Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 474

Chapter 474 Staying Behind To Be A Hostage

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The Qin Yan trio seemed to have something stuck in their throats and were not able to speak for a while.

“B-Boundless Realm? You’re not joking, right?”

After a long time, Li Junjie finally recovered but was still filled with incredulity.

“Joking? Back then, the Grand Yan True Sect was ten times stronger than your Myriad Sword Sect. However, the Grand Yan True Sect hesitated at nothing to sacrifice the lives of six sovereign level array masters to deploy the Six Extreme Seals Grand Array! Do you think that they had the need to treat their lives jokingly?” Ye Yuan said with a cold smile.

The present Endless World’s situation was different. Back then, the Grand Yan True Sect reigned supreme, overshadowing all of the sects.

Although the Grand Yan True Sect’s Sect Master’s status was not on par with Zhao Tianyin’s, it was not far from the latter either.

Even such strength could not resist the previous generation Wind Emperor. What did the Myriad Sword Sect even count as?

“Hiss. . .”

The information that Ye Yuan uttered today, the shock it brought them was too intense.

Mei Zhen had not spoken more than a few words at the Myriad Sword Sect and was detained. Those people did not take it seriously at all.

Now, Ye Yuan spoke with definite evidence and even let Lan Feng out. It was not up to them to not believe.

“Like this, isn’t our Endless World facing imminent danger?” Gu Tianyou muttered.

“Hur hur,good that you know! But I still have something that I want to ask the three of you. Is my Tranquil Cloud Sect’s Elder Mei Zhen detained by your Myriad Sword Sect?” Ye Yuan asked with gleaming eyes.

One sentence and it dragged the three people back to reality.

Qin Yan said with a sneer, “So what if yes?”

Ye Yuan nodded slightly and said to Gu Tianyou and Li Junjie, “Good that it’s yes. The two of you can head back already. This whatever Eldest Senior Brother Qin Yan will stay in our Tranquil Cloud Sect to be a hostage then. Whenever you people release Elder Mei back, he can return to the sect.”

The three people were stunned when they heard these words. Wasn’t this punk overestimating his own strength too much?

“Detaining Eldest Senior Brother?Haha!Really unafraid of the wind spraining your tongue if it blows hard! Do you think that you can keep Eldest Senior Brother with the likes of that First Level Soul Sea Realm Sect Master?” Li Junjie said with a cold laugh.

“Haha!You all have stayed too long in the Southern Domain and already became frogs in a well, right? Do you know how formidable Eldest Senior Brother’s strength is?” Gu Tianyou seemed to have heard some hilarious joke and grinned from ear to ear.

Even Qin Yan himself shook his head too and said with a smile, “Overconfident fool!”

But Ye Yuan said nonchalantly, “I already said, disciple versus disciple. How could the likes of you all have the qualifications to let Sect Master take action personally?”

“You? You aren’t really thinking that by comprehending the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art, you would be my match, right?” Qin Yan stood with his hands behind his back, with a face full of contempt.

So what if Ye Yuan comprehended true intent?

He likewise comprehended true intent. Furthermore, he was even almost a full major realm higher than Ye Yuan!

Such a great disparity in strength and this brat was actually thinking of defeating him?

Ye Yuan flashed a smile and said, “Give it a try then!”

“Such a wildly arrogant boy! Don’t lose your life by trying!’ Gu Tianyou said with a cold snort.

But Qin Yan said with a smile, “Interesting. I’ll give you this opportunity!”

“Haha.It’s still Eldest Senior Brother magnanimity that is big. I’m going to make a move! You receive it well! Nine Swords Return to One, Half-Moon Slash!”

Ye Yuan did not talk rubbish either, executing the Nine Swords Stance’s Half-Moon Slash instantaneously!

Following Ye Yuan’s breakthrough to the Sea Transformation Realm, his Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword became even stronger!

Regardless whether was it the Nine Swords Stance or the Thousand Flowing Petals, they all expended countless amounts of Ye Yuan’s energy. The greater one’s strength, the greater the might.

Back then, Ye Yuan used this one move to place the powerful Zhao Chenggan in a wretched plight. No matter how powerful this Qin Yan’s strength was, it could not be stronger than Zhao Chenggan’s either.

Once Ye Yuan’s move was unleashed, the smile on Qin Yan’s face was instantly replaced with solemnness!

Not the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art!

When this brat was dealing with Li Junjie earlier, he was actually still holding back!

“Thousand Sword Nebulous!”

Qin Yan immediately put away his belittling heart, using an incomparably swift and fierce martial technique right away.

This Thousand Sword Nebulous move was an extremely powerful martial technique in the Myriad Sword Sect. Coupled with the Myriad Sword Sect’s cultivation method, it was a top-notch sword move when placed in the Endless World too.

The Sea Transformation Realm Ye Yuan displaying the Half-Moon Slash was much stronger than it was in the Fierce Gale World previously!

The two attacks collided together instantly. Yet, the Half-Moon Slash breached Qin Yan’s Thousand Sword Nebulous like crushing dried twigs!

Qin Yan’s face changed, and he immediately unleashed his movement technique and dodged this attack.

“What?! Elder Senior Brother’s Thousand Sword Nebulous actually lost when dueling swords!” Li Junjie nearly jumped up when he saw this scene.

“Eldest Senior Brother’s Thousand Sword Nebulous, even the Heavenly Martial Sect’s Guo Taoqun and the Profound Ice Sect’s Yin Yanhua can’t possibly resolve it so effortlessly, right?” An immense shock was seen in Gu Tianyou’s eyes.

Qin Yan’s expression at present was very nasty. He never could have imagined that Ye Yuan was actually formidable to this sort of degree!

Just now, if not for the Thousand Sword Nebulous offsetting a portion of the Half-Moon Slash’s power, whether or not he could evade was another matter altogether!

“Ye Yuan! It’s you who forced me! I still can’t completely control this move with my present realm. Once this move is unleashed, be responsible for your own life and death!” Qin Yan’s voice divulged an ice-cold intent.

Qin Yan pointed his sword at Ye Yuan. The single sword actually miraculously transformed into countless ones!

“Myriad Swords Return to Origin! Go to hell!”

Qin Yan did not have the composure from before anymore. His face even carried some ferociousness at this moment.

But at this time, Ye Yuan’s Wind-Fire Violent Blaze Transforming Dragon similarly finished casting too. The colossal dragon roared as it swept over towards Qin Yan!

This massive dragon was incomparably powerful, instantly engulfing those sword figures clean!

But it was not over yet. The massive dragon hastened over towards Qin Yan.

With a rumble, Qin Yan’s entire person was blasted flying out, collapsing weakly onto the ground.

“Eldest Senior Brother!” Gu Tianyou and Li Junjie shouted.

When they saw this scene, they were both greatly taken aback from shock and hurriedly went up to support Qin Yan.

The pair exchanged a glance, both feeling that it was beyond comprehension.

The undefeated Eldest Senior Brother in their eyes was actually defeated in the hands of an unknown brat!

“Relax. He won’t die. I still need him to be a hostage!” Ye Yuan’s indifferent voice came over.

Gu Tianyou and Li Junjie were both startled in their hearts. Their gaze when looking at Ye Yuan again was like they had seen a ghost.

This youth was seriously too scary!

“Y-Ye Yuan’s strength is actually formidable to this extent already! Even I’m . . . probably not his match for certain either!” Luo Qingfeng and Skymaple exchanged glances at this time as well. The astonishment in their gazes was not the slightest bit less than the Myriad Sword Sect disciples.

Skymaple was very relieved. Stroking his beard, he said with a smile, “I’d long foreseen that there would be this day. But I never could have imagined that this day would arrive so quickly! For my Tranquil Cloud Sect to be able to obtain Ye Yuan, it’s truly the heaven showing sympathy!”

“You all . . . Do you all really want to set yourselves against my Myriad Sword Sect?” Gu Tianyou’s voice carried some quivering.

The reason why they dared to come was that they felt that they had the strength to preserve themselves.

But looking at it now, this sort of self-confidence was really a joke!

But Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “You all don’t be mistaken. Elder Mei went to the Northern Domain to deliver news with good intentions but was detained by you people. This is you people forcing me. I don’t wish to cross anybody for no reason.”

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