Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 489

Chapter 489 No Greater Merit

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“Cough, cough, cough. . . I’m originally a Fierce Gale World’s native. Whence the don’t associate with their vile deeds? You’ve been to the Fierce Gale World before and should know that I have no command over myself.”

Dai Yuhen also had a doleful look. Clearly, on the matter of invading the Endless World, he was quite conflicted too.

The war between two worlds signified endless massacre withe the dead souls being countless.

“No command over yourself? Your life is your own, not others’! Zhao Tianyin is a paramount existence in your eyes, an existence that brooks no desecration! But do you know what you all are in his eyes? You people are . . . just a bunch of tools for him to order around!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Dai Yuhen’s gaze sunk slightly, his complexion suddenly flushing crimson as he said furiously, “How can His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, be profaned by you like this! If you have the capabilities, just kill me! Or else, I’ll surely make you pay the price for today’s affront!”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said with a sigh, “Pedant! Zhao Tianyin is just a Boundless Realm expert! He’s only a mortal too! Look at him assuming solemn airs normally. When he kneeled before me, wasn’t he like a dog too?”

“Cough, cough, cough. . . Y-You’re courting death!”

Dai Yuhen struggled, wanting to stand up. But he could not even do so after trying several times.

“Sigh. . . Heavenly Dao is boundless, humans are insignificant. In front of Heavenly Dao, we’re but merely ants! Elder Dai, if not on account of you and I were having this battle today, why would I waste my breath on you? You feel that I’m insulting Zhao Tianyin, but let me tell you something. Zhao Tianyin doesn’t have the qualifications to make me insult him at all. Place your horizons further. There is still the Divine Realm . . .”

Dai Yuhen’s expression froze. Divine Realm these two words naturally aroused his desires.

Dai Yuhen suddenly recalled that Ye Yuan had once entered deep into the Fierce Gale World to rescue his fellow apprentices, but he returned to the Endless World without a scratch.

What in the world happened in between this? Why did His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, actually not keep this boy behind?

There seemed to be many stories in between this!

After this fight, Dai Yuhen and Ye Yuan could even be said to have some appreciation of each other.

Dai Yuhen could feel Ye Yuan’s sincerity. Otherwise, he could very well just kill him and be done with it.

Ye Yuan did not show any mercy when cutting down Liao Wenguang, He Jun, and the rest.

The reason why he did not kill him today was probably still because of this standing aloof from the world mentality of his.

Was it possible that . . . he was really wrong?

“Also, although I don’t know just why two generations of your Wind Emperor invaded the Endless World back to back, I have a feeling that they have some kind of ulterior objective. But, no matter what, Zhao Tianyin . . . I’ll definitely kill him with my own hands!”

Speaking up to here, Ye Yuan suddenly seethed with killing intent.

Zhao Tianyin’s humiliation that day, Ye Yuan will ultimately claim it back one day!

“Alright. My words end here. As for how you choose, that’s your matter. Nothing to do with me. However . . . If I bump into you next time on the battlefield, then I won’t show mercy! Senior Apprentice Brother, let’s go!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Dai Yuhen silently watched Ye Yuan’s back view, but storms were brewing in his heart.

The ideology that he had been inculcated with since young was to give allegiance to His Majesty, the Wind Emperor. And the cultivation method he trained in, medicinal pills used in cultivation, were all bestowed by His Majesty, the Wind Emperor.

So in Dai Yuhen’s mind, pledging allegiance to His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, was something that came very naturally.

Yet, Ye Yuan’s words today silently opened up a window in his sealed mind.

. . . . . .

Northern Domain, Xiuming Mountain Peak.

Two elderly men and a middle-aged woman who had lost some of her charms were drinking tea at the stone table under the pine tree. A youth each stood behind the middle-aged woman and one of the old men respectively.

The two youths, one male, one female, were shockingly the Yin Yanhua and Guo Taoqun who returned to the Northern Domain from the Tranquil Cloud Sect.

With two of them appearing here, these three people’s identities were also obvious.

These three people were precisely the Myriad Sword Sect, Heavenly Martial Sect, and the Profound Ice Sect’s old ancestors, and also the Northern Domain’s and even the entire Endless World’s three most powerful people!

It was just that these three people had knitted brows which did not relax at the present, and were not in the mood to drink tea at all.

The Myriad Sword Sect’s old ancestor was called Qin Hongtao. At present, he currently had an enraged look as he said, “That punk called Ye Yuan is too arrogant! To actually dare detain Yan-er! I think he’s tired of living! Ning Yixian, you actually even made me spare that brat. You’re simply too ridiculous!”

The Ning Yixian in Qin Hongtao’s words was precisely the Heavenly Martial Sect’s old ancestor.

“According to what Taoqun they all said, this child’s talent is exceedingly freakish. He’s already matchless among the young generation! Now that the Endless World is about to fall into a catastrophe, if you kill Ye Yuan, wouldn’t it aggrieve our own and gladden the enemy?” Ning Yixian urged.

Ning Yixian knew that Qin Yan was Qin Hongtao’s lineage grandson; the person to inherit his mantle in the future.

Now that Qin Yan was held captive by Ye Yuan, how could Qin Hongtao not be furious?

But at this time right now, it was totally not the time to have internal strife.

If the Tranquil Cloud Sect was just an inconspicuous little sect, then forget it. But, Ye Yuan’s talent was too startling. Such a genius being killed by their own people, wouldn’t it be the biggest joke in the world?

But Qin Hongtao did not think this way. Ye Yuan’s actions were simply plucking his whiskers!

When he heard this news, Qin Hongtao wanted to go and kill people at that time but was held back by the Ning Yixian who had arrived first.

The result was that Qin Hongtao was forcefully hurled up at Xiuming Mountain by Ning Yixian.

“Humph!No matter how great that punk’s talent is, taking Yan-er as hostage won’t do! Unless he personally goes to the Myriad Sword Sect to kowtow and offer an apology to this old self, otherwise, this grudge isn’t over! Letting this Tranquil Cloud Sect off back then was a mistake. Now, this old man I will mend the fold after the sheep is lost, and go through the trouble of making this trip to eradicate this Tranquil Cloud Sect!” Qin Hongtao said in a towering rage.

Ning Yixian said,“Heh,you, this old man, still have such a fiery temper! What will you do to eradicate their Tranquil Cloud Sect? You don’t wish for that beloved grandson of yours to live anymore? That boy is clearly somebody who is decisive in killing. You dare to go and exterminate his sect, he will dare to kill your grandson! Could it be that you dare to lose all decorum with him?”

Qin Hongtao’s expression froze. Ning Yixian’s words evidently struck his soft spot.

Yes. Ye Yuan’s move was too ruthless!

He, Qin Hongtao, was formidable, but Qin Yan was a hostage in his hands!

“Sigh. . . As a matter of fact, you and I both still have to thank this boy called Ye Yuan. If not for him withstanding the entire Purple Mansion Sect with his strength alone, the Fierce Gale World’s army would probably have crossed the Endless Forest already!

Speaking up to here, Ning Yixian’s eyes revealed thick admiration too.

If not for Ye Yuan’s appearance messing up the Purple Mansion Sect’s arrangements, after the realm passageway linked up, the Fierce Gale World would be able to march straight in, directly crossing the Endless Forest!

“Ye Yuan this child’s merits are the greatest! Qin Hongtao, you’re a character on the level of being as weighty as Mount Tai and as brilliant as the Big Dipper. Why stoop to the level of a junior? Moreover, Qin Yan being detained was originally you all provoking first. Ye Yuan doing so was also just for the sake of self-preservation. This period at present, our three sects still need to put the interests of the whole above all else!”

The Profound Ice Sect old ancestor, Immortal Jing Xuan, who did not speak the entire time finally opened her mouth.

[0] The ‘Immortal’ used for Immortal Jing Xuan is to describe a middle-aged fairy maiden. Just a tidbit.

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