Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 497

Chapter 497 Alchemy Holy Land

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Seeing off Fu Zonghu, Ye Yuan then followed Xu Zihui and Bao Sangui to Wu Fang City together with Skymaple.

Along the way, Xu Zihui and Bao Sangui accompanied very cautiously.

The current Ye Yuan in their eyes was not as simple as just a Sea Transformation Realm.

Second Level Sea Transformation killing First Level Soul Sea Realm. A casually laid down essence energy seal actually could not be removed even by a Divine Traversing Realm expert.

Pray tell, which young genius could do it to such an extent?

Just as Fu Zonghu said, Ye Yuan already widened the gap between him and the young generation geniuses!

Forget about Bao Sangui, even Xu Zihui looked incredibly cautious. But Skymaple felt even prouder by the side.

Xu Zihui and Bao Sangui were very respectful when speaking with him as well. Skymaple knew that this was all thanks to Ye Yuan.

Otherwise, forget about going to participate in the highest meet in the Northern Domain this time, Xu Zihui probably would have destroyed the Tranquil Cloud Sect long ago.

Actually, regarding Ye Yuan’s growth, Skymaple had long expected it. Hence, being surpassed by a disciple, not only did he not feel ashamed, he felt very proud instead.

Because Ye Yuan this rare talent was Tranquil Cloud Sect’s disciple.

Apart from Skymaple, Yue Mengli and Xiao Ruyan followed along too.

Yue Mengli could no longer do without Ye Yuan now, while Xiao Ruyan wanted to experience the Endless World’s alchemy world holy land too.

Wu Fang City was a sacred city to the Endless World’s alchemists. So, being informed that Ye Yuan was going to Wu Fang City, Skymaple wanted to tag along as well to take a look no matter what.

In the Endless World, this Wu Fang City could be said to be the place where alchemy skills were the most flourishing. Virtually all of the top alchemists all gathered here.

Of course, this so-called flourishing was completely not worth mentioning in Ye Yuan’s eyes.

On the path of alchemy, other than that fleeting and ephemeral Alchemy God Realm, there was really nothing that could move him.

. . . . . .

Several days later, the party of six finally arrived at Wu Fang City.

Upon seeing this majestic city, Skymaple actually trembled all over excitedly.

To him, this trip to Wu Fang City was no different from a pilgrimage. As for the meeting that practically gathered all the peak powerhouses in the Northern Domain, it did not hold much of a meaning to him.

Because he purely came here this time as a companion. In front of those people, he could not chime in at all.

“Wu Fang City! Indeed well-deserving to be my Endless World’s alchemy holy land!” Skymaple was overwhelmed by his emotions and said.

Xu Zihui and Bao Sangui were proud too and said, “That’s natural! In terms of martial power, my Wu Fang City might not be able to compete with the three sects. But even those three great sects have to show some courtesy to City Lord, His Excellency! Because my Wu Fang City doesn’t have medicinal pills that can’t be refined!”

Hearing these words, Skymaple deeply felt that way too. But Ye Yuan could not hold back it and let out a snigger.

These two fellows, being conceited had to have a limit too, right?

Even the previous life’s Ji father and son did not dare to boast such big talk either, let alone a tiny little lower plane’s city.

A frog at the bottom of a well was the most genuine portrayal of these two people.

Xu Zihui was experienced and coolheaded, but Bao Sangui’s temper was quite explosive. Seeing that Ye Yuan was actually so disdainful towards this, he could not refrain from saying, “Young Master Ye came to the Northern Domain for the first time. Most likely, you’re still unaware of my Wu Fang City’s prowess! As long as you stay here for a couple of days, you’ll be able to experience how great my Wu Fang City’s Alchemy Path strength is!”

Although Bao Sangui was unhappy, he did not dare to offend Ye Yuan as well. Back at the Tranquil Cloud Sect, Ye Yuan not pursuing his crime of offending already made Bao Sangui very grateful.

Hence, while his words right now had resentment, it was said very tactfully.

Ye Yuan naturally did not feel like stooping to his level, and he said with a smile, “Alright, alright. I’ll experience it well these few days.”

Said experience, but there was no sincerity at all.

Bao Sangui was helpless but did not really dare to argue with Ye Yuan either.

The present Ye Yuan in their eyes, his status was already extraordinary.

“Heh heh,the two of you don’t look down on Ye Yuan. His attainments in the Alchemy Path are much greater than this old man!”

Ye Yuan did not speak, but Skymaple could not resist voicing out.

The two people were alarmed. “Young Master Ye is actually still an alchemist?”

Ye Yuan smiled as he fished out that Alchemy Master badge and wore it, saying with a laugh,“Haha!Yeah. If you guys didn’t say, I almost forgot that I still had this thing!”

This badge was a supreme honor to others. But Ye Yuan simply did not care about this thing. So under normal circumstances, it was thrown in the storage ring to rot.

“Alchemy . . . Alchemy Master . . .”

Xu Zihui was dazed. This was also considered an alchemist?

In Wu Fang City, not talking about Alchemy Masters, even Alchemy Grandmasters were apprentice level too.

Only by reaching Quasi-Alchemy King could one barely strike the fancy of some small forces. Only by going a step further to reach the Alchemy King Realm, could one be considered attaining a higher level, becoming guest elders for various major factions.

But Alchemy King Realm wasn’t considered much in Wu Fang City either. Middle-rank Alchemy Kings like Skymaple could be easily found in Wu Fang City.

When Skymaple saw Ye Yuan take out the badge, he could not help scolding with a laugh, “You punk. Seriously. Such a long time and you don’t know how to take part in an Alchemist Association test too. Is taking out an Alchemy Master badge everyday very fun?”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “The badge is just a mark. Having it doesn’t represent a high level. Lacking it doesn’t represent low level as well. The Alchemist Association test is only the most basic. It’s not accurate.”

“Be that as it may, with the Alchemist Association’s acknowledgment, it can avoid many unnecessary troubles too, no?” Skymaple urged.

To the vast majority of alchemists, taking tests and getting badges were something universally accepted. Skymaple was no exception either. That was why he tried his best to advice Ye Yuan to join the next test.

After all, the position of alchemist was very revered.

Under unnecessary circumstances, nobody was willing to offend alchemists, especially high tier alchemists.

Ye Yuan thought about it, but he still shook his head and said,“Heh,forget about it still. I’m afraid that if I go to the Alchemist Association, this Alchemy King, that Alchemy Sovereign, will want to take me in as a disciple again, stirring up considerable problems instead.”

Skymaple could not help being speechless when he heard that. He knew that what Ye Yuan said was the truth.

Ye Yuan’s attainments on the Alchemy Path threw him more than several streets behind. If he really went to take part in the alchemist test, striking the fancy of some important people was something very normal.

However, these words sounded unbelievably arrogant to Xu Zihui and Bao Sangui.

They admit that Ye Yuan’s Martial Path was very strong. But Alchemy Path took time and effort. Even if one’s perception was any higher, it was also very hard to train up a true Alchemy Path powerhouse within a short period of time.

Ye Yuan’s age was merely 16, and he had exceptionally high attainments on the Martial Path too. How could he possibly stand out above the rest on the Alchemy Path as well?

But they knew that Ye Yuan’s identity was extraordinary. They also knew to consider Ye Yuan’s posturing attitude.

Young people, cherishing face and being a little arrogant could be understood too. Moreover, he had sufficient qualifications to be arrogant as well, right?

“Clearly afraid of not passing, but still want to find this kind of lousy reason to avoid the test. Truly unaware of the immensity of heaven and earth!. This place is Wu Fang City! Who knows how many young geniuses there are. Who the hell are you to let an Alchemy Sovereign take you in as a disciple?”

At this time, a cold grunt sounded out, the words were filled with contempt.

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