Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 485

Chapter 485 Battling Soul Sea

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Dai Yuhen reacted at the first moment. But it was already too late for him to save people.

“Avatar body!”

Seeing the two Ye Yuans one at the front and one at the back Dai Yuhen’s expression became somber.

Seemed like this Ye Yuan was even harder to deal with than imagined!

As for Jin Feng’s life and death, Dai Yuhen actually was not overly concerned.

Jin Feng used his final consciousness to lower his head and look at his own chest, his eyes filled with disbelief.

Finally, his consciousness dissipated entirely, and his body collapsed weakly onto the ground.

“Looks like I still underestimated you!” Dai Yuhen heaved a sigh and said.

The avatar body was not the least bit threatening to him at all. But to Jin Feng, it was deadly.

Ye Yuan’s means were inexhaustible. It really made it impossible to guard against.

Dai Yuhen could not help sizing up this youth before his eyes once more as if the latter had limitless methods.

It was not to the extent where Ye Yuan really had the qualifications to fight with him, right?

Dao Yuhen very quickly denied this idea. How was this possible?

Between Soul Sea Realm and Sea Transformation Realm, there was a giant chasm. It was impossible to cross, let alone that Ye Yuan was still only First Level Sea Transformation.

What was happening to him? He was actually frightened from a teenage youth. Truly declining as he aged.

Dai Yuhen laughed self-deprecatingly in his heart.

“Alright. That hindering fellow is already eliminated. There won’t be people hampering us anymore!”

When Ye Yuan was talking, he was actually brimming with fighting intent!

“You’re sure that you really want to fight with me? I know that your strength isn’t weak, but, it’s precisely so that I might not be able to grasp the limits properly. A genius like you falling is seriously too pitiable,” Dai Yuhen asked once more.

Ye Yuan did not think that this Da Yuhen actually still had a heart that cherished talents, and he was rather surprised.

But since Ye Yuan broke through to the Sea Transformation Realm, he had yet to unleash his full strength.

He was already matchless among Sea Transformation Realms. Only Soul Sea Realm experts were worthy to be his opponent.

This Dai Yuhen was clearly an opponent tailor-made for Ye Yuan!

“Haha!Elder Dai is indeed quite different from He Mingde those scumbags. But you don’t have to worry about me. Just come at me with your best shot! Even if I beat you today, I’ll let you leave as well,” Ye Yuan said with a huge laugh.


In Dai Yuhen’s eyes, this Ye Yuan was too arrogant!

A Sea Transformation Realm saying to let a Soul Sea Realm live. This sounded somewhat comical no matter how one listened to it.

Dai Yuhen’s face sunk slightly and he said,“Humph!What a rampant boy! I want to see just how you’ll beat me!”

Finished talking, the two people arrived in mid-air without prior consultation. With their strength, fighting in the City Lord Manor would probably exterminate even fowls and dogs at the side.

“You guys, look! There are two people facing off over there! That purple shirt man has such a powerful pressure. Doesn’t seem like what Sea Transformation Realm experts can have. Could that be a Soul Sea Realm expert?”

“My God! Is this Soul Sea Realm? Indeed ridiculously powerful! Separated so far away and I’m even somewhat stifled. Moreover, I feel that he isn’t even intentionally giving off the pressure of a Soul Sea Realm expert!”

“Who’s that young man opposite him? Seems like only First Level Sea Transformation! These two people facing off in the air aren’t about to have a fight, right?”

“Are you kidding? First Level Sea Transformation versus First Level Soul Sea. Is that boy a moron?”

“You’re the moron! That young man is the youth who used his fingers to grab Jin Feng’s great ringed-saber just now on top of the city gates. His strength is terrifyingly powerful! He was chasing Jin Feng to the City Lord Manor and actually provoked a Soul Sea Realm expert! But, no matter how great his strength is, squaring off against Soul Sea Realm . . . it is most likely a hopeless action!”

“What? Using his fingers to grab City Lord’s great ringed-saber? Holy sh*t! Are the youths now all powerful to such a degree? Indeed, we, these front waves, are all smacked to death on the beach.”

Once Ye Yuan and Dai Yuhen appeared, they drew a large number of martial artist to crowd around and spectate.

But Dai Yuhen’s aura was too strong. Those martial artists all crowded around far away to watch self-consciously. Nobody dared to approach the two people.

“Origin Spirit Nine Transformations!”

Ye Yuan gave a low cry and directly activated Origin Spirit Nine Transformations!

Facing Soul Sea Realm experts, his present realm was seriously too low. Hence, Ye Yuan did not hesitate, using Origin Spirit Nine Transformations straight away.

Dao Yuhen’s expression changed. He saw Ye Yuan’s aura rise with rapid speed and actually broke through the Second Level Sea Transformation very quickly!

Ye Yuan’s aura surged all the way, finally stopping at the Fourth Level Sea Transformation.

Ye Yuan borrowed the power of the essence energy in his body first to instantly break through three minor realms, arriving at the Middle-Stage Sea Transformation Realm!

Seeing this scene, Dai Yuhen’s expression could not help changing drastically!

“This . . . This . . . This . . . Could it be that what you just used is Origin Spirit Nine Transformations?” Dai Yuhen exclaimed in shock.

“You actually know the Origin Spirit Nine Transformations?” Hearing Dai Yuhen saw through it right away, Ye Yuan was also quite surprised.

“Hiss. . . It’s really Origin Spirit Nine Transformations! I heard that you silently sneaked into the Fierce Gale World. Could it be that you stole the Xue Family’s martial art manuals away?” Dai Yuhen’s brain could not quite wrap itself around it.

“Stole away? You’re thinking too much! Xue Family those dunces, most likely, there has yet to be anyone who can use it to my level,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Dai Yuhen was involuntarily shocked, and he thought to himself that was true as well.

It had only been a few months’ time. If Ye Yuan really stole the Origin Spirit Nine Transformations, it was absolutely impossible to cultivate to such a level.

Directly breaking through from early-stage Sea Transformation to middle-stage Sea Transformation, such a span was too outrageous!

Dai Yuhen naturally did not know that the reason why Ye Yuan only broke through three minor realms was that his essence energy sea was too large!

With Ye Yuan’s foundation, advancing three minor realms was already the limit.

But the way those martial artists below them saw it, that was entirely not the case!

“What martial technique did that youth use just now? He actually broke through to middle-stage Sea Transformation in the blink of an eye! Too sick!”

“Never heard before that there’s still such a perverse martial technique! With such a martial technique, wouldn’t crossing realms to battle be as simple as eating and drinking?”

“Hehe. Initially thought that it was just a lopsided fight. Now, it looks like there’s a good show to watch! That young man’s strength was very formidable to begin with. Now, he actually broke through three minor realms in succession. While I don’t know how much distance it can pull closer to Soul Sea Realm, there is more or less something worth watching! Such a battle is hard to come across in a hundred years in the Breaking Dawn City!”

These martial artists’ blood were all boiling. They were looking forward to this great fight.

Soul Sea Realm experts were extremely rare in the Southern Domain. Except for the Eight Great Sects, there were extremely few Soul Sea Realm experts that existed.

Just like the disparity between strength, wanting to break through to Soul Sea Realm from Sea Transformation Realm was similarly a heavenly chasm.

Being able to watch a Soul Sea Realm expert level great battle today was perhaps a turning point for them too!

“Thousand Flowing Petals!”

Ye Yuan’s Canghua Sword shook. Countless flying petals swept over!

Now that Ye Yuan broke through to Sea Transformation Realm, his execution of Thousand Flowing Petals was already at the extent of being athis fingertips. Executing this martial technique virtually did not require any time at all.

Ye Yuan leaped lightly. The Canghua Sword wrapped around by countless flying petals slashed towards Dai Yuhen!

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