Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 492

Chapter 492 Ridding Of Evil

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“What? That . . . That’s condensed form of gathered essence? I-isn’t he Sea Transformation Realm?”

“Is this messing with me? How can Sea Transformation Realm martial artists possibly achieve condensing form of gathered essence?”

“No wonder this boy dared to be so arrogant. Turns out that he actually already learned how to condense form of gathered essence!”

Seeing Ye Yuan’s Myriad Rain Sword Blades being initiated, the Heavenly Evil Sect disciples all burst into an uproar.

Same as during incident at Breaking Dawn City, this unexpected scene made everyone draw in a cold breath.

A Sea Transformation Realm being able to achieve condensing form of gathered essence, it was truly too freakish!

Mao Yuanji’s expression changed greatly, and he hastily employed his cultivation method to the extreme!

Although Mao Yuanji was a Soul Sea Realm expert, he was just the lowest level existence among Soul Sea Realms. He had not even grasped condensing form of gathered essence.

Something that he, a Soul Sea Realm, did not grasp, this Sea Transformation Realm youth before him actually grasped it!

This was too unbelievable!

However, Mao Yuanji simply had no time to think so much. He could only erupt with all of his strength and crush Ye Yuan’s condensed form of gathered essence using his powerful cultivation realm.

“Fire Immolating Heretic Cloud!”

Mao Yuanji gave an explosive roar. The entire stretch of the sky seemed to be burning. The horrifying flames swept towards Ye Yuan like a fire snake, wanting to devour Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan gave a cold snort. Myriad Rain Sword Blades erupted abruptly!

Although the sword blade phantoms were not large, its power was unparalleled.

Those myriad sword blades actually sliced the fire snake to a disorderly mess. By the time it arrived in front of Ye Yuan, it simply had not much power left already.

Compared to Dai Yuhen’s With Cranes, Immortal Comes, this Fire Immolating Heretic Cloud technique simply paled in comparison.

But Mao Yuanji was a Soul Sea Realm expert after all. His attack still annihilated quite a number of sword blades.

It was just that the Fifth Level Sea Transformation Ye Yuan was much greater in strength again compared to the last time.

When one aspect was weaker, the others will be stronger. How could Mao Yuanji neutralize this attack fully?

There was still a large portion of the sword blades that penetrated Mao Yuanji’s attack, stabbing directly on Mao Yuanji’s body!


Mao Yuanji’s protective essence energy could not withstand a single blow at all under the condensed sword blades of gathered essence. He was being stabbed full of holes like a wasp nest in an instant.

After the tragic cry, Mao Yuanji’s corpse dropped down from the air, landing heavily on the ground.

Killed in one blow!

The Heavenly Evil Sect disciples had yet to understand what was going on, and Ye Yuan already killed Mao Yuanji!

“I . . . My eyesight isn’t failing, right? Sect . . . Sect Master he was actually killed by a Sea Transformation Realm brat?”

“Sect Master he actually lost for real! We were still ridiculing the two of them for being fools just now. To think that they actually really had the strength to crush the Heavenly Evil Sect!”

“This boy is truly too terrifying! A Sea Transformation Realm could actually unleash such a horrifying attack! It could even cut down a Soul Sea Realm expert!”

“He . . . He’s not going to kill all of us, right?”

The Heavenly Evil Sect disciples still did not dare to believe it until now. The Lord Sect Master who was ever-victorious in their eyes was actually killed by a Sea Transformation Realm brat that popped out from god knows where!

By the time they understood it, their first reaction was boundless fear.

Like the saying: a crooked stick would have a crooked shadow. Mao Yuanji this person was not some good person. How could they, these people, be any better?

After the one move finished casting, Ye Yuan’s complexion was rather pale. But compared to that time with Dai Yuhen, it was quite a lot better.

Seeing this scene, Luo Qingfeng felt overcome by a vicissitude of emotions too.

After arriving at the Northern Domain, hearing Tian Yu they all mention that Ye Yuan actually defeated a Soul Sea Realm expert in Breaking Dawn City, they were shocked until their eyeballs nearly fell out.

Only after seeing Ye Yuan slew a Soul Sea Realm expert by condensing form of gathered essence with his own eyes today, did Luo Qingfeng truly witness Ye Yuan’s strength.

In combat power, Ye Yuan already surpassed him, this Tranquil Cloud Sect’s Sect Master!

Which was also to say that the Second Level Sea Transformation Ye Yuan was already the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s most powerful existence!

Although Luo Qingfeng was not an ordinary First Level Soul Sea too, he had yet to grasp condensing form of gathered essence as well.

Even though he speculated that he could defeat this Mao Yuanji, he absolutely could not achieve a kill so clean and neat like Ye Yuan!

He came today only for the sake of cheering Ye Yuan on and to awe the rest of the Heavenly Evil Sect a little.

“Young hero, spare us! T-Those things were all Mao Yuanji instigated us to do! We couldn’t help ourselves too!”

“Yeah! It was all Mao Yuanji! We had no choice but to do as compelled too!”

“Young hero, spare us!”

Now, it was only to hear thudding sounds echoing everywhere. Those Heavenly Evil Sect disciples with things to hide all kneeled down, begging Ye Yuan to let them go. The wailing sounds joined together.

These people saw that Mao Yuanji died. They just pushed all of the wrongdoings to him altogether, condemning in speech and writing for a time, gushing until Mao Yuanji this dead person wasn’t worth a cent.

Ye Yuan said with a cold laugh,“Heh heh,what a fine ‘could not help being forced.’ Rest assured, as long as your crimes don’t deserve death, I won’t pursue it. But those fiendish monsters who perpetrate every conceivable crime better end yourselves early. Or else . . . there will be suffering!”

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, some people shuddered all over.

‘There will be suffering,’ these four words was like a sharp sword, stabbing into their hearts all at once.

That taste of being unable to pray for life nor beg for death, they had made others experience it in the past. Now . . . was it going to be their turn?

Who cares. As long as they insisted that they did not do misdeeds before, could it be that he could even search souls one by one?

Ye Yuan seemed to know what these people were thinking of and said with a cold smile, “Don’t think about telling lies to deceive me! It’s useless!”

As he said, Ye Yuan fished out several medicinal pills and said, “These are Truth Pills. After eating, whatever I ask you, you will say it. Therefore . . . better give up on this.”

Many Heavenly Evil Sect disciples’ faces all changed. There was still such a miraculous medicinal pill in this world?

When they heard this kind of effect, most people’s faces all had disbelief.

But there were ultimately still people who could not resist Ye Yuan’s pressure and exploded!

“Everybody quickly run! It’s death either way! One being able to escape counts as one! I don’t believe that he can kill all of us!” A Sea Transformation Realm elder cried out.

Ye Yuan gave a faint smile. What he wanted was this kind of situation.

Interrogating one by one was so bothersome. This saved a great deal of trouble.

Seeing those recklessly fleeing figures, flower petals swiftly formed in the air.




Miserable cries linked up together. Each and every one of the Heavenly Evil Sect disciples either fell from the air or were directly killed on the ground.

The Thousand Flowing Petals were like a bunch of sickles, easily reaping these martial artists’ lives.

These people were all people who deserved to be killed!

After several dozen breaths, the Heavenly Evil Sect’s main peak suddenly quietened down.

There were already not many people left. As long as they stood still without moving, none of them died.

“Alright. From today onwards, the Heavenly Evil Sect’s name will be expunged from the Northern Domain! And this place will serve as my Tranquil Cloud Sect’s stronghold! I still have that sentence: as long as your crimes don’t deserve death, I won’t do anything to you. So much so that if you all didn’t join in their vile deeds, the Tranquil Cloud Sect can even take you all in!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

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