Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 499

Chapter 499 Too Simple

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Ren Dong was very displeased. These people treated him utterly as they pleased!

Regardless where he walked to in Wu Fang City, he was always the center of attention. When had he been underestimated by people like so before?

“Heh,just two ugly girls. I can’t even say it? Want to challenge me is it? Fine, I’ll give you this opportunity! Today, I just happen to be going to take part in the Alchemist Association’s test as well. Let’s compete to see whose medicinal pill is more outstanding!”

Ye Yuan had an indifferent look as he said, “How to compete?”

“When taking the test, we’ll refine the same medicinal pill. Whoever’s quality is higher, he wins! If the grade is the same, I’ll invite the Alchemist Association’s elders to judge whose medicinal pill is better!”

Ren Dong said it very haughtily, as if fearful that others did not know he knew the Alchemist Association’s elders.

Ye Yuan said indifferently, “Do it as you say then.”

. . . . . .

The Fierce Gale World’s Alchemist Association’s headquarters was at Central Capital, while the Endless World’s Alchemist Association headquarters was at Wu Fang City.

But comparing Star Abyss’s status in the Fierce Gale World, the Endless World’s Alchemist Association’s chairman’s status was evidently not as high as Star Abyss’s.

This is because the Endless World had many sovereign level alchemists. Just within this Wu Fang City, there were two Peak Alchemy Sovereign alchemists.

One of them was this Alchemist Association’s chairman.

Of course, the Endless World’s alchemy standards were much higher than the Fierce Gale World’s.

Star Abyss’s level, when placed in the Endless World, could not rank in the top five.

The party came to the Alchemist Association. The association’s personnel clearly all knew Ren Dong. Many people came up to greet him.

“Honorable Nephew Ren Dong, what breeze blew you here today?”

Ren Dong bought Ye Yuan and the rest into a side hall. An old man immediately greeted warmly when he saw Ren Dong.

“So, today is Master Wu Xuan managing things. Little Nephew has seen Master.” Ren Dong gave a bow respectfully.

This elderly man was an early-stage Alchemy Sovereign. He could naturally receive Ren Dong’s courtesy.

Wu Xuan waved his hand and said, “What are you still being so courteous with me for? I heard that you were in closed-seclusion for very long. Coming today, could it be to assault high-rank Quasi-Alchemy King?”

“Heh,Master Wu Xuan knows me better than anyone. I came today precisely to participate in this high-rank Quasi-Alchemy King test. However . . .” Ren Dong took a look at Ye Yuan and said with a cold smile, “Taking care of some inexperienced fellow while I’m at it. This is to let him know what’s called the immensity of heaven and earth!”

Wu Xuan followed Ren Dong’s gaze and looked at Ye Yuan, and he could not help being a little amazed.

This youth was so young and was actually already Second Level Sea Transformation strength. How extraordinary.

He saw Xu Zihui standing with his hands by the side respectfully too and could not help being even more astonished.

A second-class patrolling inspector like Bao Sangui completely could not enter Wu Xuan’s eyes. But a Ninth Level Soul Sea expert like Xu Zihui, Wu Xuan naturally knew.

He was the City Lord Manor’s first-class patrolling inspector. Why would he be so respectful towards a teenager?

Looks like this youth had some background!

“Honorable Nephew, what’s with this talk?”

In front of Ren Dong, Wu Xuan did not put on any senior’s airs. Clearly, he regarded him quite highly.

“I came to find Master Wu Xuan, to boldly request Master to be a witness for us. In a while, during the test, we’ll refine the same medicinal pill, and ultimately determine the victor with the medicinal pill’s quality,” Ren Dong said with a cold grunt.

This time, Wu Xuan was really astonished. He said in surprise, “You and him? Quasi-Alchemy King versus low-rank Alchemy Master? Honorable Nephew, aren’t you being a little too much of a bully here?”

“Heh heh,Master didn’t hear how arrogant this boy’s words were. He said that as long as he randomly took part in the test, whatever Alchemy King and Alchemy Sovereign would be contending to snatch him to be a disciple. Furthermore . . . he would even find it troublesome!” Ren Dong said with a cold smile.

When Wu Xuan heard these words, his expression could not help darkening too. A puny little Alchemy Master uttered such wild ravings. Indeed, this person was unaware of how high the heaven was and how deep the earth was.

“You really said that before?” Wu Xuan asked in a solemn voice.

Ye Yuan nodded his head, counted as admitting it.

Actually, he just casually said it to use to placate Skymaple. Who knew that it just so happened to be heard by Ren Dong.

But the words were already said. Ye Yuan naturally would not deny it.

Furthermore, what he said was only the truth. How could those Alchemy Kings and Alchemy Sovereigns be worthy of being his, Ye Yuan’s, master?

“Hehe,what an unbridled brat! Fine! Today, I’ll help you guys be this witness, and I’ll see if a puny little Alchemy Master really has such heaven-defying talent that can make me view him in a different light too!”

Ye Yuan admitting it so shamelessly made Wu Xuan very furious too.

Ye Yuan just shrugged when he heard this. He did not have the intention of disputing those words.

. . . . . .

The place for this test did not seem to be any different from back then when Ye Yuan was at the State of Qin.

It was just that the pill refining rooms here were of much higher quality compared to the State of Qin’s. All manners of decorations and equipments were much more extensive too.

In the hall, one could likewise see everything in the pill refining rooms from the light screen projection.

“Alright, the test will begin soon. What kind of medicinal pill do you guys want to refine?” Wu Xuan asked.

Ye Yuan had yet to speak when Ren Dong jumped in and said, “Dragon Buddha Jade Void Pill!”

Ye Yuan could not help being stunned when he heard that, his eyes looking at Ren Dong rather strangely.

Ren Dong clearly saw Ye Yuan’s gaze too and thought that Ye Yuan could not refine it. He could not help saying delightedly, “What? Can’t refine it? Or completely never heard before? There’s still time to back out now, but there has to be some punishment, don’t you agree?”

Ye Yuan smiled wryly and shook his head as he said, “Alright then. Dragon Buddha Jade Void Pill then.”

Ye Yuan’s surprise was obviously not because he could not refine it, and even less because he never heard of it before. But because this Dragon Buddha Jade Void Pill was seriously too easy for him.

He originally still thought that Ren Dong being so aggressive should have picked even more formidable Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills. Who knew that he actually picked one without any difficulty.

However, Ye Yuan was a well-fed person who did not know how the starving people had suffered. This Dragon Buddha Jade Void Pill was already the highest-ranking medicinal pill that Ren Dong could refine.

The Dragon Buddha Jade Void Pill was a high-level Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pill, but it was also just an entry-level medicinal pill. It could at most only be considered slightly difficult among the entry-levels.

Most of those who came to join the alchemist test just barely reached this level. They would naturally choose other entry-level medicinal pills for the test.

Ren Dong being able to refine out high-level Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills at this age was already very impressive. To make him pick some highly challenging high-level Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills was naturally something impossible.

But Ye Yuan’s expression in the eyes of those who did not know the inside story naturally thought that he could not refine it.

But Yue Mengli and Xiao Ruyan, even Skymaple, all of them knew that this should not stump Ye Yuan.

This expression of Ye Yuan’s could only say . . . this medicinal pill was too simple.

Wu Xuan saw Ye Yuan’s expression, and he could not help shaking his head secretly in his heart.

This youngster’s strength was decent, but his temperament was too poor. Unable to refine, then why he pretended to know?

Even if a puny little Alchemy Master really could refine some Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills, how could he possibly refine those high-level medicinal pills of the same tier?

Now, the true colors were revealed, and the jig was up, right?

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