Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 472

Chapter 472 Youre Not His Match

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At this time, Luo Qingfeng no longer held any hopes of fluke in his heart.

Not only did the Myriad Sword Sect not forget the Tranquil Cloud Sect, it even wanted to find fault through the incident this time.

Of course, the present Tranquil Cloud Sect was completely not in the Myriad Sword Sect’s sights. Otherwise, they would not just send a couple of disciples over.

But the might of these three people before their eyes exceeded everyone’s expectations.

That Li Junjie clearly had the weakest strength among the three people and actually wounded Xiao Jian with one sword. Qin Yan’s strength was really not easy to estimate.

Ye Yuan clasped his hands and said with smilingly, “Senior Apprentice Brother Li is powerful. Younger brother admires it. In a while, you have to pull your punches!”

“Haha.Rest your heart. I’ll definitely go easy!” Li Junjie said with a big laugh.

Li Junjie placed all of his attention on Luo Qingfeng earlier and really did not notice Ye Yuan.

Now, such a young Sea Transformation Realm jumped out abruptly. It really gave him a small shock.

Such a young Sea Transformation Realm like Ye Yuan, when placed in the Myriad Sword Sect, was an existence like the feather of a phoenix and the horns of a Qilin too. To think that the Tranquil Cloud Sect actually groomed such a prodigious character.

However . . . this sort of thing like crushing geniuses was too satisfying, feeling as if it was an accomplishment!

Li Junjie thought about this in his heart sinisterly.

Hearing the ill-intent in Li Junjie’s words, Luo Qingfeng hurried went forward and grabbed hold of Ye Yuan, saying in a low voice, “Ye Yuan, their strength is not a trivial matter. Most likely, among the Northern Domain’s junior generation, they are considered extremely formidable existences. You’d better not flaunt your superiority. If there’s a mishap . . .”

But Ye Yuan interrupted Luo Qingfeng’s words with a smile and said, “How can that be? Senior Apprentice Brother Li even said that he will definitely pull his punches just now. Isn’t that so, Senior Apprentice Brother Li?”

The latter half of the sentence was said to Li Junjie. Li Junjie said with a wide grin, “Of course, of course. Lord Sect Master, please rest assured.”

Luo Qingfeng shot a fierce glare at Li Junjie and said to Ye Yuan in a low voice, “Ye Yuan, you must act within the limits of your ability!”

Ye Yuan gave a noncommittal smile. He then turned around and said to Li Junjie, “Earlier, I saw that Senior Apprentice Brother Li’s Violet Rain Cool Breeze seems to be very formidable. I learned that move too. I wonder if Senior Apprentice Brother Li can give a pointer or two?”

In Li Junjie’s eyes, Ye Yuan was like a very silly, very nave dumbass.

Could it be that this boy really thought that he would show mercy and found him to spar moves with?

But this was also very easy to explain. How could geniuses that has broken through to the Sea Transformation Realm in their teenage years had any experiences? Merely flowers that grew up in a greenhouse.

Seeing that Ye Yuan wanted to experience the Violet Rain Cool Breeze, Li Junjie was even more delighted in his heart.

Li Junjie had outstanding talent in the cultivation method of Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art. Although he had not fully comprehended any true intent at present, he was already not far from this step. That was why he could defeat Xiao Jian with one sword.

Ye Yuan actually wanted to compete in the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art with him. Ye Yuan was truly overestimating his own strength.

“Haha!I’ll guide you well!” Li Junjie said with a big laugh.

Ye Yuan cracked a smile, and Canghua Sword was displayed!

At virtually the same instant, Ye Yuan and Li Junjie made a move.

The same move, the same action; it was identical with the scene earlier.

With this move, Li Junjie did not hold back. The Violet Rain Cool Breeze was even more powerful compared to the last time.

His objective was to cripple Ye Yuan!

Seeing this scene, Luo Qingfeng’s expression changed drastically, “Not good! This Li Junjie was actually still conserving strength!”

Luo Qingfeng wanted to make a move to stop this fight. However, an exceedingly terrifying aura locked onto him!

Luo Qingfeng was secretly alarmed. He discovered that Qin Yan had already arrived in front of him since who knew when!

This young man actually gave him an exceedingly terrifying feeling. He . . . Was he really Ninth Level Sea Transformation Realm?

Compared to Li Junjie’s move, Ye Yuan’s Violet Rain Cool Breeze was freaking weak. It was like a little kid showing some gaudy display.

“Ye Yuan, be careful!” Luo Qingfeng yelled out.

Yet, Ye Yuan did not seem to hear it at all. He still displayed this Violet Rain Cool Breeze.

Gu Tianyou watched this scene calm and composedly as if he already saw the result of Ye Yuan this genius being ruined.

They all knew that Ye Yuan was surely a genius that the Tranquil Cloud Sect expended immeasurable energy to groom.

Destroying Ye Yuan, it was equivalent to ruining the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s future.

“Hehe,my guidance is here! You have to receive it well!” Li Junjie said with a delighted smile, stabbing towards Ye Yuan.

But, at this time, Ye Yuan’s Violet Rain Cool Breeze was already executed completely too, charging towards Li Junjie as well.

The two moves intersected. Ye Yuan’s move was weak like a tiny tree in a fierce gale, a small boat in the boundless seas.


The two people’s attacks finally collided together. Yet, Ye Yuan did not perish in one blow as everyone imagined.

On the contrary, that very instant he collided with Ye Yuan’s attack, Li Junjie seemed to be hit by somebody with a huge hammer, flying out directly.


Li Junjie just happened to be sent flying to where he sat originally, smashing the chair into smithereens.

Gu Tianyou and Qin Yan both did not react to it and was actually dazed for some time.

Of course, the stupefied ones were not just them. There were also Skymaple, Luo Qingfeng and the rest.

“How is that possible? Junior Apprentice Brother Li’s Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art is already close to the degree of major accomplishment. How could he possibly lost to this brat?” Gu Tianyou said disbelievingly.

Qin Yan did not speak. But his eyes when looking at Ye Yuan became immensely grave.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Li’s Violet Rain Cool Breeze is indeed formidable. Even flying out is actually so cool, letting Ye Yuan benefit a great deal!” Ye Yuan exclaimed in admiration.


At this time, Li Junjie crawled up swiftly, sending wood chips in front of him flying with a kick. He roared, “Stinking brat! I’ll kill you!”

Li Junjie already went completely berserk, wanting to kill Ye Yuan at all costs.

Even in the Myriad Sword Sect, there were also not many who could make Li Junjie so wretched looking. Now, he was actually beaten to this state by a Tranquil Cloud Sect brat who was still wet behind his ears. This was something that he could not accept.

The Myriad Sword Sect had acquired the full set of Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art. Li Junjie had immersed in this path for over twenty years and was also just a step away from comprehending sword intent. How could he possibly lose to the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s people?

If he lost to the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s upper echelons, it was still alright. But Ye Yuan was just a Tranquil Cloud Sect’s junior disciple. How could he possibly lose to somebody like this?

The Myriad Sword Sect was one of the three strongest sects in the Northern Domain. Li Junjie’s strength could also be ranked among the entire Endless World’s junior generation.

Now, he actually lost to a small sect’s disciple?

Li Junjie’s figure moved, but there was a blur before his eyes. Qin Yan blocked in front of him.

“Senior Brother, you move aside! I’m going to kill this punk!” Li Junjie howled.

But Qin Yan said coolly, “Forget it. You . . . are not his match!”

When Qin Yan’s words came out, Li Junjie and Gu Tianyou were both dazed.

Especially Li Junjie. He wondered if he heard wrongly and asked in incredulity, “S-Senior Apprentice Brother, what did you say?”

Qin Yan turned around and said with a solemn expression, “This boy has already fully comprehended the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art. You . . . are not his match!”

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