Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 506

Chapter 506 Afraid That You All Wont Have Enough To Pay

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“I wonder what does this Sir needs? Medicinal pills, weaponry, martial techniques, cultivation methods, our Exquisite Jade Pavilion has everything that one desires.”

Ye Yuan walked into Exquisite Jade Pavilion slowly. It was really befitting of its name. There was a dazzling array of beautiful exhibits here. It could really be said to have everything that one desires.

Many things that could not be seen in the outside world, this place basically had it all. It was just that their prices were too outrageous.

Ye Yuan toured for a bit after entering the door, and a very beautiful female came up to greet him.

Within the words actually carried a slight bewitching ring.

Ye Yuan virtually confirmed right away that this woman definitely cultivated bewitching arts before. Furthermore, her attainments were not low.

Ordinary people who enter would probably succumb to it unknowingly and willingly buy some things to go.

Ye Yuan’s divine soul was incomparably tempered. How could ordinary bewitching skills enter his all-discerning eyes?

“I heard that inside this Exquisite Jade Pavilion, the most incredible thing is the Thousand Query Wall. It’s my first visit to Wu Fang City, but I came because of its fame too,” Ye Yuan said with a faint smile.

When the girl saw that Ye Yuan’s eyes did not have any turbidness at all, she could not help being very surprised.

Such a young age and actually had such powers of concentration. Presumably, he was not simple!

This woman had read countless people and virtually saw through Ye Yuan’s uncommonness at first glance.

“So, Sir wants to challenge the Thousand Query Wall. Ling-er could not tell. This way please, Sir.”

Ling-er brought Ye Yuan straight to the rear hall. After a few turns, it actually became bright and open.

An enormous temple was in front of Ye Yuan. And in this huge temple, the most eye-catching were several hundred feet tall racks.

The shelves had a total of seven levels. On each level, there were many tags sorted into categories.

However, the further up it went, the lesser the tags on the shelves.

Very clearly, the further up, the harder the problems that those tags represented.

Ye Yuan swept simply. On the highest level shelf, there were only a hundred over tags.

“Miss Ling-er, I wish to challenge this Thousand Query Wall. I wonder if there are any restrictive conditions?” Ye Yuan enquired.

Ling-er smiled sweetly and said with a thousand charms, “Challenging the Thousand Query Wall doesn’t have restrictions. As long as you have sufficient essence crystals, you can even challenge all of the problems.”

Ye Yuan nodded slightly and said smilingly, “Then that’s good. I wonder how much essence crystals are required to challenge once?”

Ling-er said with a smile, “According to the different levels challenged, the fees are not the same as well.”

“Oh?I wonder how many essence crystals does challenging the seventh level require?” Ye Yuan asked with a smile.

Ling-er smile could not help freezing. This boy had such a big tone! Opening his mouth and it was the seventh level right away!

One had to know that those problems on the seventh level were all getting dusty, year in year out. Some problems were even placed there for several thousand years already.

During these several thousand years’ time, how many Alchemy Sovereign powerhouses had Wu Fang City given birth to?

But not a single one of these Alchemy Sovereign experts could answer those questions. It could be seen just how perverse this seventh level was.

Although Ye Yuan’s strength was not bad, his age was too young after all. Ling-er did not feel that Ye Yuan could answer the seventh level’s questions.

“Hehe.It’s not that Ling-er is belittling Sir, but it’s just that the problems on the seventh level are a little too difficult. Sir is at the Sea Transformation Realm. The corresponding ones are the fourth level’s tags. If Sir wishes to challenge the fourth level, it’s 500 middle-grade essence crystals,” Ling-er said with a smile.

Ye Yuan beamed and said, “I have essence crystals. Miss Ling-er doesn’t have to be courteous with me. I came today just to witness the Thousand Query Wall of the legends. Spending a few essence crystals to experience the most difficult problems, I’m willing to.”

Ling-er criticized him in her heart.This boy really has too much money with nowhere to spend, in a flurry to burn!

But on the surface, Ling-er would not say it out. Deceiving a person on account of his generosity to spend unnecessary money, she would be more than willing to take them.

Furthermore, Ling-er knew that while such extravagant wealthy people were rare, there were still that one or two who appear every period of time.

“The further up, it naturally becomes more expensive. But the rewards are even more plentiful as well. If it’s the seventh level, 100 high-grade essence crystals per tag!” Ling-er said.

Even for Ye Yuan, his face changed when he heard it too.

The fourth level was 500 middle-grade essence crystals, which was also five pieces of high-grade essence crystals. But, at the seventh level, the prices actually flipped twenty times over!

This was simply robbing essence crystals!

No wonder Xu Zihui said that the Cao Family was wealthy until they flowed like water. Such fees, it was hard to not be wealthy!

He just won 100 thousand middle-grade essence crystals from Ren Dong there. Adding it up, it was also just enough to exchange for ten tags. It was really such a scam.

Seeing Ye Yuan’s expression, Ling-er was contemptuous in her heart.

A bumpkin from the countryside. Scared silly by the price already, right?

100 high-grade essence crystals was not a small sum. Using it to take a look at the seventh level’s problems was truly a bit too wasteful.

But Ling-er had really seen before people throwing out money just for the sake of taking a look at the seventh level’s problems.

But very clearly, this boy before her eyes did not have that level of strength.

“Hehe.I see that Sir is a man of striking appearance. Maybe you can really resolve the seventh level’s problems? How about you exchange for two to give it a shot?”

Ling-er’s words sounded like flattery. Actually, it was a mockery.

Although Ling-er felt that Ye Yuan was not ordinary, conversing to this extent, she already placed Ye Yuan in the ranks of morons.

Maybe only morons would have no reaction to her bewitching arts, right?

How could Ye Yuan not perceive the meaning in Ling-er’s words? But he really did not care.

“If I answer the question, can I exchange for the reward on the spot?” Ye Yuan asked again.

Hehe, this boy is an idiot, right? Really think that you could answer the seventh level’s questions?

But a wealthy fool, not earning from you would be a waste!

Straight away, Ling-er smiled sweetly and said, “That is of course. The owners of the questions deposited the rewards with our Exquisite Jade Pavilion. As long as people can answer the question, the rewards will be theirs.”

Ye Yuan nodded slightly and said, “Then that’s good. Give me ten tags first then.”

As he said, Ye Yuan casually threw out the storage ring he won from Ren Dong.

“T-Ten? That’s a thousand high-grade essence crystals!”

Ling-er’s brain was a little short-circuited. She had seen before alchemists who spent money just for the sake of taking a look at the seventh level’s problems. But she had never encountered a customer who opened their mouths to ask for ten tags right away.

Wasn’t such a way of burning money too profligate?

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “The essence crystals in this storage ring when added up should be around one thousand high-grade essence crystals. You can do an inventory check.”

Ling-er inserted her divine sense into it and briefly did a count. Indeed, it was a thousand high-grade essence crystals.

Ling-er could not help drawing a cold breath and thought to herself:Extravagant. This was really extravagant.

Earning a thousand high-grade essence crystals in one go, the commission today was not small. Ling-er gloated to herself endlessly in her heart too.

Ling-er beamed widely and said, “Sir indeed carries yourself in an imposing manner. Come over here first to register your alchemist badge, then you can choose the tags.”

Ye Yuan nodded and followed Ling-er to one side to register.

When she saw Ye Yuan take out the high-rank Quasi-Alchemy King badge, Ling-er expression could not help becoming stiff once more.

Such a young high-rank Quasi-Alchemy King?

Ye Yuan finished registering, and he seemed to have thought of something. He said to Ling-er with a smile,“Oh,right, forgot to tell you. Hurry up and notify the Exquisite Jade Pavilion’s manager to let him prepare a bit more essence crystals. Otherwise, I’m afraid that you all won’t have enough to pay in a while.”

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