Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 470

Chapter 470 Entire Sect Moving North

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Among the Southern Domain’s Eight Great Sects, only the Purple Mansion Sect and the Tranquil Cloud Sect were left right now.

For the Tranquil Cloud Sect to be able to preserve their Dao teachings and preserve their sect from destruction, it could be said to be a miracle.

Ye Yuan did so many things for the sect, yet the sect practically did not seem to have anything to repay him with. This had to be said to be a very embarrassing thing.

Hence, Skymaple, Luo Qingfeng, and the rest discussed it, and finally still decided to come and give Ye Yuan a big bow, to express gratitude on behalf of the sect.

Ye Yuan said helplessly, “Grand Elder is killing Ye Yuan. I’m just a Tranquil Cloud Sect disciple. Since entering the sect, I’ve received the various elders’ and fellow apprentices’ care. How can I look on unconcernedly by the side when the sect is in trouble? This matter ends here. Grand Elder mustn’t mention it again!”

Reaching the end, Ye Yuan’s tone became a little heavy, and he revealed some unhappiness.

When Skymaple and the rest saw his reaction, their hearts all felt a chill.

The power emitted from Ye Yuan’s body actually left them at a loss on what to do.

Only now did Skymaple suddenly discover that this young man before him had already unknowingly grown into a great towering tree, and he could shelter the sect from the wind and rain.

In the past, Ye Yuan was just an immensely talented junior disciple in their eyes. His future was bright, but his strength was a little lacking.

But seeing Ye Yuan again today, Skymaple and Luo Qingfeng discovered to their shock that the aura on Ye Yuan’s body was actually not much weaker than theirs anymore.

Especially Xiao Jian and Ling Potian, their thoughts and feelings were the most profound. Because that instance just now, they actually had a palpitating feeling.

This made them realize that they could very well not be Ye Yuan’s match already!

Recalling back when Ye Yuan had just entered the sect, the two of them really had a feeling like they were dreaming.”Alright, alright, we won’t mention it! Ye Yuan, in your view, facing the Fierce Gale World’s invasion, what should we do?”

Skymaple also realized the awkwardness and hastily switched the topic.

Ye Yuan did not reply straight away. He invited them into the hidden chamber, before saying words that astonished everyone.

“The Southern Domain can’t be defended. While the realm passageway has yet to link together fully, we should take advantage and move the entire sect to the north,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

“What? Move the entire sect move? But . . .” Xiao Jian was taken aback in fright by Ye Yuan’s words.

The Tranquil Cloud Sect fought off the Purple Mansion Sect’s great armies thrice consecutively and barely managed to guard a piece of holy land. Now, they actually had to discard it!

Although Xiao Jian and the rest’s ideals were to return to the Northern Domain, they grew up in the Southern Domain after all. Suddenly hearing this news, they still felt somewhat acclimatized.

“Hall Head Xiao, don’t make a fuss over nothing. Listen to Ye Yuan is going to say till the end.” Luo Qingfeng was much more composed as he voiced out to reproach Xiao Jian.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “The Tranquil Cloud Sect is already a lone island. Once there are Divine Traversing Realm experts appearing, the Tranquil Cloud Sect will be the first to bear the brunt. The Yin-Yang Turbid Heaven Grand Array is only a Quasi-Tier 5 grand array. It can’t withstand the attacks of a Divine Traversing Realm powerhouse.”

“But . . . since that’s the case, why didn’t Ye Yuan you move north earlier? Why did you persist on holding fast to this land?” Luo Qingfeng opened his mouth to ask.

“Those Northern Domain’s major powers most likely still don’t know the Purple Mansion Sect’s origin and think that the Southern Domain’s great change was just the Endless World’s internal affairs. The Fierce Gale World has been blocking off the news the entire time. The goal also lied here. It’s already late for the Northern Domain to prepare now. If the Purple Mansion Sect rules the Southern Domain and lays down a solid foundation for the Fierce Gale World’s invasion, the Northern Domain will be caught even more unprepared. At that time, with the Fierce Gale World using the Southern Domain as a springboard, the Endless World most likely wouldn’t even have the strength for a single battle. Furthermore . . . Grand Elder, Sect Master Luo, and the rest of you all were still in the Purple Mansion Sect’s hands. How could we move north without careful consideration?” Ye Yuan explained.

It was hard to leave one’s homeland. Moreover, Skymaple and the rest still did not have a clear understanding of the Fierce Gale World’s might.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, they still said rather hesitatingly, “Didn’t you send Mei Zhen to the Northern Domain? When they get the news, they should attack in retaliation right away, no? Our Endless World is rich in resources. In terms of strength, we shouldn’t lose to the Fierce Gale World martial artists, right?”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “Although the Fierce Gale World is scarce in resources, the martial artists’ combat strength is extremely powerful! Same-rank martial artists, the Endless World might not be their match . . .”

Ye Yuan picked out a few of the important information and knowledge from the Fierce Gale World for Skymaple they all to listen, including the matter of the Grand Yan True Sect sacrificing the entire sect’s six sovereign level powerhouses back then to lay down the Six Extreme Seals Grand Array.

After listening finish, the facial expressions of Skymaple and the rest became grave.

Moreover, the Fierce Gale World’s most thorny entity was still the Wind Emperor, Zhao Tianyin, after all!

“Actually, I don’t hold much confidence in Elder Mei to be able to convince those Northern Domain’s heavyweights. That’s why counting on them to pull the Purple Mansion Sect up by the roots is simply impossible. The best situation right now is also just the two worlds’ martial artists confronting each other with the endless forest in-between,” Ye Yuan said.

Only then, did Skymaple and the rest realize the jeopardy of the situation. They exchanged glances, and Skymaple said, “Alright then. Ye Yuan, we’ll listen to you completely!”

Ye Yuan did not decline, saying with a nod, “Okay. I estimate that the realm passageway linking together is just a matter of this half a month too. We should make preparations early. Hall Head Xiao, these few days, you should bring a batch of people and set off first to be the advance party for the sect’s retreat. The Northern Domain’s territories are all places with owners. Some conflicts are bound to be unavoidable when we migrate the whole sect. Hall Head Xiao, after you go, don’t pick those places rich in essence energy. The top priority is to find a place to settle down. Also, there is a need to send some people to find that batch of people from before.”

Towards Ye Yuan’s tone that carried a slightly commanding style, the few people did not say much.

Ye Yuan had this qualification now.

Most importantly, they all knew that Ye Yuan would not harm the Tranquil Cloud Sect.

Xiao Jian nodded and said, “Okay. I’ll go and pick a batch of disciples right away and set off these two days.”

Ye Yuan said to Luo Qingfeng, “The other matters will have to trouble Sect Master Luo.”

Luo Qingfeng nodded and said, “Alright. I’ll go and handle them right away.”

Everyone was just about to leave when a disciple came forward to report in a slightly excited manner, “Grand Elder, Sect Master, Senior Apprentice Brother Ye, news bearers came from the Northern Domain!”

The eyes of Skymaple and the rest all lit up as they said excitedly,“Oh?Who came? Quickly bring us to meet them!”

But Ye Yuan’s gaze flickered and did not seem to be interested in this.

To Ye Yuan, he never placed hopes on those Northern Domain sects.

In the world of martial artists, relying on others was pointless. Only one’s own strength being formidable could preserve oneself.

But the Northern Domain reacting so swiftly had indeed exceeded Ye Yuan’s expectations.

“Hang on!” Skymaple and the rest were just in a hurry to leave when they were halted by Ye Yuan.

“What is it, Ye Yuan? A messenger came from the Northern Domain. It probably isn’t nice to neglect them, right?” Luo Qingfeng said.

But Ye Yuan did not answer, asking that disciple instead, “Did Elder Mei come back together with him?”

That disciple was stunned, shook his head, and said, “No. Didn’t see Elder Mei. A total of three people came, saying that they are the Northern Domain’s Myriad Sword Sect’s disciples!” Hearing this name, everybody’s faces including Tian Yu’s, all changed.

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