Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 488

Chapter 488 Myriad Rain Sword Blades

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“What are they talking about? Invade the Endless World?”

“Seems like that’s the meaning! However . . . what in the world is going on? Who would invade the Endless World for no reason?”

“No idea. Their conversation is rather baffling.”

Ye Yuan’s words caused a considerable stir among the crowd.

The Purple Mansion Sect’s true face had yet to be exposed up until now. These martial artists still thought that the Southern Domain’s great change was just the Endless World’s internal affairs.

Even though Ye Yuan did not put the cards on the table, he actually already stated it very obviously. As to how much these people would believe, it would be up to their fortunes.

If possible, Ye Yuan naturally wanted to bring everyone in the Southern Domain and move north. But time was pressing, and where would he find the time to convince these people one by one?

And at this time, the atmosphere between the two in the air already become somewhat strange.

The two people were still talking in a jovial manner just now. At this moment, the expressions on the two people’s faces were a never-before solemn.

It even led to the surrounding atmosphere to be somewhat different.

Some slightly stronger martial artists were affected by this atmosphere and sensibly distanced away from the two once more.

Very soon, somebody guessed that this might be Ye Yuan or Dai Yuhen going to unleash their move!

Right then, Dai Yuhen moved.

This time, Dai Yuhen no longer held anything back. His full strength erupted abruptly. The surrounding essence energy gathered around him frenziedly.

“Quickly look! What’s that?!”

“My God! He actually condensed gathered essence into materialization. How much heaven and earth essence energy did he needed to gather?!”

“Immortal crane phantom! The power of this move truly demonstrates the disparity between Soul Sea Realm and Sea Transformation Realm! Wonder how that young man will respond!”

Where Dai Yuhen’s palm force rose, a faint phantom of an immortal crane actually formed gradually.

That was to say that Dai Yuhen already condensed essence energy to materialization. It could be seen how great the power of this move was!

And the condensed form of the amassed essence was precisely the prominent characteristic of Soul Sea Realm experts!

Soul Sea Realm experts could gather very terrifying essence energy with a wave of their hands. It was already on an entirely different level from Sea Transformation Realm experts.

This essence energy that was gathered could become corporeal. It could be seen just how powerful a martial technique move that they could use was.

But to the early-stage Soul Sea Dai Yuhen, condensing gathered essence was still somewhat too forceful. That was why he saved this move for the last.

Even so, that faint immortal crane phantom was also sufficient to astonish people!

On the other side, after Ye Yuan prepared for a long time, he finally moved too!

But this movement left everyone dumbstruck in amazement!

“What? This . . . This . . . This young man can actually condensed gathered essence into materialization too! Isn’t he just Sea Transformation Realm?”

“What the f*ck! This is too perverse! He actually condensed out so many sword blades!”

“Just who the hell is this young man? His talent is too terrifying as well! Since ancient times, I’ve never heard of anybody who could condense gathered essence into materialization at the Sea Transformation Realm!”

Ye Yuan used Canghua Sword as a guide, and then around them were condensed myriad tiny sword blades!

The sword blades were not large; it was like fragments of a sword. Regardless of so, Ye Yuan succeeded in condensing beyond all doubt!

Those martial artists down below did not know Ye Yuan’s past. If they knew that Ye Yuan could already maneuver heaven and earth essence energy at the Spirit Condensation Realm, perhaps they would feel that him condensing gathered essence in the Sea Transformation Realm was nothing much.

Of course, the difficulty of condensing gathered essence was completely not on the same level as maneuvering heaven and earth essence energy. Otherwise, Dai Yuhen would not treat it as his final ace in the hole either.

However, Ye Yuan’s realm was still a little low in the end. So his control over essence energy reached an extremely minute degree, only condensing out tiny sword blades. This way, the difficulty would lessen greatly.

Seeing this scene, Dai Yuhen’s face also had indescribable solemness.

The impact that Ye Yuan gave him today was seriously too great!

“I truly didn’t think that you can actually perform to such an extent. You really made this Dai widen his horizons! Then let us use this move to determine the victor! With Cranes, Immortal Comes! Go!”

Dai Yuhen’s palm force pressed on. That faint immortal crane phantom attacked Ye Yuan with a light cry!

Seeing that aggressive immortal crane phantom, Ye Yuan launched this martial technique unhurriedly.

“Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword . . . Myriad Rain Sword Blades!”

Sword blades whirled towards the immortal crane with extreme speed. It actually somewhat had the hint of reaching first despite launching later.

In that instance, in the eyes of the martial artists below, an immortal crane and a massive cluster of sword rain collided together violently, seemingly like a celestial phenomenon.


A violent explosion sound emitted in the air. Two figures plummeted from the skies respectively.

When Tian Yu saw the situation, he hurriedly leaped up and caught the Ye Yuan who fell down.

“Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, are you alright?”

When the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples saw the situation, they hurriedly crowded around and showed great concern about his well-being.

Ye Yuan’s complexion was very pale. The corners of his mouth and his body dripped with a considerable amount of blood, his condition looking very poor.

Seeing his seniors and juniors express concern, Ye Yuan waved his hands feebly and said, “It’s fine. Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu, I’ll have to trouble you to help me over.”

Dai Yuhen did not have Ye Yuan’s treatment. His body slammed fiercely onto the ground.

But this degree of impact was not considered much to Soul Sea Realm martial artists.

Dai Yuhen’s injuries were primarily from the fight earlier.

He was covered in wounds all over his body. That appearance was just like being stabbed by swords. They were evidently wounds left behind by Ye Yuan’s move just now.

Seeing Ye Yuan came over, Dai Yuhen could not help forcing a smile and said, “To think that I actually lost to a Sea Transformation Realm today! However . . . you’re really very strong! Being able to condense gathered essence into materialization at the Sea Transformation Realm, not saying never to be seen again, it’s absolutely without any precedence, right?”

This sentence from Dai Yuhen immediately brought on a storm.

This Soul Sea Realm actually lost?

Because Ye Yuan and Dai Yuhen both sustained very severe injuries, those martial artists could not figure out for a moment just who won and who lost either.

Only hearing Dai Yuhen admit it personally now did they know that this Sea Transformation Realm youth actually really triumphed over a Soul Sea Realm expert!

They had long borne witness to Ye Yuan’s might and were also already aware that Ye Yuan had the strength to contend with a Soul Sea Realm expert. Even after Dai Yuhen used a martial technique that condensed gathered essence into materialization, Ye Yuan still defeated him. This made those martial artists all feel like they were dreaming.

Turns out that Soul Sea Realm experts were not undefeatable!

Dai Yuhen’s With Cranes, Immortal comes was very strong. But during that battle earlier, Ye Yuan’s sword blades ultimately still had a small number of them that broke through, landing on Dai Yuhen’s body!

Hence, even though the two people both received severe injuries, it was actually still Ye Yuan whose skill was a level higher.

Ye Yuan’s complexion was white as a sheet. This was not just suffering the tremendous impact of With Cranes, Immortal Comes. It was even because of essence energy expenditure being too exorbitant.

This move, Myriad Rain Sword Blades, seriously expended too much essence energy. Even if Ye Yuan’s control of essence energy reached an extremely subtle level, it was also somewhat struggling to make ends meet.

Ye Yuan retrieved a medicinal pill from his storage ring and threw it to Dai Yuhen, saying with a forced smile, “Elder Dai is a true gentleman. Today, I won’t start a slaughter. Hope that you conduct yourself well and don’t associate with those Fierce Gale World’s peoples’ vile deeds!”

[0] Not important for those who aren’t reading the chinese raws. Author has decided to change the name from Sword Rain Myriad Ren to Myriad Rain Sword Blades arbitrarily from Chapter 559 onwards. The Ren was an ancient unit of measurement. But I think author typed the wrong Ren (blade). Us puny mortals are at the whim of author-sama. This Ren (unit of measurement) was used several times up until it changed to Ren (blade) in Chapter 559. So, to avoid confusion later on, the technique will be standardized as Myriad Rain Sword Blades in accordance to the more recent chapters. Just in case some of you cross-reference to the raws and start flaming me.

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