Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 500

Chapter 500 Young Man Do You Have A Master?

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“Alright. Since the two of you don’t have any objections, then begin!” Wu Xuan said.,

“Hang on!” Xiao Ruyan suddenly interjected.

“What? You this ugly girl want to go back on your words?” Ren Dong said with a grin.

The temperature in the hall instantly dropped several degrees. This Ren Dong really had no idea of death.

Xiao Ruyan said with a cold smile, “Since it’s an alchemy duel, there has to be some stake, right?”

Ren Dong could not help being stunned when he heard these words. The smile on his face became even brighter straight away.“Haha!What kind of stake do you want? Just say it out!”

“Just bet essence crystals then! 100 thousand middle-grade essence crystals. Dare to wager?” Xiao Ruyan had a compelling look.

Once these words were said, everyone drew in a cold breath.

Although Ye Yuan still had some wealth right now, to take out 100 thousand essence crystals in one go, he really could not do it.

100 thousand middle-grade essence crystals. No matter where it was, it was a huge sum of money.

After the shock, Ren Dong calmed down very quickly, and looked at Xiao Ruyan with a half-smile as he said,“Heh!You this ugly girl talk so big! 100 thousand middle-grade essence crystals, can you take it out?”

Xiao Ruyan flipped her hand over. A storage ring appeared in her hand.

“There are 100 thousand middle-grade essence crystals in this storage ring. Since this lord sovereign is the judge, let him confirm it.”

As she said, Xiao Ruyan very casually threw the storage ring to Wu Xuan.

Wu Xuan was also slightly astonished when he saw the situation. He inserted his divine sense into the storage ring and counted them; indeed, there were 100 thousand middle-grade essence crystals.

This little lady, such a grand display of one’s wealth!

100 thousand middle-grade essence crystals were not considered much to him as an Alchemy Sovereign. But to ordinary people, it was absolutely a tremendous amount of wealth.

Even for Ren Dong as the eldest young master in his family, adding up all of his possessions, it was most likely just this amount too.

“That’s right. It’s indeed 100 thousand middle-grade essence crystals,” Wu Xuan nodded slightly and said.

Hearing the affirmative answer, Ren Dong could not help looking at Xiao Ruyan in slight amazement.

This ugly girl’s looks were far from attractive. To think that she was actually so wealthy. People really could not be judged by their looks!

But Ren Dong naturally did not mind this as well. He only treated it as a little girl in a fit of pique.

“Hehe,with money, one can be willful, but one also has to bear the consequences brought about from being willful! Deal! I’ll wager with you!”

Ren Dong likewise threw Wu Xuan a storage ring and said, “Master, this storage ring has high-grade, middle-grade, and low-grade essence crystals. The total sum should be 100 thousand. I have to trouble you to do a check.”

Wu Xuan briefly counted, and he then nodded his head slightly and said, “Only a few dozen pieces short. Not a big problem. Since both parties have agreed to this wager, then this Seat will be the intermediary party. These two storage rings will belong to the final victor. Now, we can start the test.”

Ye Yuan and Ren Dong entered the medicine warehouse. They chose the medicinal herbs the Dragon Buddha Jade Void Pill required, and then they entered the pill refining rooms respectively to refine the medicinal pill.

Seizing this opportunity, Wu Xuan pulled Xu Zihui to one side and asked softly, “What background does this boy have? Are you sure that he isn’t here to cause trouble?”

Xu Zihui had a bitter look when he heard that and said, “This . . . This lowly one doesn’t know either! Young Master Ye’s talent in the Martial Path is unparalleled. But whether he knows how to alchemy or not, I really don’t know!”

As he said this, Xu Zihui briefly recounted the matter of inviting Ye Yuan to join the Northern Domain’s upper echelons’ meeting, leaving Wu Xuan with shock in his heart.

This Ye Yuan was actually even stronger than the three sect’s head disciples. Truly inconceivable.

But his complexion became dark very quickly as he said in a low voice, “Martial Path talent being so heaven-defying, but at his age, how could he have the time to learn alchemy skills too? He’s truly messing around!”

Xu Zihui clearly did not feel that Ye Yuan could refine out a high-level Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pill either and said with a forced smile, “Master Wu Xuan, this lowly one has interacted with Young Master Ye for several days, and more or less has some understanding regarding his temperament. A young man’s character can be understood. Since Young Master Ye has the badge that the Alchemist Association issued, he presumably isn’t utterly clueless about alchemy skills. Since he wants to mess around, just let him run wild. Or else, if he really gets offended and walks away, City Lord, His Excellency, will flay my skin for sure when I go back.”

Wu Xuan said with a long face, “This old man, an exalted Alchemy Sovereign, is actually accompanying two juniors to mess around. Seriously preposterous!”

Xu Zihui smiled obsequiously and said,“Huhu,at any rate, Young Master Ren Dong’s standards are not for show. To think that he can actually refine high-level Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills so soon! At this speed, he’ll most likely become our Wu Fang City’s youngest Alchemy King expert!”

After Xi Zihui mentioned Ren Dong, Wu Xuan’s expression became a little better as he said with a nod, “This boy’s talent in alchemy is indeed exceptionally strong. The Ren Family finally produced a decent junior again after Hongling that lass. Forget it, forget it; today, I’ll just take it as witnessing Ren Dong this boy’s growth then.”

Wu Xuan pair chatted for a while and were just about to go to the light screen to watch Ren Dong’s refinement when the door of the pill refining room that Ye Yuan was in suddenly opened. Ye Yuan slowly walked out from inside.

When Wu Xuan saw the situation, his expression involuntarily darkened as he said, “Young man, alchemy skills are not as simple as you imagine. A day’s work cannot refine out high tier medicinal pills! If your strength can’t compare to others, you have to accept it with an open mind. A momentary dispute caused by personal feelings will do no good for your growth!”

Seeing that Ye Yuan actually came out so quickly, Wu Xuan already confirmed that this Ye Yuan was making a fool out of him, and could not resist lecturing a few sentences with a senior’s capacity.

Ye Yuan was disinclined to refute as well and just gave an apathetic‘orh’and retreated to one side.

Xiao Ruyan’s eyes lit up, and she asked Ye Yuan in a whisper, “Master, what grade?”

The composed Yue Mengli also could not resist moving closer at this time.

But Ye Yuan made a mystery out of it as he said with a smile, “Leave a bit of suspense. Making it known now won’t have any meaning anymore.”

After 2 hours plus, Ren Dong finally came out from the pill refining room. It was only to see him drenched in sweat all over, as if he was hurled out from a river.

This Dragon Buddha Jade Void Pill was still a little too forceful to Ren Dong.

But Ren Dong’s face seemed to be looking very excited. Clearly, the refinement succeeded.

Ren Dong saw Ye Yuan sitting there calm and composedly, looking as if his soul force and essence energy both virtually had no expenditure. Ren Dong could not help giving a disdainful smile.

“Huhu,resigned yourself to your fate, right? Alchemy isn’t as easy as you imagine! Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills are not Tier 2 medicinal pills that can be refined as long as one’s realm is sufficient,” Ren Dong said with a cold smile.

Ye Yuan just smiled and was not in the mood to argue with him.

Before long, the employees submitted the medicinal pills refined by the two.

Wu Xuan already had no interest to look at the medicinal pill Ye Yuan refined at this time. He directly unveiled the vessel used to place Ren Dong’s medicinal pill, his face revealing a satisfied look.

“Not bad, not bad! Actually able to refine a middle-grade Dragon Buddha Jade Void Pill already. Looks like you didn’t slack off in the slightest recently!” Wu Xuan said in satisfaction.

“Master Wu Xuan is too kind. Little Nephew is somebody who has the resolve to assault the realm of peak Alchemy Sovereign. How can I dare have the slightest hint of remiss?” Ren Dong was pleased with himself in his heart but spoke humbly on the surface.

Wu Xuan nodded his head and unveiled Ye Yuan’s medicinal pill carelessly. His expression involuntarily changed drastically!

“This . . . This Dragon Buddha Jade Void Pill.Hiss. . . Young man, do you have a master?” Wu Xuan asked.

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