achievement!”

Hearing Mo Yuntian’s narration, Skymaple gave a heartfelt gasp of admiration.

He knew that Ye Yuan’s talent was immensely high. But he did not think that it was actually high to such an extent.

When Skymaple and they all were imprisoned by the Purple Mansion Sect, each one of them thought that the Southern Domain was completely finished.

Who knew that paths wound along mountain ridges, and things took a turn for the better. A Crystal Formation Realm Ye Yuan could actually force back the Purple Mansion Sect three times successively!

“Yeah. If not for witnessing it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t dare to believe it at all.” Mo Yuntian himself was overcome with emotions too.

At this time, Skymaple’s face suddenly changed, and he said, “Yuntian, why . . . don’t I see Tian Yu?”

His voice had yet to fade when Tian Yu suddenly appeared here and said agitatedly, “Grandpa!”

Ye Yuan blow was not heavy. Tian Yu just happened to wake up in this short while. Hearing that Ye Yuan rescued everybody, he sprinted madly all the way over here.

Seeing Skymaple, Tian Yu was unbelievably agitated and actually shed tears.

When Skymaple saw Tian Yu, tears similarly coursed down his old face.

These days, Skymaple thought that Tian Yu perished in the mystic realm, and his entire person was awfully haggard.

Now, seeing his grandson returned safe and sound, it untied the knot in his heart.

By the side, Luo Qingfeng, the sect’s upper echelons, as well as the disciples, could not help tearing when they saw this scene.

This period of time, everyone’s inner heart was extremely anguished.

The sect was destroyed. These people were all shouldering a tremendous psychological burden.

Right after they returned to the Tranquil Cloud Sect, they survived a calamity. They could at least guarantee that the sect’s teachings would not be wiped out.

Luo Qingfeng and the rest heaved a long sigh of relief in their hearts.

After the small talk, Skymaple pulled Tian Yu over and sized him up carefully. The smile on his face gradually became astonishment.

Skymaple discovered that Tian Yu’s eyes emitted radiance. Tian Yu standing there was just like a still sheathed sharp sword, seemingly vastly different from before!

“Tian Yu, you . . .” Skymaple said in surprise.

Tian Yu smiled blushingly; he could not quite blow his own trumpet. But Mo Yuntian said with a smile, “Grand Elder, Sect Master, Tian Yu has already comprehended a true intent. Our Tranquil Cloud Sect has hopes for revival!”

Skymaple and Luo Qingfeng’s gaze turned intent as they looked at Tian Yu disbelievingly.

“Tian Yu, is what your Senior Apprentice Brother Mo said true?” Skymaple said in shock.

Tian Yu nodded with a smile. Skymaple and Luo Qingfeng exchanged a glance, the shock gradually becoming a pleasant surprise.

“Hahaha!Good! Good! Good! Truly, the heaven hasn’t forsaken my Tranquil Cloud Sect! To think that my Tranquil Cloud Sect could beget fortune from a disaster and actually let Little Yu comprehend a true intent! Heaven has really opened its eyes!”

Skymaple said good three times in a row. It could be seen how elated he was in his heart.

Tranquil Cloud Sect produced a junior who had comprehended a true intent. And this junior was even his lineal grandson!

“Grand Elder misspoke about this. This has nothing to do with the heaven at all. I could comprehend a true intent entirely because of Ye Yuan!” Tian Yu said with a smile.

Skymaple and the rest were stunned and could not help being curious.

Why was it Ye Yuan again?

Tian Yu recounted the incident of Ye Yuan engraving sword characters, leaving Skymaple and the rest speechless for a long time.

. . . . . .

Fierce Gale World, the depths of the Central Capital’s royal palace.

A martial artist dressed in a black robe sat on the throne, while another person was prostrated before him.

If there were people here, their jaws would surely hit the ground in shock.

The exalted Wind Emperor, Zhao Tianyin, was actually kneeling in front of this man!

“Zhao Tianyin, you’ve really disappointed This Seat greatly!” The black-robed man’s voice reverberated throughout the royal palace, giving people a very unreal sensation.

The unparalleled, overbearing Zhao Tianyin was just like an obedient kitten at this time.

Hearing the black-robed man’s words, Zhao Tianyin’s forehead sweat profusely as he said with profound respect and trepidation, “Lord Holy Envoy, please calm your fury! That Six Extreme Seals Grand Array is seriously too powerful. Even when the base of the formation is wrecked, it’s also very hard to link the realm passageway!”

The black-robed man said with a cold smile, “How can the array formation left behind by the Grand Yan Divine King be what you, a puny little Boundless Realm, can perceive? Fortunately, his descendants were all some useless people. Or else, you all wouldn’t even know how you died! But I don’t want to listen to reasons. If you delay the matter, and the higher-ups lay down the blame, Shangguan Wuhui’s outcome, you’re aware of it!”

Hearing these words, Zhao Tianyun involuntarily shuddered, sweat dripping like rain.

“Lord Holy Envoy, please rest assured. I’ll set off right away to personally make a move to link together the realm passageway. However . . .”

“Talk quickly if you have something to say! Don’t mince your words!” said the black-robed man with a cold grunt.

“Yes, yes. It’s like this, a woman with extremely formidable strength came from the Endless World. Subordinate . . . Subordinate isn’t her match.”

Zhao Tianyin recounted the events on that day falteringly. But the black-robed man fell silent after hearing it.

The black-robed man did not speak. Zhao Tianyin did not dare to interject either. He just kneeled there, waiting quietly for the black-robed man.

After a long while, the black-robed man suddenly opened his mouth to say, “You’re saying that that girl knows ocular arts? She just gave you a glance, and you got controlled by her?”

“Yes. Subordinate dare not deceive Holy Envoy. There are still other people who know about that day’s event.”

“Okay. What you said, I got it all. I’ll think of ways to resolve this matter. Everything carries on according to the original plan! If it delays again, you know the consequences! Also, you don’t go and provoke the Alchemist Association. So long as they don’t affect our plans, let them be,” said the black-robed man with a cold grunt.

“Yes. Subordinate will definitely do all I can to accomplish the task that Holy Envoy instructed!” Zhao Tianyin said.

“Humph!I hope so! Alright, it’s inappropriate for me to stay for long in this place. All the best to you!”

As he said, the black-robed man got up. A light door actually appeared in front of him.

The black-robed man stepped forward and entered, vanishing completely.

Seeing the black-robed man disappear, only then, did Zhao Tianyun heave a long sigh in relief. He discovered that it was as if he was hauled out of water, completely drenched thoroughly.

Zhao Tianyin’s gaze looked towards the vacant space area. It was also uncertain what he was thinking about.

Only after a long while, did he grit his teeth and said, “Shangguan Wuhui,ohShangguan Wuhui! You’re bringing a wolf into the house here! They raised the Fierce Gale World to a middle-order small world, but we became their dogs! No way! I mustn’t follow in Shangguan Wuhui’s footsteps!”

The Wind Emperor was always high and lofty in front of everybody. Who would have thought that he could actually have such a side.

Furthermore, most likely, nobody would have thought that the previous Wind Emperor, Shangguan Wuhui, did not ascend to the Divine Realm. Instead, he was obliterated by this mysterious organization!

And the present Zhao Tianyin was stepping onto the same path as Shangguan Wuhui once more!

. . . . . .

Three days later, Ye Yuan finally walked out of the secret chamber. Skymaple, Luo Qingfeng, and the rest, were waiting outside since long ago.

“Grand Elder, Sect Master Luo, Hall Head Xiao, long time no see!” Seeing these people, Ye Yuan was also quite overcome with emotion.

Skymaple and the rest exchanged glances, and they actually bowed down towards Ye Yuan at the same time!

Ye Yuan hurriedly support Skymaple and said, “Grand Elder, Sect Master Luo, why are you all doing this?”

Skymaple said with a sigh, “Ye Yuan, the Tranquil Cloud Sect could only preserve our Dao teachings from being annihilated by receiving your great grace. I, Skymaple, as the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s Grand Elder, nearly caused the sect to be destroyed! I really can’t think of how to thank you, so I can only come here to give you a bow!”

[0] In Chapter 338, the Fierce Gale World was supposed to be a high-order small world, while the Endless World was a middle-order small world. However, the author suddenly changed it. No freaking clue. Gonna translate as it is first.

Specifically, the confused expressions of lorem ipsum bear an unquestionable similarity to areas 1.10.32–33 of Cicero's work, with the most outstanding entry excerpted underneath: McClintock's eye for detail positively helped thin the whereabouts of lorem ipsum's birthplace, in any case, the "how when" actually remain something of a secret, with contending hypotheses and courses of events.