Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 517

Chapter 517 Establishing Rules

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Inside Wu Xuan’s pill refining room, it was already packed with people currently.

When Xiao Ruyan heard that Ye Yuan was going to test Ren Dong, she was full of reluctance but insisted on following over no matter what.

Meanwhile, Cao Fang was also very curious, following over at the behest of supernatural power, causing him unable to resist.

Ye Yuan naturally noticed it but did not say anything either.

When Wu Xuan saw the materials Ren Dong picked, he could not help being stupefied. He said, “Younger Brother Ye, why did he choose all Tier 1 medicinal herbs? Isn’t the threshold of your acceptance test too low?

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Elder Brother, you watch first. You’ll know in a while. This Ren Dong still has some comprehension abilities. To think that he could achieve it so quickly. Looking at how both of his eyes are bloodshot, presumably, he didn’t even shut his eyes these few days.”

How could the acceptance test that Ye Yuan set up be achieved so easily?

Even for the lowest level Lesser Phaseless Art, wanting to reach the standards of refining transcendent-grade Tier 1 medicinal pills, those with slightly better talent also needed around half a month’s time of bitter training. Those with poorer natural endowments might not even find the knack to refining at all.

Just as Ye Yuan predicted, Ren Dong did not rest for a single second these few days. From morning to night, he was immersed in the pill refining room, for the sake of completing the acceptance test as soon as possible.

Furthermore, for this Lesser Phaseless Art to reach the level of refining transcendent-grade medicinal pills, it was not achievable with just bitter training as well.

If there were not Ye Yuan’s demonstration, Ren Dong could not possibly find the trick to it so quickly either. He had been recalling the scenario of Ye Yuan refining pills bare-handedly these few days, contrasting it continuously. That was why he could understand the secret so quickly.

It was just because the Lesser Phaseless Art was too simple and practically did not have much skill content; that was why Ren Dong could reach such standard in a few days.

But for Ren Dong to be able to reach this level, it also showed that his talent surpassed others.

In Ye Yuan’s perspective, Ren Dong’s alchemy talent should be even higher than Xiao Ruyan’s.

Everyone all looked at Ren Dong very curiously, wanting to see just what of thing this acceptance test was.

Although Ren Dong was very tired, he was currently in a state of extreme stimulation.

Ye Yuan opened a window for him, letting him see a great path linking to the heaven. To alchemists, there was nothing more exciting than this.

All the preparations were in place. Ren Dong said to Ye Yuan with an excited face, “Master, watch closely!”

When Ren Dong made his move, everybody could not help staring wide-eyed.

“Lesser Phaseless Art? Younger Brother, what kind of medicine are you selling in your gourd here?” Wu Xuan was completely baffled.

Using the Lesser Phaseless Art as the acceptance test. How low was this threshold?!

Even Alchemy Grandmasters when taking disciples could not possibly use this as the evaluation too.

“Huhu,Elder Brother carry on watching. This boy is quite interesting,” Ye Yuan said as he behaved like a senior.

It was naturally quite interesting. Ren Dong only used three days and actually touched upon the threshold of the Legendary Realm. Looks like his conditions were really decent.

The Legendary Realm was only normal to Ye Yuan.

But to others, it was not something that simple.

Furthermore, it was simply not possible for there to be people who would devote time and energy into the Lesser Phaseless Art to reach the Legendary Realm.

Any refining technique would have very impressive effects after reaching the Legendary Realm. The Lesser Phaseless Art was no exception either.

Of course, that effect was only aimed at Tier 1 medicinal pills.

Cao Fang looked at Ren Dong with a face full of contempt.

This fellow’s brain isn’t spoiled, right? That Ye Yuan is clearly fooling him. He actually took it seriously! A Quasi-Alchemy King acknowledging another Quasi-Alchemy King as his master. Hehe, really comedic enough!Cao Fang was criticizing Ren Dong incessantly in his heart.

Cao Fang did not doubt Ye Yuan’s alchemy standards. Because his performance in front of the Thousand Query Wall already indicated everything.

At least, Ye Yuan’s theoretical standards were pretty high.

Making disciple acceptance test Tier 1 medicinal pills and Tier 1 alchemy techniques, what was this if not being a joke?

Refinement of Tier 1 medicinal pills did not take too much time. Ren Dong finished refining very quickly.


Ren Dong gave a light cry. The medicinal pill was done.

“Hehe,master, you come and evaluate it?” Ren Dong came in front of Ye Yuan and said fawningly.

Ye Yuan nodded with a smile and said, “Not too bad. But the Lesser Phaseless Art is just an entry-level alchemy skill. There are still many areas that you need to learn. Next, your task is to use the Greater Phaseless Art to refine a transcendent-grade medicinal pill.”

“Ah?G-Greater Phaseless Art?” Ren Dong still did not come around for a moment.

But Xiao Ruyan could not carry on watching by the side silently. She reproached Ren Dong daintily, “You dunce-head! Still not hurrying over to acknowledge Master?!”

Ren Dong came to a realization. His face revealed wild elation as he kneeled on the ground with a thud. He exclaimed, “Master is high above. Please accept a bow from Disciple!”

“Get up. In the future, Ruyan is your senior apprentice sister. I don’t have many rules under me. But there are several points that you have to remember,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

“Master, please say!”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Mustn’t defy orders and be unfilial! Mustn’t commit crimes in violation of the law! Other things, free rein. If I discover that you all did something that goes against the heaven and reason, I’ll personally cripple you guys! Ruyan, same for you too!”

“Yes, Master! Disciple will definitely bear it in mind!” Ren Dong hurriedly said.

“Disciple understands!” Xiao Ruyan also did not dare to have a cheeky smile when she saw how solemn Ye Yuan said it.

Being around Ye Yuan for a long time, Xiao Ruyan more or less also grasped Ye Yuan’s disposition a little clearer.

Majority of the time, it was fine no matter how she joked around. But once Ye Yuan became serious, then it was not that fun anymore.

However, Xiao Ruyan did not have much evil thoughts in her heart. Such rules were actually dispensable to her. She did not take it to heart too much either.

“Younger Brother Ye, you were saying earlier . . . using the Lesser Phaseless Art to refine transcendent-grade medicinal pills?” It was only after seeing that they finished acknowledging master-disciple relationship did Wu Xuan ask Ye Yuan in amazement.

“That’s right. This was the entry test that I gave Ren Dong,” Ye Yuan said smilingly.

“Hiss. . . Let me take a look.”

Wu Xuan opened the medicinal cauldron and took out that medicinal pill. It was indeed transcendent-grade without a sham.

“Using Lesser Phaseless Art can actually refine transcendent-grade medicinal pills! Except . . . what use does this have?” Wu Xuan asked puzzledly.

Transcendent-grade Tier 1 medicinal pills could be refined using high tier alchemy skills too. There wasn’t anything impressive.

Although using Lesser Phaseless Art to refine transcendent-grade medicinal pills exceeded Wu Xuan’s expectations, in his view here, it was pointless.

With so much time to research a Tier 1 alchemy skill, why not spent the time on higher tier alchemy skills?

Cao Fang was also very disdainful inwardly. It was just that he did not dare to make a sound. Hearing Wu Xuan question at this time, he perked his ears up too, wanting to hear how Ye Yuan was going to explain.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “One will never achieve their goals without doing things one step at a time. This lineage of mine, what it attaches the highest importance to isn’t garish alchemy skills, but it is laying a solid foundation! Don’t look down on Tier 1, Tier 2 alchemy skills. Even high tier alchemy skills were born from these low tier alchemy skills too. Researching low tier alchemy skills thoroughly, then cultivating high tier alchemy skills, will have the effect of half the effort and twice the results.”

Wu Xuan shook his head and said, “It just that this way, it will expend huge effort. The loss outweighs the gain!”

Ye Yuan did not answer Wu Xuan’s words, but he asked Ren Dong, “Do you feel that the loss outweighs the gain?”

Ren Dong shook his head very affirmatively and said, “Absolutely not!”

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