Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 481

Chapter 481 Ancestor Of Silkpants

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“What? Old man, you say it one more time!”

Jin Peng even thought that he heard wrongly. In this Breaking Dawn City, there were actually still people who dared to not sell things to him?

Qi Hai said with a faint smile, “Young Master Jin, really sorry about it. Before you came just now, I’ve already agreed upon a price with this little brother. According to the rules, the transaction between us is already considered complete. It isn’t nice to renege. If the rules are broken, this old man, I, won’t have the face to keep a foothold in this line in the future.”

Hearing Qi Hai’s words, even Ye Yuan was rather surprised.

This old man’s performance before this was enough to leave people an impression that he only sought profits.

But the two of them already raised the price to 500 middle-grade essence crystals right now, and this old man still wanted to sell to him instead?

Jin Peng’s eyes narrowed slightly, his gaze when looking at Qi Hai revealed killing intent.

“You’re afraid that you won’t have the face to keep a foothold? Do you believe that I will take away your plaque right now and make you have no way of having a foothold here?” Jin Peng gnashed his teeth in hatred and said.

But Qi Hai had an indifferent look as he said,“Hehe,this place doesn’t want to keep this Lord; there will naturally be a place that will. Although I, Qi Hai, love essence crystals, I cherish my feathers more.”

As he spoke, Qi Hai ignored the sullen Jin Peng, turned to Ye Yuan and said, “This Little Brother, these essence crystals, I’ll accept them. You take the medicinal herb.”

But Ye Yuan’s impression of this old man was overhauled, and he said with a smile, “Alright. This herbal grass, I’ll keep it. As for the price . . . I’ll give you 500 middle-grade essence crystals as it is appropriate.”

Qi Hai waved his hand and said, “No need, no need. Since we’ve already settled on the price, then it’s a done deal. This old man, I, won’t take an additional piece of essence crystal! A hundred means a hundred!”

Ye Yuan did not think that this old fellow was actually a person with such principles. He actually really just took 100 middle-grade essence crystals.

Since the old man himself insisted on it, Ye Yuan could not very well force the other party to take extra.

But Ye Yuan knew that Qi Hai had already thoroughly offended this silkpants. This silkpants probably would not let Qi Hai walk out of Breaking Dawn City alive.

Ye Yuan was such a person. Others gave him an inch of respect, he would return them a foot.

He already made the decision to ensure this old man’s safety.

Qi Hai, this Crystal Formation Realm powerhouse, was still a little weak in the Breaking Dawn City.

Yet, when Jin Peng saw that these two people completely paid him no heed and directly completed the transaction, he had long flown into a great rage.

He smiled coldly at this time and said, “Good! Excellent! In this Breaking Dawn City, this is actually my first time encountering such ballsy people! Yu Qing, take this old man down for me! I want to see if he’s really so principled!”

Yu Qing was naturally the Fourth Level Sea Transformation guard behind him.

This was Jin Peng’s gold medal hired thug. Following Jin Peng, he naturally committed substantial crimes.

Of course, he obtained considerable benefits too, acquiring quite a bit of cultivation resources. That was how he broke through to the Fourth Level Sea Transformation.

Yu Qing’s strength was enough to place in the top ten when looking at the entire Breaking Dawn City as well.

Among the people present, there was only him, one middle-stage Sea Transformation Realm. Who would Jin Peng fear?

Yu Qing was just about to make a move when Ye Yuan took a light step, blocking perfectly between Yu Qing and Qi Hai.

“This old man, I’m protecting him!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

A hint of sneer flashed across the corner of Jin Peng’s mouth as he said, “Take care both of them!”

“Yes!” Yu Qing was likewise itching for a fight.

He had already gradually become fond of this feeling of abusing people. Following Jin Peng, he could do as he pleased in this Breaking Dawn City!

“Sigh. . . This boy is foolish and rich. To think that he’s still quite loyal to friends. It’s just that he’s kind of dumb. What a pity . . .”

“This Jin Peng is a little overlord. Who in the Breaking Dawn City dares to provoke him? Beat the young one, and the old one will come. This is the scariest part!”

“Where is there a need for the old one to come out? This checkpoint right in front might not be passable! I reckon that this boy cracked himself up to have some strength and thinks that he can cross boundaries to battle. But the person he’s facing is someone at the middle-stage Sea Transformation Realm!”

“This boy definitely comes from a silkpants background too. The experts in the family all humored him, that’s why he thinks that he’s impressive. In truth, they are all completely flowers grown in a greenhouse; snapping once they come out.”

Seeing that the scene was gradually losing control a little, many stall owners started discussing.

Evidently, nobody was optimistic about Ye Yuan.

In their eyes, Ye Yuan and Jin Peng should be around the same; both were with a silkpants background.

It was just that . . . Jin Peng brought along a middle-stage Sea Transformation Realm! Was Ye Yuan dumb?

Of course, they guessed the opening but could not guess the ending.

Ye Yuan indeed came from a silkpants background, but he, this silkpants, was a heaven-defying silkpants.

Yu Qing snickered, the strength of middle-stage Sea Transformation Realm erupted entirely. A punch smashed towards Ye Yuan’s face.

This kind of direct abusing was even more satisfying for people!

Ye Yuan’s seniors and juniors watched this scene calmly all the way. The instant Yu Qing punched out, Tian Yu curled his mouth disdainfully and spat out a word from his mouth, “Dumb*ss!”

A Fourth Level Sea Transformation Realm dared to posture in front of Ye Yuan. It was purely the action of courting doom!

Ye Yuan did not move all along. He just quietly watched Yu Qing, watching him display that garish punch.

Just as that violent storm-like punch was about to smash onto Ye Yuan’s face, Ye Yuan lightly extended a finger.

Yu Qing did not think that a First Level Sea Transformation dared to be so overbearingly haughty in front of him. In his mind, this Ye Yuan was truly courting death to the extreme.

“Go and die!” Yu Qing said with a hideous grin.

One punch and one finger would bump together just like this. This sight in everybody’s imagination did not appear.

Yu Qing’s violent aura instantly vanished into nothing the moment it came into contact with Ye Yuan’s finger.

The expression on Yu Qing’s face froze there, not daring to believe everything happening before his eyes.


Yu Qing suddenly gave a miserably cry, his entire person crumbling softly onto the ground.

Everyone stared fixedly and saw that Yu Qing’s chest was already covered in fresh blood.

“This . . . What kind of situation is this? A finger crippled a Fourth Level Sea Transformation?”

“My eyes aren’t blurry, right? That boy, is he really First Level Sea Transformation?”

“So . . . So strong!”

“I’ve seen that Yu Qing attack before. He’s very strong! He was actually defeated by that boy’s one finger?”

Many people all felt that their eyes were blurry. Ye Yuan’s body clearly did not undulate any aura. He just used his finger to lightly poke Yu Qing’s fist, and Yu Qing ended up like this?

This was a Fourth Level Sea Transformation Realm!

Why did he look like cotton candy?

The eyes that these people looked towards Ye Yuan with again all carried thick fear.

Ye Yuan did not bother with the Yu Qing on the ground. His gaze turned towards Jin Peng.

Jin Peng was already dumbfounded with shock by this scene. At this time, he suddenly detected Ye Yuan’s gaze, and could not help shuddering all over.

“D-D-Don’t, you . . . You don’t come over!” Jin Peng repeatedly retreated in fear.

Ye Yuan looked at Jin Peng and suddenly beamed and said, “Silkpants is it?Hur hur. . . I’m the ancestor of silkpants!”

Seeing that ill-intent smile of Ye Yuan’s, Jin Peng felt very ominous.

“You . . . You . . . What are you trying to do?”

“Haha.You’ll know very soon,” Ye Yuan said with a laugh.

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