Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 495

Chapter 495 Those Who Should Be Here Are Here

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“Wu Fang City’s first-class patrolling inspector, Xu Zihui, specially came here to request an audience with Lord Ye Yuan under City Lord’s orders, and to deliver the three sects and Wu Fang City’s jointly signed and issued hero invitation,” Xu Zihui came in front of the gates and called out in a clear voice.

After finished talking, Xu Zihui stood with his hands by the side, silently waiting for Tranquil Cloud Sect’s response.

“Lord Ye Yuan? Who is that? Never heard before that the Northern Domain has such a character. Is he the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s Sect Master?” Bao Sangui asked curiously.

But Xu Zihui shook his head and said, “I don’t know either. Before coming, City Lord, His Excellency, personally passed the hero invitation to my hands, and told me this name Ye Yuan, making sure that I invite him cordially. As for who this Ye Yuan is, what he looks like, what kind of strength he has, I’m clueless.”

The more Xu Zihui said so, the more curious Bao Sangui was.

But in his view now, this Tranquil Cloud Sect being so unbridled had the capital to be unbridled too.

A character that could let City Lord, His Excellency, personally instructed to invite cordially was bound to not be an ordinary person. Him meeting a rebuff was also something within reason.

Thinking up to here, Bao Sangui made up his mind with even more certainty to apologize properly in a while.

. . . . . .

Before long, a Crystal Formation Realm disciple welcomed the two people in.

Xu Zihui and Bao Sangui entered the main hall. On the left-hand side sat an old man and a middle-aged man. A youth sat on the right side.

Xu Zihui swept a glance at the few people’s cultivations. The elderly person and middle-aged man were both Soul Sea Realm experts, while that young man was only Sea Transformation Realm Sea Transformation.

Seeing such a line-up, Xu Zihui’s heart unwittingly thumped.

Could the ones City Lord made him find be these several people?

But what part could such strength play in the war between two worlds?

However, he also asked Bao Sangui before coming in. The strongest in the Tranquil Cloud Sect was merely First Level Soul Sea. Seeing these three people now, it was not too unexpected either.

Be that as it may, Xu Zihui did not dare to slight them and still gave a bow towards Luo Qingfeng and said, “First-class patrolling inspector under Wu Fang City Lord’s command, Xu Zihui, pays respect to Lord Ye Yuan!”

“Second-class patrolling inspector under Wu Fang City Lord’s command, Bao Sangui, pays respect to Lord Ye Yuan. That . . . This Bao didn’t know the inside story earlier and offended Lord Ye Yuan. I hope that Lord Ye Yuan can pardon my offense!” Bao Sangui gave a bow too and said.

Luo Qingfeng’s face was somewhat unnatural, but it was not because these two people identified the wrong person!

A Ninth Level Soul Sea and a Fourth Level Soul Sea bowing towards him seriously made him feel immense pressure!

But Ye Yuan gave him a meaningful look to calm down. Luo Qingfeng could only just do his best to keep a calm exterior.

“Haha.The two of you identified the wrong person. He is Ye Yuan,” Luo Qingfeng forced a smile and said.

Honestly speaking, facing Xu Zihui and Bao Sangui, especially Xu Zihui, even if he did not deliberately give off the power of a Ninth Level Soul Sea, it still made Luo Qingfeng feel fidgety.

Such an existence could blot them out with just one hand.

The reason why the other party was standing here talking to them courteously was entirely that of Ye Yuan.

Once Luo Qingfeng’s words were said, Xu Zihui and Bao Sangui were both greatly startled.

The person that City Lord, His Excellency, made him invite cordially was actually this young man who did not look older than 16 to 17 years old. His strength was not beyond Second Level Sea Transformation?

This . . . This was too absurd, right?

Xu Zihui was a little more dignified in the end and hurriedly gave a bow and said, “Xu Zihui has seen Lord Ye Yuan!”

Only then did Bao Sangui react and hastily gave a bow too. He gave an apology to Ye Yuan once more.

Ye Yuan waved his hand, indicating that this incident was considered over. But he asked Xu Zihui, “That hero invitation that you mentioned, what’s the deal?”

Xu Zihui hurriedly retrieved a bright red invitation and handed it up. Ye Yuan opened it, swept a glance over, then closed it.

“You go back and tell City Lord, His Excellency, say that Ye Yuan can go, but the sect’s elder is still imprisoned and is truly not in the mood to bother with other things. Gentlemen, please return,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

“This . . .” Xu Zihui did not think that Ye Yuan would actually reply like this.

Xu Zihui was somewhat baffled, uncertain what Ye Yuan was doing here.

Wu Fang City Lord personally issued an invitation to invite a Sea Transformation Realm. This was such unparalleled glory. This boy was unexpectedly still putting on airs!

A sect elder of yours was actually even more important than City Lord, His Excellency’s invitation?

Looking at this small sect, the elders were also merely Sea Transformation Realm too.

Could a minor character like this compare to the great matter of the Endless World’s survival or downfall?

Xu Zihui was rather displeased in his heart. But, recalling City Lord, His Excellency’s reminding him previously, he still forcefully suppressed the anger in his heart.

Furthermore, Xu Zihui was a shrewd person too. He had long seen that the actual person in charge of the Tranquil Cloud Sect was actually this young man called Ye Yuan before his eyes!

A Second Level Sea Transformation was actually so assuming in front of two Soul Sea Realms. And those two people still had a look of not a single grumble. This youth called Ye Yuan was indeed not that simple.

Actually, seeing Ye Yuan being so assertive, Luo Qingfeng and Skymaple’s hearts were both thumping.

It was not that they were unconcerned about Mei Zhen’s safety. It was just that their Tranquil Cloud Sect seriously did not have much capital to bargain within the Northern Domain.

Experts roamed like clouds here. A random one that came could wipe out the Tranquil Cloud Sect.

“Zihui is slow-witted. Can Lord Ye Yuan express things clearly? Not afraid of Lord Ye Yuan laughing, but City Lord, His Excellency, repeatedly exhorted before coming to definitely invite you over. But now . . .” Xu Zihui revealed a difficult intent.

When he was talking, Xu Zihui could clearly sense Luo Qingfeng and Skymaple’s nervousness. But this young man called Ye Yuan actually treated him like air!

Such composure was absolutely not feigned!

It was just that Xu Zihui could not figure out even after racking his brain just where this young man’s confidence lie!

Ye Yuan shot Xu Zihui a nonchalant glance and was suddenly a little clearer as he said, “Since that’s the case, both of you stay here for a few days first. After this Ye welcomes back the sect elder, I’ll go together with the two of you.”

“This . . . The meet will be happening in a couple of days. Delaying several days like this isn’t good, right?” Xu Zihui said depressedly.

He discovered that in front of this Sea Transformation Realm, he actually could not grasp the slightest initiative to speak.

Right at this time, another voice sounded out again.

“Myriad Sword Sect’s envoy, Fu Zonghu, requests an audience!”

Ye Yuan was stunned, then became delighted right away,“Heh heh,really just so happened that what should come, came together today. Saved quite a bit of trouble too. Brother Xu, since this Myriad Sword Sect envoy came, it can be assumed that I can leave with you guys today.”

Xu Zihui was uncertain what it meant. Why did it strike up a relation with Myriad Sword Sect too?

But that name Fu Zonghu, Xu Zihui had heard it before. When he heard this voice earlier, he was startled in his heart, and his eyes when looking at Ye Yuan underwent a transformation once more.

This Fu Zonghu was a Myriad Sword Sect’s Divine Traversing Realm expert!

What matters actually troubled his grand presence?

Even though the Northern Domain had many Divine Traversing Realm experts, the status of Divine Traversing Realm experts was exceedingly high. They generally did not show face easily.

One had to know that Divine Traversing Realm experts had sufficient strength to establish a sect!

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