Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 483

Chapter 483 Toying With

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“Haha.I am digging a grave. But . . . it’s dug for you,” said Ye Yuan with a smile. He took no heed of Jin Feng’s threat.

“What a sharp tongue! I want to see if you can still be stubborn in a while!”

Jin Feng’s hand suddenly appeared a ringed great saber. Killing intent surged towards the skies without being concealed at all.

When those martial artists below were enveloped by this immense killing intent, they withdrew one after another.

Ye Yuan who was opposite of Jin Feng was seemingly oblivious to the intent. Jin Feng’s killing intent seemed to directly pass through Ye Yuan without any effect.

Seeing this scene, Jin Feng’s expression suddenly became grave.

Jin Feng being able to become the Breaking Dawn City’s City Lord was by fighting it out with his own strength and real swords and spears.

“This youngster might be remarkable, but he’s still a little too reckless! Jin Feng has killed countless people in his life. This killing intent is already on the verge of materializing; it’s on a completely different level from that Yu Qing!”

“I heard that before Jin Feng became the Breaking Dawn City’s City Lord, he killed countless people. Back then, when he was still at the Sixth Level Sea Transformation, he wielded the ringed great saber in his hands alone to come and challenge the previous city lord. The previous city lord was a Seventh Level Sea Transformation expert! Jin Feng actually crossed realms and killed his opponent, becoming the new city lord. It could be seen how formidable his strength is!”

“Now that Jin Feng has already broken through to the Seventh Level Sea Transformation for so many years, his strength is already on an entirely different level from back then. Against the present Jin Feng, most likely even Ninth Level Sea Transformations might not be his match!”

“Yeah. He has already not personally taken action in the Breaking Dawn City for many years. Nobody knows just how powerful he is now. But just based on this killing intent, it can make ordinary martial artists’ minds waver and not even unleash their martial techniques, right?”

Crossing a small stage to battle was as easy as eating and drinking to Ye Yuan. But among normal martial artists, it was as hard as ascending to the heavens.

For Jin Feng to be able to cross realms and kill a Seventh Level Sea Transformation when he was at the Sixth Level Sea Transformation, it could be seen that his concepts comprehension was already tremendously powerful.

However, concepts comprehension this sort of thing, Ye Yuan transcended the entire Endless World.

“Boy, I couldn’t tell that you still have some capabilities. To actually be immune to the killing intent that I’m releasing! However . . . My Ravaging Heaven’s Melody Saber isn’t that easy to resolve! Die obediently!”

Jin Feng gave a cold smile. The saber quaked, and a series of clashing metal sounds emitted from the blade’s body.

As soon as this sound emitted, it was like a demonic melody, tunneling into every martial artists’ ears.

Those martial artists down below did not think that such a situation would occur. Each and every one of them desperately used their hands to cover their eyes.

But even so, the expressions on their faces were still incomparably as if in agony.

Even Ye Yuan’s mind fell into a trance after hearing this bizarre demonic melody.

Once Jin Feng saw this state, he cleaved towards Ye Yuan with a blade!

Yet, Jin Feng’s eyes blurred, and Ye Yuan’s figure vanished!

He was inwardly alarmed and suddenly felt like his blade was being blocked by something. It actually could not slash downwards!

Focusing his eyes to look, Jin Feng’s three spiritual and seven physical souls were frightened away.

He saw that Ye Yuan had actually arrived before him since who knew when, using two fingers to clasp hold on his ringed great saber!

The saber momentum stopped, and the sound wave attack immediately dissipated. Those martial artists below recovered to normal very quickly. But when they saw the scene of Ye Yuan using his fingers to grab hold of Jin Feng’s saber, every one of them was astounded until their jaws all hit the ground.

“You got to kidding, right? Such sharp and fierce saber momentum, he . . . he actually used his fingers to grab it, and he is still perfectly unscathed?”

“Just who in the world is this youth? Why is he so powerful? Using one’s fingers to grab Jin Feng’s ringed great saber, even Peak Ninth Level Sea Transformation won’t dare to do so as well, right?”

“Too . . . Too strong! Totally not on the same level! Completely crushed! A First Level Sea Transformation crushing a Seventh Level Sea Transformation . . . Such a thing actually happened?”

The sword intent on Ye Yuan’s body was much stronger than Jin Feng’s saber intent. Jin Feng’s saber intent could not harm Ye Yuan at all.

Things that other people dare not do, Ye Yuan did it without impediment.

“H-H-How can you not be affected by the sound wave attack?” Jin Feng was alarmed until he was stammering when he talked.

“For that lousy thing of yours to want to hurt me, training another thousand years isn’t enough either!” Ye Yuan said nonchalantly, but his body surged with sword intent.

With a smash, Jin Feng was sent flying out.

Ye Yuan had indeed received the influence of the sound wave earlier. This sound wave attack not only acted on the martial artist’s sense of hearing, but it also applied to the martial artist’s divine soul even more, making it impossible to guard against.

But once that attack reached Ye Yuan’s sea of consciousness, the nameless black bead suspended in Ye Yuan’s sea of consciousness lightly vibrated and dissipated the attack. Ye Yuan did not even have time to take the initiative to defend.

What this sound wave attack was most powerful at was divine soul attack. Once the divine soul attack was broken, one just had to use essence energy to close off their hearing, and the sound wave attack would be useless.

Jin Feng was struck by the sword intent released from Ye Yuan’s body. His innards were like being overturned, instantaneously sustaining extremely severe internal injuries.

“Just what is this boy’s background? How can he be so strong? Up until now, he hasn’t even released a proper attack!” Jin Feng was shocked beyond words in his heart.

He could sense that Ye Yuan was completely toying with him. Or else, with that blow earlier, he would already have croaked!

You got to kidding. Just using the powerful sword intent emitted from his body and he could cross boundaries to wound a Seventh Level Sea Transformation martial artist. If he were to unleash martial techniques, then how strong would that be?

Thinking up to here, Jin Feng unwittingly shuddered.

How could such a powerful existence suddenly appear in Breaking Dawn City?

Seeing Ye Yuan walk over towards him, Jin Feng crawled to his feet and flew in the direction of the City Lord Manor.

Ye Yuan gave a faint smile and followed after.

His speed was much faster than Jin Feng’s and caught up to him very quickly.


Sword intent clashed with sabre intent. Jin Feng was sent flying by Ye Yuan again.

Just like this, Ye Yuan chased Jin Feng all the way to the City Lord Manor.

“Lord Dai, help! Lord Dai . . .” Jin Feng’s shrill cry reverberated throughout the City Lord Manor.


Jin Feng’s body directly broke the City Lord Manor’s front gate, flying inside.

Ye Yuan slowly walked inside the City Lord Manor. Looking at the Jin Feng lying on the ground covered entirely in blood, he said coolly, “You father and son pair committed all sorts of crime in Breaking Dawn City. You complied to the Tranquil Cloud Sect in public while opposing in private, and actually even willingly become the Purple Mansion Sect’s lackeys! Death isn’t regrettable!”

Jin Feng was alarmed in his heart, and he looked at Ye Yuan disbelievingly as he said, “Y-Y-You are . . . How is this possible? Why didn’t I receive any news at all that you came to Breaking Dawn City?”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “If you got the news, how could I make it to Breaking Dawn City? Alright, thanks for leading the way. Now . . . You can go die already.”

“Ahh!Don’t!” Jin Feng yelled out in despair.

But Ye Yuan was disinclined to bother with him. Forming a sword with his fingers, a streak of sword qi sped like the wind towards Jin Feng.

Right then, a figure suddenly appeared between the two people.

The person lightly flapped his sleeves. That streak of sword qi was scattered!

When Jin Feng saw this person’s back view, he immediately said agitatedly, “Lo-Lord Dai! Many thanks for Lord Dai’s life-saving grace!

But when Ye Yuan stared at the person before his eyes, his expression became solemn.

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