Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 501

Chapter 501 Ren Xingchun

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Everyone was stupefied by this question from Wu Xuan. What was going on?

Wu Xuan was not talking about the medicinal pill’s quality, but he asked about Ye Yuan’s master first?

But everyone understood it very quickly. Wu Xuan was trying to take Ye Yuan in as a disciple here!

Understanding this subtle question, Ren Dong’s face was already black like a pot’s bottom.

He still clearly remembered that he just happened to bump into the sight of Ye Yuan saying that Alchemy Kings and Alchemy Sovereigns would be fighting to take him in as a disciple.

Wasn’t this scene right now exactly verifying Ye Yuan’s words back then?

But the problem was that Ye Yuan did not even expend much essence energy and soul force. How could he possibly refine out a high quality Dragon Buddha Jade Void Pill?

“Master Wu Xuan, the medicinal pill that he refined?” Ren Dong clenched his teeth and asked.

Only when Wu Xuan looked at Ren Dong did he realize his loss of composure. But very soon, he took pity on Ren Dong.

Ren Dong’s talent absolutely bore no complaints. But compared to this Ye Yuan, it was simply a world of difference!

He passed the medicinal pill to Ren Dong and said with a sigh, “You take a look yourself.”

Ren Dong received the medicinal pill in puzzlement and swept over the medicinal pill with soul force. His expression became even uglier.


It was absolutely transcendent-grade!

A transcendent-grade Dragon Buddha Jade Void Pill. This . . . How was this possible?”

Yet, the reality was right before his eyes and not up to Ren Dong to believe or not.

Everything in the pill refining room could be projected on the light screen and be recorded down. Ye Yuan’s refinement completely could not be faked.

Could it be that this boy’s alchemy standards actually already reached such a monstrous degree?

As an alchemist, Ren Dong was all too clear about the disparity between middle-grade and transcendent-grade!

Comparing using a firefly and the bright moon was not overboard at all!

“Hehe,Master is Master! Indeed amazing! How is it, great Young Master Ren? Convinced now?”

Xiao Ruyan clearly identified the transcendent-grade medicinal pill too, and she could not help striking down Ren Dong with a proud look.

Yet, Ren Dong completely did not hear Xiao Ruyan’s words. He was currently still battered out of his senses at present.

The eyes of Yue Mengli behind Ye Yuan glimmered at this time, staring hard at Ye Yuan’s back view. It was also uncertain what she was thinking about.

“You’re called Ye Yuan, right? I wonder if you’re willing to enter this old man’s tutelage? This old man will exhaust everything I have to aid you to reach the Divine Realm!’ Wu Xuan also said somewhat agitatedly.

Ye Yuan sighed slightly. As expected, it still went back to this topic.

“Is the test considered passed now?” Ye Yuan’s reply avoided the question.

“Uh,of course! Of course, it’s passed!” Wu Xuan was dazed for a bit and replied.

“Then . . . give it!”

“Give it? Give what it?” Wu Xuan discovered that he completely could not follow Ye Yuan’s thoughts.

“The badge! I came to take the test for high-rank Quasi-Alchemy King. Now that I’ve passed the test, shouldn’t you give me the badge?Oh,those two storage rings as well!” Ye Yuan said crossly.

In Ye Yuan’s eyes, he totally did not have any awe towards an Alchemy Sovereign.

Only then, did Wu Xuan come to a realization. He hurriedly instructed, “Come, men! Make haste to produce Ye Yuan’s badge!Uh,these two storage rings are yours. Ye Yuan, I wonder if . . .”

“Master Wu Xuan, actually, I have a master. If it’s acknowledging a master, I think forget about it.” Ye Yuan received the storage rings and interrupted Wu Xuan’s words rudely.

“This . . . Having a master doesn’t matter as well! Wu Fang City is the alchemy holy land! And Lord Chairman is even a Peak Alchemy Sovereign powerhouse! If this old man isn’t qualified enough, I believe he has the qualifications. With Lord Chairman coming forward, I believe that your master won’t say much either! With your talent, with the Alchemist Association’s fostering, ascending to the Divine Realm in the future is practically a shoo-in!”

Wu Xuan was clearly unwilling to give up and still wanted to convince Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan felt his head swell up and he waved his hands and said, “Master his elder self treats me very well. I don’t have plans to change factions. Lord Wu Xuan, I still have important matters on hand so I won’t stay any longer. Brother Zihui, after the badge finishes manufacturing, I’ll have to trouble you to send somebody to collect it and send it to my residence.”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan left without even turning his head back.

. . . . . .

In a tranquil courtyard inside City Lord Manor, an old man with a fierce glare was currently drinking tea in the pavilion.

This old man was precisely the person with the highest authority in Wu Fang City. City Lord Ren Xingchun!

Opposite Ren Xingchun said a middle-aged man. Between the latter’s forehead had some alikeness with Ren Xingchun.

“Yujie, these few days, Wu Fang City will have a meeting of wind and clouds. You have to be more wary. Especially those few old fellows from the three sects, they have to be entertained upon carefully. Best to not have any trouble occur,” Ren Xingchun said.

“Father, rest assured. I’ve already prepared everything. This time, the state of affairs is extraordinary. Those few most likely won’t intentionally stir up trouble too,” Ren Yujie said.

Ren Xingchun nodded and said, “I really didn’t expect that my Endless World would actually suffer such an undeserved calamity! If those few old fellows still don’t cease at this time, they will be the Endless World’s sinners! Other than their three schools, have the others all arrived?”

“There are still several people not yet here. But we’ve already received the news that they are already on the way. It’s also a matter of these two days,” Ren Yujie said.

“En.Then that’s good.Ohright, that boy called Ye Yuan will be of vital importance to this meeting. What kind of strategy we take against the Fierce Gale World will all fall onto his brain. I made Xu Zihui go and invite him. I wonder if he’s here yet or not?”

“Already here. I’ve already arranged for him to be at Fengya Pavilion. Speaking of this boy, he’s really impressive too!’ Ren Yujie said with glistening eyes.

“Oh?Impressive in what way?”

“Yesterday, Ye Yuan just entered the city. No idea how, he bumped onto Dong-er. The two of them actually carried out a pill fighting match!”

With this, Ren Xingchun’s interest was aroused as he asked curiously,“Oh?There is still this incident? I heard that this boy’s Martial Path is exceedingly formidable, even detaining Qin Hongtao’s grandson. Could it be that he also has exceptionally high attainments in the Alchemy Path? What’s the result of the two of their face-off?”

Ren Yujie snickered and said, “Why don’t Father make a guess?”

“Hiss. . . Hearing your tone, could it be that Dong-er lost? Dong-er’s talent is not at all inferior to Hongling’s. It can’t be to the extent where he lost to a boy from the countryside, right?”

Ren Yujie nodded his head; his eyes were clearly still carrying disbelief.“En.How is it just lost? It was simply an utter defeat! When I heard this news, I suspected that I heard wrongly myself too. For this, I even specially sent people to the Alchemist Association to inquire about it from Lord Wu Xuan, only to hear that this is true!”

Ren Xingchun briefly recounted the matter of Ye Yuan and Ren Dong battling on refining pills. Ren Xingchun drew a cold breath when he heard the story.

“Transcendent-grade medicinal pill? Even if this boy started cultivating in his mother’s womb, it’s also not possible to be monstrous to such a degree, right?” Ren Xingchun said in disbelief.

“That I don’t know. But this youngster called Ye Yuan, his background is indeed filled with mysteries,” Ren Yujie said.

Ren Xingchun nodded and said, “This matter, I got it. You go and console Dong-er properly. He has been arrogant at heart and haughty in manner since young. He has never suffered such a setback before. If he make use of this setback properly, it will be a facilitation for him instead. Hongling is already thoroughly crippled. Our Ren Family’s future hope is all on Dong-er. We must make sure that nothing goes wrong.”

Hearing that, Ren Yujie’s expression dimmed, wanting to speak. But he said nothing.

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