Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 516

Chapter 516 Not Allowed To Vie For Masters With Me

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At the City Lord Manor.

A bout of wild laughter came from inside Ren Dong’s pill refining room.

“Hahaha!I finally succeeded! I finally succeeded!”

Ren Dong looked at a transcendent-grade Tier 1 medicinal pill in his hand in a frenzied state.

“Turns out that Lesser Phaseless Art can really refine transcendent-grade medicinal pills! Looks like I, this high-rank Quasi-Alchemy King, am utterly unworthy of the title! Even the Lesser Phaseless Art can refine transcendent-grade medicinal pills. It can be seen that along the way, I’ve missed out too many things! Ye Yuan, you this master, I’m acknowledging you for sure!” Ren Dong sucked in a deep breath and muttered under his breath.


Ren Dong opened the pill refining room’s door and ran out like a gust of wind.

“Little Dong, where are you doing?” A kind sounding voice was heard, stopping Ren Dong.

“Aunt, I’m going out to do something important. I’ll come and pay respects to Aunt after I return! I’m going first!” Ren Dong’s footsteps did not even stop and directly dashed out far away.

“This child!” The woman gave a melancholic sigh.

If Ye Yuan were here, he would surely be happy. This woman was exactly the mother that he yearned for day and night, Ren Hongling!

“Sigh.I also don’t know how Yuan-er is like as of late. He’s no longer who he was now. He should be living very well, right?” Ren Hongling murmured to herself.

Ren Hongling was grounded by Ren Xingchun and was only permitted to move about within the tall walls.

There were only two people on her mind. One was the Ye Hang who was imprisoned by Ren Xingchun. The other was naturally her son, Ye Yuan.

In her home, the person Ren Hongling liked the most was Ren Dong this nephew. Because every time she saw Ren Dong, it was as if seeing Ye Yuan.

She came to find Ren Dong today because she wanted to make him go and beg her father, Ren Xingchun, again, to let him spare Ye Hang.

Who knew that Ren Dong was in a rush and directly ran off.

Ren Hongling was helpless and could only go back.

. . . . . .

Cao Fang followed the servants into Feng Ya Pavilion one step at a time. When he had just entered the backyard, he heard a hearty laughter.

“Hahaha!With this recipe, the expression on Fu Yunjing that old punk’s face will definitely be very interesting to look at! He keeps the Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew recipe like a treasure, showing off in front of me every day. This time, I’ll see how he still show off!” Wu Xuan said with a big laugh.

Hearing Ye Yuan say that he had the recipe, Wu Xuan directly drank and finished the six bottles of low-grade Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew with Ye Yuan yesterday.

He came to find Ye Yuan today to get the recipe.

“Elder Brother, this low-grade Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew isn’t considered much. It only needs half a month to finish fermenting. But it won’t do for brewing the middle-grade one. For the middle-grade quality, it needs half a year. Anyhow, you gather the ingredients according to the recipes that I gave you. After half a year, forget about that Fu Yunjing, even Lord Chairman will probably come to request from you as well,” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Upon hearing this middle-grade Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew, Wu Xuan’s saliva almost drooled down.

According to what Ye Yuan said, the taste of the middle-grade Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew surpassed the low-grade one by ten times!

The low-grade was already so delicious. What will the taste of that middle-grade be like?

Thinking about it made people long for it endlessly!

“Young Master Ye Yuan, the Cao Family’s Third Young Master is here.”

“En.Let him come in then. Call Grand Elder Skymaple over too,” Ye Yuan casually instructed.

Cao Fang came before Ye Yuan with a nasty look. He never could have thought that Ye Yuan would actually address Master Wu Xuan with such great familiarity.

Wu Fang City was an Alchemy Sovereign expert. His status in Wu Fang City carried weight.

He himself always observed a pupil’s manners in front of Wu Xuan, but Ye Yuan could already address him like brothers.

“Ye . . . Ye Yuan, yesterday . . . yesterday’s matters, it was my wrong! Please . . . Please forgive me!” Cao Fang contorted his face and stammered as he said to Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan shot him a glance and said indifferently, “You didn’t do anything to me. Whether I forgive or not doesn’t matter. As long as Grand Elder Skymaple can forgive you, I have nothing to say.”

Every injustice had its perpetrator, every debt its debtor. Ye Yuan was not a petty person. He only wanted to get justice on Skymaple’s behalf.

If Skymaple really suffered some serious injuries, Ye Yuan naturally would not let Cao Fang off easily. But Skymaple only suffered some hardships yesterday and did not receive any substantial wounds. Since Cao Fang paid a visit to apologize, this matter was also considered to have passed.

Of course, it was also Ye Yuan reaching there in a timely manner. Or else, if he were too late, what would have happened was really hard to say.

While talking, Skymaple just happened to be called out too.

“The main guy is here. Whether he forgives you or not will depend on your sincerity,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, Skymaple immediately understood what was going on. He could not help looking at Ye Yuan in surprise.

A colossal giant like the Cao Family would actually apologize to a little Alchemy King like him! This had to be said to be immense face for Skymaple.

Cao Fang gritted his teeth and lowered his head as he bowed towards Skymaple. He said, “Cao Fang was impulsive yesterday and offended Elder Skymaple. Elder, please don’t blame.”

As he said, Cao Fang held a storage ring in his palm and said, “Inside this storage ring are 100 thousand high-grade essence crystals and also some healing medicinal pills. Cao Fang hopes to compensate for the mistake made yesterday.”

Skymaple looked at Ye Yuan. He saw Ye Yuan nodded slightly. Skymaple then said, “Forget it, forget it; this matter is over.”

Cao Fang was overjoyed when he heard that and could not help turning his head to look at Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan took over the storage ring from Cao Fang’s hands and said, “Third Young Master Cao, don’t blame me for shooting my mouth. People like Mao Yuanji, you’d best hang out with them less. Otherwise, there will come a day where you’ll suffer a huge loss.”

Cao Fang nodded repeatedly and was just about to withdraw, but he saw Ren Dong dash inside like a gust of wind.

“Master! I did it, Master!” Ren Dong’s person had yet to arrive, and his voice reached already.

While talking, Ren Dong already came before Ye Yuan and said with an excited look, “Master, I did it! I did it! Now, you can take me in as a disciple, right?”

Cao Fang could not help jumping in fright when he heard Ren Dong’s words, “What? You . . . You want to acknowledge him as your master?”

When Ren Dong heard that, he was stunned too,“Mm?Cao Fang, why are you here too?”

“I . . .”

Cao Fang had yet to speak when Ren Dong’s expression changed as he said, “You aren’t trying to acknowledge Ye Yuan as your master too, right? You’re not allowed to vie for Master with me!Humph,I’m telling you, even if Master agrees to take you in, I’m also your senior!”

Cao Fang was thrown in confusion by Ren Dong. Even his brain was somewhat short-circuited.

Ren Dong’s strength was even greater than his, and he even had a peak Alchemy Sovereign grandfather. He actually wanted to acknowledge Ye Yuan as master?

Ye Yuan scolded with a smile when he heard that, “What nonsense is this? Cao Fang came to find me for other matters. You said that you can do it but seeing is believing. However, this Feng Ya Pavilion doesn’t seem to have pill refining rooms. Elder Brother Wu Xuan, is it fine to borrow your pill refining room to use?”

Wu Xuan was also secretly alarmed by the side. A few days ago, Ren Dong was still at loggerheads with Ye Yuan. Now, he actually wanted to acknowledge him as his master.

Wu Xuan’s thinking was around the same as Cao Fang’s. Although Ye Yuan’s talent seemed to be very monstrous, Ren Dong had a peak Alchemy Sovereign grandfather behind him. Could it be that he still needed to acknowledge other people as his master?”

Hearing Ye Yuan’s request, Wu Xuan nodded and said, “No problem.”

Wu Xuan was also very curious how Ye Yuan was going to test Ren Dong.

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