Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 476

Chapter 476 Unexpected Invitation

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“Qin Yan was really injured by you?” Guo Taoqun asked with a blank look.

Ye Yuan’s brows furrowed slightly, and he said, “So what if yes? So what if not?”

“Cough, cough.This . . . If yes, I want to say . . . nicely done!” Guo Taoqun suddenly changed his tone.

Even Ye Yuan did not quite come around hearing his words.

When Qin Yan heard these words, he was so furious that he felt a sweetness in his throat. His injuries actually flared up again.

He looked at Guo Taoqun, wishing that he could eat him alive.

“This Qin Yan, I’ve long been displeased by him. It’s just that sadly, I couldn’t find the chance all along. Now, Little Brother actually accomplished this wish of mine. It really makes me feel even more cordial!” Guo Taoqun said with a broad grin. Everybody was stunned.

As he spoke, Guo Taoqun actually put his arm around Ye Yuan’s shoulder. That appearance looked like brothers who had been acquainted for many years.

Ye Yuan was still very vigilant at the start. Later, he discovered that this Guo Taoqun did not have any ill-intent towards him, and so he let him be.

Guo Taoqun pulled Ye Yuan along and talked a whole bunch. On the whole, they were more or less words which besmirched Qin Yan. Ye Yuan could not tell the truth from false either.

Qin Yan listened by the side, his entire face was black like the bottom of a wok.

But he was already fish on the chopping block right now, and simply dare not make any movements.

This Ye Yuan was a nutcase. He actually dared to provoke the Myriad Sword Sect. If he really offended him hard, there was no guarantee that he would not do anything.

“Oh, right, I seemed to have heard that you guys want to keep Qin Yan behind to be a hostage?”

Ye Yuan gave Guo Taoqun a glance and nodded.

“Haha!Brother, you really have guts! The people that I, Guo Taoqun, admire in this lifetime aren’t many. You’re one of them!”

Looking at Guo Taoqun’s manner, it rather looked like being admired by him was so laudable.

Ye Yuan was disinclined to bother with him and retorted with a question, “Who the hell are you? Barging into my Tranquil Cloud Sect’s main hall without authorization, I’m afraid that it’s a little inappropriate, right?”

Guo Taoqun was not embarrassed either. He said proudly, “I’m the Heavenly Martial Sect’s Eldest Disciple, Guo Taoqun. This great beauty is the Profound Ice Sect’s well-renown Ice Cloud Fairy, Yin Yanhua!”

When Guo Taoqun introduced Yin Yanhua, his eyes were filled with an ingratiating manner. That appearance was even somewhat fawning.

But Yin Yanhua did not buy it at all. She still had an icy appearance, like she totally did not hear Guo Taoqun’s words at all.

But hearing Guo Taoqun’s introduction, Ye Yuan came to a realization. As it turned out, the Northern Domain’s three great sect’s head disciples actually all converged in the Tranquil Cloud Sect!

Seemed like Mei Zhen’s trip wasn’t entirely without gains. At least, it made the three great sects send people over to investigate it.

Ye Yuan took a look at the three people and said with a sigh, “You great sect disciples are really leisurely and carefree. Death is already knocking on the door, and you’re still playing infighting! Looks like the Endless World has been peaceful for too long. Everyone no longer has any gallantness anymore!”

These words made Guo Taoqun stupefied. He asked curiously, “Little Brother, what’s the meaning of your words? Isn’t it somewhat exaggerating just to raise the alarm?”

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, the ice-cold Yin Yanhua also revealed a curious look, uncertain of the meaning in Ye Yuan’s words.

When Ye Yuan saw the duo’s expressions, he knew that Mei Zhen’s first stop was at the Myriad Sword Sect. Moreover, he was even detained, and simply did not have the time to notify the other two sects.

He shot a fierce glare at Qin Yan and co. and said in a cold voice,“Humph!The Myriad Sword Sect is really a bunch of fellows who are unable to accomplish anything but adept at ruining things!”

Ever since becoming aware that the Fierce Gale World had a Boundless Realm powerhouse, Qin Yan trio knew just how critical the Endless World’s situation was.

Being glared at by Ye Yuan at this time, they simply did not dare to retort.

If because of detaining Mei Zhen resulted in the Endless World’s overall defeat, the Myriad Sword Sect would be the entire Endless World’s sinners.

Seeing the expression of Qin Yan and the others, Guo Taoqun and Yin Yanhua became even more suspicious.

Was it possible that something big really happened in the Southern Domain?

The Purple Mansion Sect unifying the Southern Domain did not seem to be something serious either, right?

Right away, Ye Yuan recounted the matter of the Fierce Gale World invading briefly to the two. The two people’s expression both became unbelievably solemn.

They never would have thought that such a thing would actually happen to the Endless World!

But in front of the steel-like evidence, it was not up to them to not believe.

They finally knew now why Ye Yuan scolded the Myriad Sword Sect for being unable to accomplish anything, but good at spoiling things.

“Little Brother, if the matter is really as you say, then isn’t the Endless World in imminent danger?” At this time, Guo Taoqun’s face no longer had any debauch look. What replaced it was indescribable graveness.

“It’s not to the extent of on the verge of destruction. Because even if the realm passageway is linked together, it can’t withstand Boundless Realm experts passing through either. If the Wind Emperor wishes to cross the realm passageway, he must have sovereign level array masters reinforcing the realm passageway’s barrier continuously, all the way until it stabilizes fully. At least, in the short run, the Fierce Gale World and the Endless World are still in the situation of being evenly-matched in strength. But if the Endless World is still a pile of loose sand, then this world’s destruction is just a matter of time,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Guo Taoqun revealed a look of realization. The logic that Ye Yuan said was very simple, which was for the Endless World to resist the foreign enemy with a united spirit.

But Guo Taoqun who resided in the Northern Domain was deeply aware that this was simply something impossible!

The Northern Domain’s sects stood in great numbers. Apart from the three great sects, there were still many large and small sects of varying sizes.

These sects’ thoughts were all different. Without a person who could rally hundreds with a single call, there was simply no way of making them put their strength together.

If each fought their own battles when the time came, the Endless World would really not be far from complete destruction.

“Hiss . . . Fortunately, our Heavenly Martial Sect and the Profound Ice Sect obtained some information, sending the two of us to follow Qin Yan all the way here. Or else, we would really not know that such an earth-shaking major event actually happened to the Endless World! No can do. This matter is much too important. I have to return to inform Lord Sect Master straight away to make plans early!”

As he said, Guo Taoqun turned around and wanted to leave. When he passed by Yin Yanhua, Guo Taoqun suddenly switched to a smiling face and asked, “Ice Cloud Fairy, why not . . . we head back together?”

Yin Yanhua did not even spare him a glance, but took light steps and walked towards Ye Yuan.

“I wonder what junior brother’s name is?” Yin Yanhua asked.

“Ye Yuan.”

“So, it’s Junior Apprentice Brother Ye. If it’s in accordance with what Junior Apprentice Brother Ye said, the Northern Domain has no tenable defensive position anymore. The Tranquil Cloud Sect is already a lone island. Doesn’t your Tranquil Cloud Sect have plans to move north?”

Ye Yuan was rather surprised. This Ice Cloud Fairy was evidently someone with a nimble mind. He did not have the need to hide either, and said with a nod, “That’s right. We’re currently planning to move north!”

Yin Yanhua nodded her head slightly when she heard this. She said, “Junior Apprentice Brother Ye detained Qin Yan to be a hostage. The Myriad Sword Sect definitely won’t let things go. How about my Profound Ice Sect provide for shelter for you guys. I wonder what Junior Apprentice Brother Ye’s thoughts are?”

When Yin Yanhua said this, Qin Yan’s expression became even uglier.

“Fairy Maiden, my Myriad Sword Sect has good relations with the Profound Ice Sect all along. How can you take such an action arbitrarily?!” Qin Yan nearly spewed out another mouthful of old blood.

At this time, Guo Taoqun smacked his head and interjected too. He slung his arm around Ye Yuan again and said,“Haha!I hit it off with Junior Apprentice Brother Ye on first sight! How about . . . you come to our Heavenly Martial Sect!”

Hearing these words, Qin Yan’s two eyes finally rolled back, and he fainted.

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