Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 478

Chapter 478 Cicada Casting Off Its Shell

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How could He Mingde know how great a wave Ye Yuan stirred up in the Fierce Gale World?

He was still desperately absolving his charges, hoping to gain Shangguan Wenrui’s understanding.

In truth, Shangguan Wenrui did not blame him long ago.

But Shangguan Wenrui did not tell He Mingde either. The matter of Ye Yuan causing mayhem in the Central Capital was not very glorious after all.

Shangguan Wenrui did not speak, seemingly contemplating something.

After a long time, he finally said slowly, “You said that . . . that Tranquil Cloud Sect’s sect protecting grand array is a Quasi-Tier 5 grand array?”

He Mingde hurriedly said “Yes! Subordinate also doesn’t know how he, a Sea Transformation Realm brat, can deploy a Quasi-Tier 5 grand array. But we really suffered considerably on this grand array.”

Shangguan Wenrui nodded slightly and was not very surprised by Ye Yuan’s monstrousness.

“This period of time, have you been sending people to watch the Tranquil Cloud Sect all along? Don’t let them escape!” Shangguan Wenrui said.

“Sovereign Shangguan, rest assured. Subordinate arranged countless informants around the vicinity of the Tranquil Cloud Sect. If there’s any bit of rustle of leaves in the wind, they will report promptly!” He Mingde hurriedly said.

Shangguan Wenrui said, “Since that’s the case, send a Divine Traversing Realm expert over, and you can crack this grand array.”

As he said, Shangguan Wenrui turned around and said to a First Level Divine Traversing martial artist, “Yunrong, you make a trip with Sect Master He! If there’s a possibility, bring that boy back for me to see if he really has three heads and six arms!”

That Yunrong bowed and said, “Yes, Family Head.”

He Mingde was overjoyed when he saw the situation. He had suffered a huge loss in Ye Yuan’s hands. Now that there was a Divine Traversing Realm expert backing him up, what was he still afraid of?

. . . . . .

Several days later, in front of the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s gates, Shangguan Yunrong stood in the air.

Behind him stood He Mingde.

“It’s this grand array that you all couldn’t crack even by mustering up the entire sect’s strength?” Shangguan Yunrong said coolly.

He Mingde sweated heavily and said, “Yes. Subordinate is incompetent! Ye Yuan that boy is incredibly sinister. He really isn’t easy to deal with!”

Shangguan Yunrong nodded slightly but did not say anything.

Ye Yuan’s great name, he had naturally heard of it before as well. Ever since the great battle between Ye Yuan and Zhao Chenggan, Shangguan Lingyun seemed to have suffered a tremendous shock, cultivating day and night continuously.

As Shangguan Lingyun’s senior, Shangguan Yunrong naturally took it all into his eyes.

This battle, Shangguan Lingyun took the initiative to request for it and was already on the way here.

Presumably, hearing Ye Yuan this name once more, Shangguan Lingyun would be very excited.

But he heard that Ye Yuan already broke through to the Sea Transformation Realm. This made Shangguan Yunrong rather surprised.

Ye Yuan had immensely powerful combat strength at the Crystal Formation Realm. Now that he broke through to the Sea Transformation Realm, even if Shangguan Lingyun bumped into Ye Yuan, he was most likely not his match either!

With such an unsurpassable opponent, it was truly terrifying!

Hence, the best method was to . . . destroy this opponent!

Shangguan Yunrong extended his hand and gestured. Horrifying essence energy instantly concentrated on his palm.

When He Mingde behind him saw this scene, his pupils could not help constricting.

This was the power of a Divine Traversing Realm expert. Clearly it was not targeting him, yet it made his heart palpitate.


Shangguan Yunrong lightly spat out a word from his mouth. His attack instantly landed on the Yin-Yang Turbid Heaven Grand Array.

It was only to hear a loud bang. The grand array actually gave off a series of cracking sounds.

Shangguan Yunrong had a calm and collected look the entire time. However, at this time, his face slightly revealed astonishment.

“Quasi-Tier 5 grand array is it . . . Indeed! Quite capable!”

This attack of his looked played down, but how could a Divine Traversing Realm expert’s attack be simple?

This attack virtually employed 70% of Shangguan Yunrong’s powers and it actually did not breach the grand array in one blow. It could be seen how great this grand array’s power was!


Shangguan Yunrong attacked again. This time, the grand array collapsed with a loud bang!

When those Purple Mansion Sect disciples saw this scene, each and every one of them was flushed red with excitement.

They had already waited far too long for this day!

When the grand array broke, those Purple Mansion Sect disciples were like pumped with blood, rushing over towards Spirit Blessing Mountain.

He Mingde who was standing behind Shangguan Yunrong was similarly very eager. This time, he would definitely flay the skin and tear out the tendons of Ye Yuan that punk, could he dispel the hatred in his heart!

Shangguan Yunrong did not move. He was only responsible for breaking the formation. He naturally would not lower his dignity and charge ahead.

Roughly an hour later, a Soul Sea Realm powerhouse flew before the two people; his expression was very ugly.

When He Mingde saw this scene, his heart involuntarily thumped. Could it be that something unforeseen happened again?

“Lord Yunrong, Sect Master, inside the Tranquil Cloud Sect is void of people. All of the records and medicinal pills are all gone! We already turned the Spirit Blessing Mountain inside out and didn’t even see a ghost!”

“What?! How is that possible?” He Mingde became agitated and nearly fell down.

That Soul Sea Realm’s expression was ugly as he said, “We already sent people to search all of the mountain peaks over. There are indeed not a soul inside!”

“This . . . This . . . Lord Yunrong . . . I clearly arranged countless informants. Why didn’t a single one of them see people leaving the Tranquil Cloud Sect?” He Mingde was shocked beyond words.

Could this group of people fly to the skies and tunnel underground?

Shangguan Yunrong did not look too surprised. When he heard this, he gave a chuckle instead and said, “Sect Master He asked me, but who do I ask? Alright, since this Tranquil Cloud Sect is already uninhabited, then let’s head back home.”

As he said, Shangguan Yunrong directly turned around and flew away, leaving behind the He Mingde who had yet to recover.

Regarding this result, although Shangguan Yunrong was surprised, he felt that it was within reason too.

To be able to throw the Central Capital into upheaval and even startle the Wind Emperor, and he could even swagger back to the Endless World.

How could such a character be captured so easily?

. . . . . .

At this time, in Breaking Dawn City tens of thousands of miles away from the Tranquil Cloud Sect, several young martial artists dressed in plain clothing slowly entered the city.

Breaking Dawn City was a frontier town in the Tranquil Cloud Ten Nations’ State of Yan, contiguous to the Endless Forest. Since ancient times, it was the gathering place for countless martial artists.

“Heh heh,once I think about those Purple Mansion Sect fellows’ faces, I get incredibly excited!” said a young martial artist excitedly.

“Haha!This cicada casting off its shell of Junior Apprentice Brother Ye was indeed executed beautifully! Those Fierce Gale World fellows expended such a great price to charge into the Tranquil Cloud Sect. In the end, they didn’t even get to gain a single hair. There’s probably no need to mention how gloomy they are,” said another young martial artist.

“Those Fierce Gale World trash probably never even dreamed that Junior Apprentice Brother Ye could actually construct a miniature transmission array! Although it’s only a short hundred-mile distance, but to dodge those informers, it’s more than sufficient! Those whistle-blowers’ eyes were polished until they shone, but they didn’t know that we left the Tranquil Cloud Sect long ago!

These few people were shockingly Ye Yuan and company who escaped from the Tranquil Cloud Sect.

This group of people included Tian Yu, Mo Yuntian, Ti Wujiu, and the rest. Except, the outfits on them were very plain. People would mistaken them to be ordinary demonic beast hunters.

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